[edit] Introduction

Welcome to my second guide that made it to GameFAQs and Neoseeker! This guide is supposed to be an advanced strategy guide into "beating" Pocket Trains, the most recent release by the NimbleBit brothers! (In theory, these kinds of games has no ending to it, though...) Fortunately, for those who just started the game, no worries, I equipped a very in-depth tutorial (hopefully in-depth enough) to get you all started and get a deep understanding of this freemium game and enjoy it! (Freemium games are games which are free to play, but have certain features to attract people to pay real world currency to unlock certain features, or in this case, speed up gameplay)

Now that I've finished saying all my introductory crap, all abroad the train as we prepare to set off on an exciting learning journey to find optimal ways to play this game and fully enjoy it. Meanwhile, you can sleep on the journey for the next 3 sections if you want while we prepare the main course of the day for you...

[edit] Copyright Information

Copyright 2013-2014 Zechariah Gerard Tan, a.k.a Infinity Ace or light_rock_zz

This FAQ is protected by copyright. It will not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It must not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. Any site wishing to use this work must contact the author first. This guide is currently only allowed to be hosted on GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com/) and Neoseeker (http://www.neoseeker.com/). Any websites which are permitted to host this guide must do so without any alteration to it at all, including any minor spelling or grammar mistakes.

GameFAQs will always host the most updated version since it's my (Where "my" and "me" refers to the author of this guide) main operating zone. Any other sites which are approved to host this guide should host the most updated version when the e-mail attached with the most updated version of this guide informing you (Where the "you" in this paragraph only refers to the administrators of the hosting sites other than GameFAQs) that there is an update to my guide is sent to you. A return e-mail informing me that the guide is updated on your site is highly recommended to facilitate a spot check to verify for any unforseenable errors (Such as formatting or sometimes even phrasing, mostly on my part). Failure to update my guide will initially result in spam reminders and eventually other unforseenable consequences.

You are strictly prohibited from lifting sections directly out of this guide for your own. It's known as plagiarism, and it doesn't go down well. If you've been found lifting anything original from this guide, I'll start off nice by sending you an e-mail to demand for the removal of any such content. However, refusal to comply with this demand will result in a domino effect, so you will be hunted down and you'll find your Internet Service Provider (ISP) contacted, and your website permanently shut down through any means necessary. If you spot any such of my original content on other sites, please contact me immediately! You're warned extremely harshly that you will not claim this guide as your own.

You may, however, reproduce this guide for personal use only, whether a printed copy or stored electronically, and may be distributed as long as no profit is made by doing so. You may create a link on your website that directs web browsers back to this guide on GameFAQs and/or Neoseeker without informing me, but preferably please do so. You are also welcome to use the layout of this guide as inspiration for your own as long as appropriate credit is given. You may also use factual information from this guide in your own as long as it is not just copied lock, stock, barrel, and as long as me (The guide creator and editor) is credited as the source.

All trademarks and copyright material not exclusive to this guide are recognized as the legal property of their respective owners.

[edit] FAQ Changelog

[edit] Version 1.3

[edit] Completed on 2 March 2014

Added in-depth calculations for comparing the use of using parts and coins for repairing broken down trains, for the geeks, at least. (There's a small strategy I inserted there, though not many would probably use it) I've re-organized the Strategies section quite a bit, shifting things here and there and adding new sub-sections to split them up nicely. It should be even better consistency in strategies, since I've tried put similar strategies together. It's still not perfect; I may repeat certain things unnecessarily, and there may still be a bit of conflict. I gave a description of the 2 types of management just in case you don't know which style you fit into. Of course, it only feels natural that I would add in more new strategies, isn't it? ;)

Finally, now that I got access to the The Official Guide to Pocket Trains, I've removed the request for the rest of the 15 tips, because I've seen them now. (And by the way, about half of them is kind of useless, and a couple of them are ambiguous or too vague. Some are useful though.)

[edit] Version 1.2.1

[edit] Completed on 28 February 2014

I wished 2014 was a leap year...and then I would purposedly complete my guide only on the 29th of that February...making it such a special day dedicated to my guide. =P

Anyway, I went to further research on UnityScript, and found out what on earth was RXRandom.Int. So I finally understood this function and its mechanics! Now I'm able to give the range of values of the random integer X, which is simply the default range. What is that range? Why don't you go and find out on your own? Learning isn't as simple as telling the answer straight away...

There are many linguistic corrections throughout the guide, with sentences that may be too complex rephrased, broken down, etc. While I've done my best to check as much as I can, these errors may still leak, so don't blame me for an imperfect guide...for English lessons! =P A few small strategies has been added, and generally there is now more consistency between strategies, patching up the mistakes made right from the start (The Alpha Build, I mean). I've spent more time checking this instead, so it should be ok now.

