[edit] Introduction

Rune Factory is a fantasy simulation/role-playing video game series developed by Neverland Co and published by Marvelous AQL. The American version of Rune Factory 4 is published by Xseed. Rune Factory 4 is a hybird mixture of the Harvest Moon series and other action RPGs. The current Rune Factory 4 is the sixth installment to the Rune Factory Franchise.

[edit] Flow of the Game

The Rune Factory series has often been cited as the fantasy action RPG spin on the Harvest Moon farming simulation series. This is not far off the mark, as Rune Factory maintains a strong focus on growing and maintaining crops throughout the in game year.

Rune Factory 4, like the previous titles (as wel as Harvest Moon), revolves around a calendar divided into seasons that mimic those in real life: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. The player character will grow and raise crops by planting seeds in soil beds found throughout the game. In addition to providing crops which you can sell for income needed to maintain and expand your farm, harvest crops will also provide Runey Points (RP) which are necessary to keep up your strength in dungeons.

That's right, in Rune Factory you must also venture into dungeons and engage in battle with various monsters and foes. It's not all about defeating them however; to have your farm succeed, you must be in the habit of taming select monsters to work for you.

New to RF4 is the ability to grow an "enlarged" version of a crop by planting seeds in a specific formation, then using a special item purchased from the friendly neighborhood flower shop. Use enough of the item and you'll get a super-sized plant that can used for crafting certain items, or even taming certain boss monsters.

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