[edit] Introduction

Well hello, dear reader. Welcome to my Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) Ultimate walkthrough and beginner’s guide. Now I’ve never written one of these before but I felt that I had to do this to help all of the new players out there who may not know all everything that veterans take for granted and don't bother to explain even thought the success of this series depends on getting new players. I think the veteran monster hunter players tend to assume that everyone already knows everything or else is an unredeemable noob. Let’s try to bridge that gap, shall we?

This guide assumes that you are new to Monster Hunter, a ‘beginner’ if you will, and aims to walk you through the single-player mode (the MOGA VILLAGE quests) by familiarizing you with the different functions of your home base, helping you prepare for battles by suggesting armor and items, and giving you tips for dealing with the dozens of big bad boss monsters you will have to fight. I am using the WiiU version of the game to collect info for this game, but the games are completely identical in solo content so this guide is perfectly capable of guiding you through the 3DS version of the game. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. A little context is called for. Here are some hypothetical frequently asked questions a new player may want to ask:

[edit] What is Monster Hunter?

Monster Hunter is a video game series created by Capcom. It is said to be very popular in Japan and less popular overseas. These games have you play as a HUNTER who lives in a fantastical hunter-gatherer society made up of small human villages surrounded by a large wilderness populated with fierce MONSTERS. It’s an eat-or-be-eaten sort of world. Your goal is to hunt monsters because they threaten your village. You kill monsters, carve open their flesh, use their bones and skin to make weapons and armor, and then use those weapons and armor to hunt bigger monsters.

[edit] What is Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) Ultimate?

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is the ‘ultimate’ version of the third generation of Monster Hunter. It was released for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo WiiU on March 21, 2013. It is built on the foundation laid out by Monster Hunter Tri (Wii 2010) and Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (PSP 2010, Japan-only).

[edit] What is new in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate that wasn’t in Monster Hunter Tri?

Well that’s not what this guide is meant to cover, but the gist is that there are some new monsters, a lot of new MONSTER SUBSPECIES, some new weapon types, some new items, some new armors, and some updated graphics including HD textures on the WiiU, 3D on the 3DS, and dynamic shadows in both versions. Also there are new control methods and inputs based on the second screens of the WiiU and 3DS. Unfortunately the motion controls from the Wii version have been scrapped, which I think is too bad because I enjoyed swinging my controller as a sword to bring the pain down on some monster.

[edit] What is the difference between the 3DS and the WiiU versions?

Both versions feature all of the same single player content... hell, they even have the same multiplayer content. In fact the WiiU version is a port of the 3DS game. The WiiU version has the ability to connect to the internet so you can hunt online with 3 people, friends or strangers, and this is super fun. The 3DS version is able to connect with 3DSs or WiiUs in close proximity for LOCAL PLAY, which could be even more fun that playing online with strangers, so long as you have some friends with their own systems and their own copy of the game and can meet up with them.

The WiiU gamepad also has a couple more buttons than the 3DS, including a second analogue stick for controlling the camera. Both versions have a second screen which can use a virtual d-pad to control the camera.

The 3DS version does have a 3D depth of field effect, which is actually a bit useful when you are fighting underwater and depth is otherwise hard to judge.

[edit] Why is this game so difficult and frustrating?

It's doing that on purpose. This game wants you to fail. It's sort of self- defeating for the game to do this, after all, nothing stands in the way of getting fans more than turning off those people who have already bought the game. On the other hand, this difficulty is also a subtle trap to get you hooked to this game forever. For those people who take this difficulty as a personal challenge to their skills and find a way to overcome it will experience a sense of triumph and satisfaction which is sorely lacking in today's contemporary hand-holding interactive movie-ish games.

Monster Hunter is not shy about throwing you out in the wilderness and leaving you on your own to succeed or fail. It has no problem with making you fight a difficult battle for fifty minutes and then saying 'time's up, you are a failure!' and making all of that effort and time a total waste. You are fighting a game that wants to defeat you as much as you are fighting a particular monster that wants to defeat you. Again, this is all intentional, and the game is slyly trying to get you to look into its rpg item and armor systems, all the while lying down hooks to capture your interest.

The basic lesson in all of the difficulty is that any challenge can be overcome with some preparation. Even if your weapon is weak, you can still wear down and defeat monsters if you brought enough health items to keep you in the fight long enough. If you go out of your way to buy some trap tools and find some thunderbugs, you can make shock traps that will give you a small chance to turn a losing fight around, or capture a monster just before time expires. Eventually your efforts outside of battle will reward you with items and armors and skills that make even the toughest fights trivial, and that is probably what makes this game so infinitely satisfying.

If you apply yourself to this game and uncover all of its little details and secrets, you can turn the whole game inside out. Those monsters that used to be unfathomly difficult or those game systems that used to be cruelly restrictive will be brought under heel and become your slaves. Eventually you and your friends will be gang-shaving monsters in five or ten minutes without breaking a sweat, and you will feel satisfied because you still have that dim memory of when these fights could overwhelm you. And you just can't get that feeling if the fights and the game were never difficult to begin with.

This guide is written for those people who still find the game difficult, whose every battle goes down to the wire, who are constantly clining to life and depleting their stock of items in every battle. I want to make YOU into a monster hunting machine. And believe me, it can be done, IF you have a the dedication and the will.

[edit] That sounds hard. What is so fun about Monster Hunter, anyway?

