Before heading to Maya Road, I highly suggest crafting a weapon with Elemantal properties or bring a Staff weapon, because there are some monsters in Mount Maya that are absorb physical properties and require decent magic power to defeat them. Maya Road's layout is very straight forward, but it is also very long, the area has three check points. Just keep heading west until you reach to a dead end, once you do you have to fall through a pit to travel underground to reach to other areas. You will also notice that in Maya Road there are switches in places you can't reach, simply just throw an item on top of it. The layout of the map will also try to trick you, you will notice that some areas despite having a wall blocking you path, you can actually cross through them. The protagonist will actually give you a hint and suggest using magic to see if the wall are fake.

Once you have reach to the third save point, save your game and fight the boss right just ahead.

Boss Battle
Fiergaenger HP: ???? Weakness: Water Resist: N/A
Item Drop: Fire Dragon Ash

Fiersome is back from previous Rune Factory games, the fight is not too difficult, but you don't have as much area since Fiersome takes up most of the screen. Fiersome's attack mostly cover a lot of range, from swinging his body, to fire attacks. The attack you need to really watch out for is when he tries to pull you in while all the fireballs is also coming towards him.

Once you have defeated Fiersome, head west and leave the area.

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