This is the largest dungeon in the game, it will probably take several days or weeks of game time to fully explore this dungeon. There is exactly six sections of this dungeon.


[edit] First Section (Temple Area)

This part of the dungeon is fairly simple and linear. There is two switches that need to be pressed to unlock the area in the center. The switch are located in the west and east end of the area. The west switch has a very annoying obstacle. You have to defeat all the Flare Mages in the area before you can press the switch, the problem is they have a wall covering them, preventing you from reaching them. The best way to deal with them is to equip a fire immunity accessory, and use a weapon with a very long range to hit them. You can extend weapon range by synthesize a weapon with a Glitter Stone. If you do not have one, you can try using a spear or two hand sword, but its very difficult to hit them.

You can also mine Oricalcum ore in this area, this material will let create new armor and weapons suitable on par for this area.

Once you have successfully pressed the two switches, go to the area in the center and fight the boss.

Boss Battle
Bane Dragon HP: 40100 Weakness: N/A Resist: Wind (Absorb)
Item Drop: Eletro Crystal

A returning boss from previous Rune Factory games, the Bane Dragon has a simple pattern. It can create an electric spark that chases you and can go invisible. Each time when it reappears again the Bane Dragon will either stick his tongue at you or breathe out a green smoke that will paralyze you. There is no way you can hit the Bane Dragon when it's invisible so wait till he appears and use that opportunity to strike. Once the Bane Dragon's HP is below 50% it will go berserk, it will create larger electric sparks and also can stomp you when it reappears.

[edit] Second Section (Beach Area)

The map in this area is pretty straightforward. However you will probably notice a lot of area is blocked by having a strong gust. The legitmate way to by pass the wind is to wear the equipment Heavy Boots. But you can also use the Spear Rune Ability Axel Disaster, this will let you dive through the wind. Beward of the plant traps though, these traps are heavily upgraded and can kill you nearly instantly if you step in a few of them. If you travel to the north east area, you can find a treasure chest containing a recipe for an accessory, and to bypass the wind, I suggest using Axel Disaster in an angle.

Once you finished exploring, return to the entrance area and travel west until you have reach to the end.

Boss Battle
Octopirate 2 HP: 42500 Weakness: N/A Resist: Water (Absorb)
Item Drop: Fish Fossil / Ammonite

If you have been doing Seed dungeons, you might have encountered the Octopirate. This is an upgraded version that is around a level 200 base. The Octopirate is probably the easiest boss in Rune Prana, it got a high defense, but also low attack power compare to the other boss in this area. The Octopirate has very few attacks, it likes to attack you with it's tentacles when you get near it, the damage from this attack is extremely low so having high defense will help. The other attacks is where the Octopirate throws a spike ball at you. The spike ball can be easily avoid by running out of his aim.

[edit] Third Section (Snow Field)

This is the smallest section of Rune Prana. If you travel two maps north, you will immediately head into a boss fight. However there hidden passage through the trees that can take you to the east and west end. In there you can fight High Orc Vikings which drops materials to craft stronger gear.

Boss Battle
Crystal Mammoth 2 HP: 42650 Weakness: N/A Resist: N/A
Item Drop: Diamond / Icy Nose

This is an upgraded version of the Crystal Mammoth, it is fast and extremely unforgiving at this point of the game. You need to watch for the crystal on Mammoth's back, if they all started to glow, you will hear a ding noise. During this moment it will create a shockwave of ice that covers nearly the entire map. You need to stay away from it at all cost, because at this point of the game, the ice wave is likely instant kill your entire party.

[edit] Fourth Section (Volcano Field)

A lot of monsters in this area regenerate from fire attacks. The worse part is the heat in the area can prevent the monsters from dying and will deal damage to yourself. If you're ever stuck in a room with a force field and the monster won't die, it simply because of healing properties the room gave them. Start the dungeon by heading north and in this area you can head right and fight a Red Dragon. Defeat it will pop open a treasure chest containing a curry recipe. Now return the previous room and head west. Here there is two rooms the room on the west is filled with Fire Spirit Monsters, if you manage to defeat them, a switch will pop that will spawn more dragons. There is no reason to be in this room unless you want to grind for experiences points, so head to the room north instead. Defeat all the monsters in this area. This will reveal a yellow switch, press it and it will removed the yellow pillar in the starting area. Head to the room where yellow pillar was. You have watch out for the fire trap, avoid it and press the blue switch within the area and continue north. This room appears to be a dead end, but their is actually a hidden passage on the right through the pile of rock. In this room there is a split between two rooms, both rooms required you to defeat all monsters before it reveals the switch or treasure chest. Once you press the red switch, head back to where the red pillar is and fight the boss.

Boss Battle
Crimsone (Red Lion) HP: 39000 Weakness: Love Resist: Fire (Immune)
Item Drop: Red Lion Fur
Boss Battle
Aramanthine (Blue Lion) HP: 31500 Weakness: Love Resist: Wind (Immune)
Item Drop: Blue Lion Fur

This boss fight is acutally a lot easier then fighting the Crystal Mammoth, despite having to fight two boss at the same time. Each lion has a different elemental, but Aramanthine is more magic based, while Crimsone is more physical. Aramanthine can heal about 30% of it's HP when it's HP drop to a certain point and it also can cast tornados. Crimsone magic is much more simple and just breathes fire in a straight line. It best to deal equal damage to both lions so you can take them both out at the same time. Because when one lion dies the other lion will goes berserk, which will increase it's attack power and could possibly kill your character instantly.

[edit] Fourth Section (Cave Area)

Boss Battle
Siren HP: 42000 Weakness: Resist:
Item Drop: Melody Bottle
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