Monster Drops
Orc Cheap Cloth, Stick, Cheap Bracelet
Orc Archer Drops: Arrow Head, Stick, Recovery Potion
Ant Insect Carapace, Insect Jaw, Lumber, Branch
Beetle Insect Horn

A fairly straight forward dungeon, you can beat this dungeon by reaching to the northeast exit. On the third area, you will be trapped by a blue force field. For these kind of situations, you must defeat all the monsters within the room to removed the force field.

Boss Battle
Ambrosia HP: 720 Weakness: N/A Resist: ???
Taming Item Required: Ultra Toyherb
Item Drop: Ambrosia Thorn, Toyherb Flower, Plant Stem

Recommended Level : 6 ** (8 ** Hard Mode)

Equipment : Starting Equipment

The first boss of the game is almost a pushover. It starts with a larva form and after taking some damage, it will transform into a butterfly girl.

In this form, Ambrosia will have a total of three unique attacks, she does a Kick when you are close to her, a shockwave attack that hits you when you're within her radius and a swarm of butterflies that slows you down. Each time she does an attack, she will pause for a split second, this is usually a sign to stay away from her. When she does her butterflies attack, you can easily avoid it by running to her side, (They are also harmless, but it will slow down your character speed if you are hit by them). Once Ambrosia HP goes down to 30% she will be enraged and start to attack faster.

  • Note: You can repeat boss fights to obtain boss drops.

After defeating Ambrosia, go visit the clinic and speak to Jones and Nancy. Leave the clinic and then head to the palace to speak with Ventuswill. Go to bed and then on the next day, visit the clinic and speak to Amber ( Ambrosia's Human form) and watch the event. For the next event to trigger, you will need wait a few days, the first event scene begins when the protagonist starts to heard noises during his/her sleep. Confront Ventuswill about the noises, and watch the event. Wait another two days and go to the Dragon Room to see an event between Ventuswill. You will receive Venti's Charm. Leave the village and head south. Volkanon will break the block of trees that prevented you from going to the south area. Now head to the southeast area until you find the Water Ruins.

Monster Drops
Wooly Fur(S), Clippers
Orc Archer Arrow Head, Stick, Recovery Potion
Orc Cheap Cloth, Stick, Cheap Bracelet
Pomme Pomme Apple, Fried Apple, Apple Tree Seed
Ant Insect Carapace, Insect Jaw, Lumber, Branch
Beetle Insect Horn
Cluckadoodle Egg (S), Egg (M)
Chipsqueek Fur, Branch, Stick
Buffamoo Milk (S), Milk (M)
Big Muck Spore, Mushroom, Poison Powder
  • From this point in the game, you can unlock Licenses by using ORDER. Licenses allows you to access functions such as crafting items and using the airship to instantly travel far away locations. The first license that is available is the Chemistry set which will let you craft your own medicine.
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