When you enter Route 12 talk to the man stood next to the Route 12 sign, and because you now have the Rumble Badge he will give you a Lapras! This is a perfect Pokémon to teach your HM Surf too if you don't already have a water-type of Pokémon able to learn the move.

Pokémon Level Rarity Games
Lapras One 30

Continue along the route, collecting all the Pokémon and battling the trainers to further level up your Pokémon as in the next town there will be another Gym Leader challenge. Also on this route are some more rideable Pokémon, however unlike on other routes these are not required for navigation through the main portion, but can be used to access additional items. Head into the ranch and walk up to one of the grazing Skiddo (you cannoy get on the sleeping Skiddo) and get on them as you would any other rideable Pokémon. The use of thhese Skiddo allows you to jump over ledges the opposite way as you would otherwise be able to do. Just as you reach the end of the Route there will be a set of steps on the left, head down those and use surf on the beach and follow the water up to Azure Bay and the Sea Spirit's Den.

[edit] Items

Honey Fenced off area near Shalour City entrace (hidden)
Aspear Berry Berry Tree south of Shalour City gateway. (requires Cut)
TM45 (Attract) Girl inside the Ranch House
Leftovers West of Pokémon Breeder Amala (requires Cut)
Net Ball On a rock west of the leftovers (hidden)
Water Stone On a rock (requires Surf) (hidden)
Sachet North of Ranch (requires Cut)
Whipped Dream West of Ranch entrance
Shiny Stone East of three ledge jumps (requires Skiddo)
Ice Heal Near fisherman Murray (hidden)
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