Wallace & Gromit review
"Watch out, Gromit lad! That's some stinky cheese!"-Wallace

The good:

Follows Wallace and Gromit Edge.
Reveals the 4th episode (At least I think so!).
Nice voice acting.
Cheerful graphics.

The bad:

Overly frustrating.
You can't play as Wallace.
No action in this game whatsoever.
Very basic.
The graphics, while cheerful, should have been claymated.


I was excited to have the first Wallace and Gromit game on the GCN in the home, and I couldn't wait to try it out. When I did, I found it to be very basic, and too frustrating. The first level is The Jungle House, an area reminiscent of The Rainforest Pyramid at Moody Gardens. You, as Gromit, must save a baby elephant in a cage from falling in the water. To do that, you must punch the motor that sends the cage over the lake. That is very high. You have various side quests as well, such as collecting zoo tokens. Anyway, back to the main conflict at hand. To reach the motor, you have to climb and walk around the various scaffoldings around the trees. Expect to fall and start over for a number of times. It's just too frustrating. It's because the camera gets stuck behind objects and Gromit's seemingly ramdom drop when you jump from platform to platform. This wouldn't be so bad if there was no lake, because you die instantly when you drop onto cold, hard, pure land, then you are put back on the platform in which you dropped. But since the scaffoldings are placed above water, you don't die and you have to climb back all the way to the top. Don't expect a lot of battles like in action games. Instead, you get a basic platform game with only 1 enemy in The Jungle House, and it is a dinky, robot, bat thing that doesn't attack, yet it floats close enough so you can hit it with your telescope that Wallace turns into a Banana Gun. That's another thing. Last time I checked, there are no spring launchers and no triggers and and no bananas small enough to fit in telescopes, so can someone please tell me how you turn a telescope into a gun? And while I do like the graphics, the game should have been done in claymation, just like the PSX game Skullmonkeys. Fans of Wallace and Gromit will be disapointed by the graphics. This is a basic, run-of-the-mill platform game with stuff that has been done before. You might like it, only to find out that it's too frustrating.

Great plot 5.0
Voice acting 5.0
It's okay in the sound department 4.5
So-so graphics 4.0
But not claymated 3.0
Bad camera 3.0
Frustrating 2.0
Too basic 1.0
Exactly like Wallace and Gromit 2.0

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