[edit] Version 1.2

[edit] Completed on 4 February 2014

Ooops! I forgot to include a few more things before submitting the previous update! =P So here is the update, and hopefully I didn't left anything out again! Corrected the fact that the job list in the job screen for each train at a station has a random sorting list is wrong, so that has been corrected to the furthest to the nearest thanks to tip-off from Ojes Yobe!

As Ojes Yobe conducted the experiment which ultimately proved that XP per car was based on distance, not coins or Bux, he also pointed out an interesting strategy that maximizes the earning of XP, so that has also been added! Huh? Did you say this objective was useless? Think again! Best, head down to the Strategies section to find out what it could be useful for!

[edit] Version 1.1.1

[edit] Completed on 3 February 2014

I've received a great tip-off from the same helpful guy I've always been in contact with for Pocket Trains, Ojes Yobe! This time, he helped me find out the amount of XP gained, for all three "currencies"! In his tests, he used the recent Distances Map uploaded on Pocket Trains Wiki (To be precise, it was uploaded 10 January 2014, which I didn't mention, because it isn't very important information you must know anyway...), which depicted the fuel units consumed after any train successfully crosses that track. As such, I've altered every formula in the railroads section to be in terms of F instead since that is now a lot easier to find out. Corrected the fact that breakdown mileage is constant, since research have told me it is not thus adding the means to predict breakdown, down to the nitty-gritty details.

[edit] Version 1.1

[edit] Completed on 13 January 2014

Overall, the main reason for this update is for consistency with other guides out there, as well as with the game, changing the definition of railroads in this guide. The previously used "railroad" term in this guide referred to a means of transit between two stations, but now that has been changed to "tracks" throughout the guide to follow other guides, since you would probably stumble upon many other good guides around. (TouchArcade does provide some nice tips, though they didn't quite use any of those terms I've just mentioned, but Pocket Trains Wiki does) The term "railroad" now refer to all the tracks that were claimed by a particular train. Also, the term "city" has been changed to "stations" to be more consistent throughout the guide, and makes more sense anyway. (Note that in some places, "city" is still used, though you know I'm referring to the same thing) As such, a couple of other basic definitions are also added.

In the Advanced Tutorial section, a new (recent) link to a new distances map on Pocket Trains Wiki is added in order to immediately have access to all the data you want through the formulas in the railroads section, rather than finding out the coin refund yourself to do so. However, the formulas remain as the coin refund on selling a track S as the known variable. (Unlike my Tiny Tower guide, this does not warrant an additional section by itself) Forgot to add a lame way to get Bux and both regular and special crates. Trust me, it's really lame. =P Unfortunately, the holiday exclusive cargo cars have now been removed, so if you wish to continue to take advantage of these high value cars, do not update! I'm totally staying with the last update that still has these exclusive cars. If you are on iOS, you won't probably know what I'm talking about, since these cargo cars are apparently Android-exclusive only.

Under the Strategies section, hybrids as a railroad network now joins the list of possible railroad network layouts to consider. More value has been added to hybrids through possible areas to deploy such a layout. More insight for the number of ideal special train sets is also added. Continents & Licenses is slightly revised, with less ambiguity on the path of expansion.

[edit] Version 1.0

[edit] Completed on 2 January 2014

A very Happy New Year to all of you! May your aspirations for 2014 come true! =) On the way, I think one of mine just came true: I've finally completed this guide! =P But this does not mean that I will no longer be updating this guide. Anyway, the main thing about this major update is the addition of my very own comprehensive tutorial. I hope you like it, and would be able to understand the game a lot better!

However, during the completion of this tutorial, as I have predicted, NimbleBit has came out with yet another complete engine to gift to us players! This engine belongs to none other than the Peppermint Steamer! However, it seems that so far this is only an Android-exclusive, while no news has been released about this engine for iOS users. I genuinely surprised, because iOS users usually get a lot more attention and love from developers. While I might have predicted that it would indeed make an appearance this holiday season, but its name is anything but my predictions...This new steamer is unfortunately pretty boring other than the pretty design, since its stats are completely identical to the previously gifted engine of the Pumpkin Steamer. Nevertheless, it's still a really good train that beats the Regional Express. Therefore, together with its brother (Or are they sisters? =P) Pumpkin Steamer, I've classified these 2 steamers into an all-new category of trains: Exclusive (Gifted) Trains! In addition, the relevant question in the FAQ section also sees some changes. It also seems like strangely, the iOS users didn't get their Peppermint Steamer, so that has been added to the question on the differences between the Android and iOS versions.

A bit more stuff was added to the two different management styles under the Strategies section Jobs. More scenarios are being considered under Central Planning, especially for those were playing a long time even before touching that section (Or perhaps even this guide =P) A bit of tweaking is done on the strategy involving Bux. Some additional strategy details added to getting trains. Also, reading other guides (Yes, I do this myself to gather more insights as well, because I'm not perfect) urged me to dive into the shutdown strategy suggested by quite a lot of (simpler) guides.

