Watch the event scene, Arthur will take you to the Floating Fortress. If you decide to go back to town, you can reach here again by simplying using the air ship panel in town.

The dungeon is divided into three areas and you must clear all the areas to unlock the final room in the center. The south section is fairly linear area, the west sections consist of warp points and the east section contains pillars blocking your path. When you reach to the end of each section there will be a mini boss that must face. There is also a low chance of finding platinum in crates, platinum can be used to craft some of the best equipment at this point of the game.

[edit] South Section

The southern area features a strong gust of wind preventing you to reach to certain spots. Start the area by heading down and then go west. You can take a detour and head south. In here place an object from your inventory on to the switch. Doing this will removed the wind that where the green switch is located. Pressed the switch and then return to the previous area and head east. Press the blue switch and continue on to the next area, keep moving to the next room until you see a purple switch, you can press it to change the direction of the wind, this can let lead you to the room to the east or west. Continue on west and head south. In there there's a path to two rooms, head to the room on the left first and clear all monsters and then push the switch, do the same thing for the room on the east. This will unlock a save point, head to the next room to fight a boss.

Boss Battle
Fortress Tank + HP: ???? Weakness: Love Resist: N/A
Item Drop: MTGU Plate, Gold

The Fortress Tank is a stationary target and has a total of three attacks, the tank can shoot several bubbles, then blast a cannon in one direction. The most deadly attack is the lighting bolt, because its quick and covers a lot of space. Once it's HP drop below half, the tank will go berserk and start to move and spray bullets in all different directions. It will charge at you and can blast a laser in one direction. You need move out of the Tank's sight if it start to charge it's laser or else it could be a game over.

Then continue to the next room, here you need there's two portals, the one in the south returns you to the entrance, while the one on the north one will take you to area that you can't reach before. (It looks like there are walls blocking the north portal, but the path there is actually very narrow and hidden between). Take the north portal and continue on the area when you reach near the end you will find a treasure chest containing an Invisible Stone.

Now return to the entrance of the flying fortress and continue with either the east or west section.

[edit] West Section

The west section is filled with warp portals that leads to one room after another. Start by heading west until you find two portals. (If you take the wrong portal, you will most likely will end up back to the beginning.) Start by taking the warp below, now head to the room on the right and take the warp. There is only one room to go here, so head west and take the warp. In here there is two rooms you can warp to, if you take the north room, you will eventually find a chest that contains 18000g, but it will lead your progress back to the beginning. To continue forward take the room on the west and head to the warp. Then next head to the room below and take the warp to the next area. Go north to the next room, but DO NOT take the warp or else you will be warped back to the beginning. Defeat all the monsters first, it will clear the area and reveal a switch. Press the switch and then take the room on the north and head to the warp. In here you will find a save point and a warp that takes you back to the beginning.

Boss Battle
Sechs Golem HP: ???? Weakness: Love Resist: N/A
Item Drop: Golem Tablet

Due to the high defense of the Sechs Golem, there is a high chance you will not have any success winning this battle unless you are using equipment with high magic attack power.

[edit] East Section

This section of the dungeon is pretty straightforward, you need to find a total of nine different colour switches to removed all the pillars. This area is setup like in a linear pattern where the pillars will block all possible passage leaving you with only one path and alot of backtracking. Start the area by heading towards south east until you have reach a dead end. You can find a yellow switch here. Press it and it will removed the Yellow Pillars, return to the starting area and go east. Then now travel all the way north until you reach to the last area, here you can find a red switch near a fire trap. Press the red switch and then return two maps south to where the red pillar was. Go east and head one map south to find a blue switch. Press the blue switch and then head back to the area where the red switch was. You will notice the blue pillar is gone. Head east and then head one map south, continue east and then head south and then one map east and then south again. You will find a green switch in this area. Push the green switch and then return all the way north to where the green pillars where located and then continue east. Now head north, you will need to defeat all the monsters in this room, this will reveal a pink switch in the center. Push it and then return to the starting area and run east all the way to where the Pink Pillars are. Here head south to find another switch, press it and then return to the previous map and head east. You should find a save point and the boss room right ahead.

Boss Battle
Sechs Tank HP: ???? Weakness: Love Resist: N/A
Item Drop: Shiny Screw

Now that you have unlocked the final room. Save your game and fight the final boss of the main story.

Boss Battle
Ethelberd HP: ???? Weakness: Love Resist: N/A
Item Drop: None

This is the final boss of the game and it's a pretty long fight, Ethelberd basic movement consist of teleporting around and shoot projectiles at you. He can also temporary transform into a one of the dragons to unleash their signature attacks like droping a huge way of meteors. The attack you must be extremely careful, is when he charge up and unleash a small blue energy ball on the center. The energy ball will expand covering the entire map and will kill your entire party instantly, to avoid this, you must head to the corner near the pillars as far as to the edge as possible. Once you have manage to defeat Ethelberd, he will powered up and a scripted battle will occur. Follow the event scenes until you have finished the game.

Clearing the game will add new Extra Orders. These functions includes all sorts of things such as enemy HP gauge, music change, character appearance and a bunch of other game changing functions.

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