Monster Drops
Goblin Archer Arrowhead, Old Bandage, Recovery Potion
Goblin Blade Shard, Old Bandage, Onigiri
Sky Fish Fish Fossil, Can
Tortas Turtle Shell, Iron
Weagle Bird's Feather, Branch
Monster Box Broken Hilt
Water Gate Water Crystal

As you enter the Water Ruins, Doug will show up and give you the Fire Ball Spell. You can equip Rune Ability and Magic on the X and Y button.

Now take the north exit to the next area, then travel to the east side to the next room. Keep moving right, until you see an exit on the north. Take the north exit out. Cross through the other side by using the pillar on the right. Press the red switch, this will removed the red pillar on the center. Take the center path and exit out from the west. From here you can go north or south, each path has a dead end with a yellow switch. Go press the yellow switch on the north and south path. This will create a bridge on the center. Go to center exit to fight the next boss.

Boss Battle
Thunderbolt HP: 2420 Weakness: N/A Resist: ???
Taming Item Required: Royal Carrot
Item Drop: Lighting Mane, Fur

Recommended Level : 12 ** (17 ** Hard Mode)

This boss has three phases, Thunderbolt usually creates a large field of lighting each time it moves. The lighting comes in a shape of being split into three directions. Once Thunderbolt has loss around 30% of it's HP, Raiden will turn beserk and start to sprout out attacks quicker. Then after a dealing a little more damage, Thunderbolt will drop dead and start to explode and revive itself and will be in an even more frantic state. The last phase can be difficult, because Thunderbolt moves extremely fast and hit very hard. Just be careful and not get trap in a corner or else its game over.

Return to the town and visit the clinic. Then head to the Dragon Room and speak to Ventuswill. Rest and go to the clinic the next day. Watch the event with Dylas (Thunderbolt's Human Form) and speak to him. After a few days, when you start to heard the villagers mentioning about Ghosts, head to the housing area of Selphia to see a ghost like figure is teleporting around the town, then go the east side of Town (Melody Street) to see another event. Next go the center of Airship Way to see another event. Now near the town exit speak to the Pink figure, she will reveal herself as Pico. Speak to Pico. Now leave the town and head to west of Selphia Plains. Volkanon will create a bridge allowing you to travel to the west side of Selphia Plains.

Go west until you see a dark mansion.

Monster Drops
Duck Bird's Feather, Yellow Down
Fairy Fairy Dust, Prelude to Love, Love Potion
Love Gate Love Crystal
Weagle Bird's Feather, Branch
Pomme Pomme Apple, Fried Apple, Apple Tree Seeds
Chipsqueek Fur, Branch, Stick
Ant Insect Carapace, Insect Jaw, Lumber, Branch
Beetle Insect Horn
Sky Fish Fish Fossil, Can
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