[edit] Introduction

Welcome to Neoseeker's unofficial Pokemon X and Pokemon Y walkthrough! Generation VI of Pokemon starts in the all-new Kalos Region, bringing with it new Pokemon, new features including Mega Evolutions, and even new Typing to shake up the metagame. We've assembled this guide to assist you in your journey through Kalos, and we're looking forward to your help to build this in a resource everyone can enjoy with data, tips, tricks and more know-how!

[edit] Important Notice Regarding Save Bug

Unfortunately both Pokemon X and Y suffer from an issue where save files can become impossible to load if they are made in the outer sections of Lumiose City. Refer to this Neoseeker article for further details, thankfully Nintendo has released a downloadable patch on the Nintendo eShop, this patch will fix the bug as well as improve the GTS (Pokemon Global Trade Station) filters.

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