There is also a bit of mistake on the mainly suggested color of Zettabyte Zephyr (Other trains using this color as secondary options are thus also affected) in the Get Colorful! section, since the color is not really Fake Green/Teal (There is no "fake" color because if there is, what's "real"? =P Also, Teal is a mix of green and blue, which doesn't fit that color in Pocket Trains). So I've changed that color to Mint Green, and what was originally Green is now renamed Lime (I checked against a list of HTML color code list so it's extremely accurate - The HTML color code is #00FF00). Light Blue (Compliment with Cyan) is now changed to Turquoise and Biege is changed to Cream. Salmon has been added as another viable color code. I also changed the color of my Dragonbreath to Purple, though ultimately it is up to your discretion since the Draognbreath is just...way too colorful. =P

[edit] Version 0.6

[edit] Completed on 15 December 2013

The section on the differences between Pocket Planes and Pocket Trains has been removed, because there are simply too many differences between the 2 games, right down to the tiny details of BitBook. Anyway, why would anyone bother reading that section? This guide is a strategy guide, not a factual guide. I'm supposed to provide you insight on how to play the game in a better way, not load you with stupid facts that aren't even relevant to the game. True, Pocket Planes players may get an advantage, but the in-depth tutorial (Coming soon) will cover every single detail as far as possible, which indirectly hints to them the differences from Pocket Planes and make them more accustomed to Pocket Trains.

More than half of the strategies have seen a complete makeover, a result of having significantly more experience with Pocket Trains over the intermittent period of inactivity. I regretted churning out this guide at such an early stage, when my experience is simply not adequate to be shared with others. At that time, some of the strategies had to be extrapolated from my early stage of my railroads. However, now that I've reached that "extrapolated" stage, such a prediction back then became inaccurate. In addition, during that time of inactivity, I also gathered more insights from other players which struck me, and decided to adopt them, and found that it ultimately seems to work well.

And finally, I've done up a few questions in the FAQ section, so it's no longer empty. In the meantime (which was really a very loooooooong time), versions 1.0.5 and 1.0.6 have been released, so I've included their update details in the Pocket Trains Release Notes. Version 1.0.5 was especially important, as no longer will you need to carry those crates bought from stations to some random destination, since that is just pure stupid when you could find a free regular crate being offered as a job at stations occasionally.

[edit] Alpha Build (Originally Version 0.5)

[edit] Completed on 10 October 2013

This first release was supposedly the first version of this guide to go on GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com/) and Neoseeker (http://www.neoseeker.com/) ! However, I felt the guide really sucked like hell =P, so I demoted this version to an Alpha Build. On 11 December 2013, I started a very major revamp of the guide, and that then sparked off the creation of the first official "recognized" version (Well, at least I recognized it so, no one else would bother anyway =P). This Alpha Build hence serves just as a template for the official version, as in how I would organize my strategies.

That was the very first version of this guide! Hooray! I promised myself that I would finish this before I have to attend to my more important life matters. During this period, I will most likely be abandoning Pocket Trains since I'll be too busy to play it, so I decided to jolt down the strategies I can come up with and adopt for this brilliant game (Don't you think so, seriously? (; ) before I forget. As such, all other sections that are highly relevant to this game (Other than the next section which is the release notes and the comparison section which I initially planned to do up with the rest of the guide, but I realized this would take too long so it does have some content, but is currently half-finished only) are put on hold and just put there just as a placeholder and a reminder for me to actually do up the section in case I forget next time.

[edit] Pocket Trains Release Notes

[edit] Version 1.0.6

[edit] Released on November 11, 2013

  • Added link to the Official Game Guide in the main menu

[edit] Version 1.0.5

[edit] Released on October 23, 2013

  • Crates purchased at station now go directly into your crate inventory
  • Better distribution of special train parts from crates
  • Built with Unity 4.2.2 to address some iOS7 issues

[edit] Version 1.0.4

[edit] Released on October 9, 2013

  • Clarified crate purchase messaging
  • Bug fixes

[edit] Version 1.0.3

[edit] Released on September 30, 2013

  • Attempt to fix rare IAP related crashes.

[edit] Version 1.0.2

[edit] Released on September 27, 2013

  • Crates can now be purchased in coins at occasional stations
  • Lowered volume of notification sound
  • Fixed some tutorial bugs
  • Fixed the shop always showing prices in USD

[edit] Version 1.0.1

[edit] Released on September 26, 2013

  • Fixed bug allowing creation of non-existant fuel cars
  • Fixed rare crash on startup
  • Small UI bugfixes
  • iOS 7 support

[edit] Version 1.0.0

[edit] Released on September 15, 2013

  • Original Release of the game
    • However, this was only released to media and beta-testers who kindly volunteered, so it was never released to the App Store or Google Play Store.
Note that the save file will not be able to carry on from version v1.0, and you will have to restart from scratch.
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