I’ll be honest: this game is about grinding. It is about repeating the same fights over and over again to collect the pieces to make new weapons and armor that do nothing but make those same fights easier. What could be so appealing about such tedium?

The short answer is that the combat is fun. The long answer is... longer.

Monster Hunter is set in a small village surrounded by a wilderness filled with giant, man-eating monsters. The survival of your village depends on YOU going out into the chaos and kicking its ass and bringing home whatever resources you can find. You are the archetypal hero in the world your animal brain still thinks it lives in; the world you unconsciously wish you live in. You will start out small and be awed and humbled by giant dinosaurs and dragons, and then you will experience a satisfying sense of progression, power, and mastery as you overcome one seemingly insurmountable challenge after another. You will feel the pleasure that comes with developing a skill through practice as you become more and more adept at the always-fun action-packed combat. You will become a GOD; a whirlwind of terror sweeps over the land killing everything that looks at you funny, and you will strike fear into Mother Nature herself. You will desire to broadcast your awesomeness to the world by equipping evermore outrageous weapons and armor, and along the way the game will addict you to item gathering by way of an intermittent reward schedule. You will lose yourself in this game and become someone... better.

[edit] What qualifies you to write a guide about Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate?

Not much. I’ve never written a guide before and the only Monster Hunter game I’ve ever played was Tri on the Nintendo Wii. That said, I thought Tri was a great game and I put about one thousand hours into it. I’m currently doing the same with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Really, I’m only writing this guide because it seems to me to be dreadfully needed. Someone needs to give all of the new players some tips and suggestions for what items to bring along or how to deal with the bosses. Helping new players is how this game acquires fans and fans in turn help the game series continue.

I’m creating this guide to stand in between a manual and the more expert knowledge that you can find easily on the world wide web. First things first, the game’s manual can be found by opening up your in-game menu and looking into the section marked HUNTER’S NOTES. There you will find all of the information on controls, the Heads-Up Display (HUD), and the game sytems. One of the bad habits this game has is mentioning important details like ‘where the darned menu is at’ only once in a flood of otherwise colorful but useless text, and then never mentioning it again. So I’ll say it again: this game has a manual that explains the controls and how to use your weapons! It’s amazing how many players never find this. But then again, much of this game is deliberately designed to be obtuse and frustrating as an extra layer of challenge. Remember when games were challenging and they just dropped you off in the middle of nowhere without a goal or a prayer? Well this game isn't that bad, but its definintely 'hardcore' in the sense that if you hope to progress you're going to have to dedicate yourself to learning about it.

The very basic sort of information that the manual provides won’t be in this guide. I will give you some tips on some of the game systems, though, like how to handle your item box, or tips on skills, or just how this game is usually played and how to prepare for quest (pro-tip: preparation is the key to success!). I don’t know... maybe I could go over decorations and charms... but that might be too in-depth for a walkthrough. If you need to know anything more complex or specific than what is in this guide, check the MONSTER HUNTER WIKI, which is a great resource for veteran hunters, but again, not so friendly to newcomers.

This guide was made by writing down everything I know about Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate, which is a lot because I play it a lot and I’ve explained it to a couple of people before and try to help people from time to time with questions online and on the Miiverse. To remind myself of how the game progressed I made a new character and re-did the Lower-Rank Village quests to get a feel for how the game introduces things to the player. The walkthrough thus adheres to how the game actually goes, but it's taking me some time to play through all of the content again.

[edit] I’m looking for a certain item. Where can I find it?

This guide will NOT, absolutely NOT tell you where to get certain items. That information would just be too much of a pain for me to list here, and lists like that are certainly easy enough to find elsewhere.

If you need to know where to find items, or find out how to unlock particular weapons or armors, I recommend the Monster Hunter Wiki. Just search that phrase in a search engine. It’s very useful, but again, most of the information is only useful to those people who don’t give up at this game because it is too obtuse.

Oh, here's another useful little website if you want to find something: That's what I'm using now. It's quick and simple and seems to work.

[edit] How do I read this guide?

If you’re looking for tips for a certain quest or tips for a certain monster then you just have to check the TABLE OF CONTENTS for the quest level that includes that monster or quest.

The walkthrough will cover all of the Moga Village quests. They are grouped by tier, and this guide covers the KEY QUESTS and then the URGENT QUEST before covering whatever is leftover for that tier. The key quests and the urgent quests are the ones you have to do to proceed, but some of the other quests involve different and fun monster fights so you might as well check them out too.

For every quest I will tell give you some information that you could find yourself in the QUEST INFO, like the objective and where it will be (if there is an ‘N’ next to the location this means the quest takes place at NIGHT). I will also give you my appraisal of the difficulty of the quest (which is just my opinion) and a list of items you should bring with you. This list is not meant to be comprehensive. They are just suggestions. Obviously any quest can be made a little easier with bombs or traps if you feel like it.

If there is an important TERM or SYSTEM you need to know about that I'm just introducing I will probably CAPITALIZE it to draw it to your attention.

I will also try to direct you by telling you which AREAS on the MAP you need to go to. If you need to learn where all of the areas are, make sure to pick up a MAP from the BLUE BOX at the start of every quest. Funny story, though: as a veteran of Tri I have long since fallen out of the habit of taking a map along or even displaying it on-screen, so my references to areas are based on memory and guesswork. If any of the areas I tell you to go to just aren't right, I apologize. They're probably mostly right sometimes though... maybe.

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