[edit] Introduction

Welcome legionary, to Neoseeker's unofficial walkthrough for Ryse: Son of Rome! With your help, we can turn this into a guide resource that will help players master Crytek's eye-popping launch title for the Xbox One.

[edit] Rome

It is the first century AD, and Nero reigns as the fifth emperor of the Roman Empire. You are Marius Titus, a gifted soldier who has followed in your father's footsteps to become a legionary (Rome's elite heavy infantry). When your family is killed by barbarian bandits, you join the Roman Army and journey to Britannia where you seek your vengeance against what Rome has deemed savage hordes, rising through the ranks to become a leader.

[edit] Combat

Titus is skilled in combat, and in your hands will unleash a volley of deadly blows with sword, javelin and shield. You can slow down the action to divide or concentrate attacks against hordes of enemies as you see fit, but you must also be mindful of countering attacks made by the enemy by watching for the onscreen prompts.

Perform well and you will be able to execute brutal and visceral finishing moves by correctly entering the onscreen button commands (essentially QTEs; Quick Time Events). Successfully performing these executions will reward Marius with health recovery, increased damage or experience points for a limited time, and more; you decide on the fly.

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