The year is 1946. Following the events of the original Wolfenstein and the many battles afterwards, World War II continues to rage across all of Europe. Thanks to the technology developed by General Wilhelm Strasse (Deathshead), the Nazi forces have gained the upper hand against the rest of the world. After attempting to stop Deathshead one last time, Captain William (BJ) Blazkowicz is greatly injured and forced to withdraw from battle for a few years.

Europe 1960. The war is over. The Nazis have won and have brought even the most powerful nations to their knees. BJ Blazkowicz wakes up to a world of darkness and must save his comrades from many years back that are now held prisoner by the Nazi forces. BJ will fight through many robots and nazi super soldiers as well as other creations, but he is the only person that can rewrite history.

Welcome to Neoseeker's unofficial guide for Wolfenstein: The New Order. This guide will cover the full campaign and help you find all the collectibles along the way.

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