Welcome to Little Big Planet, a wonderful little big game in which you can make your own worlds, play worlds that others have created, and play them together.

In this creative title, there is a lot you can do; So much that you can almost get lost, and that's something I'd regret to see happen. I hereby present you my newest project on Little Big Planet, in which I will guide you through the story mode, help you build your own worlds, and even help you finish worlds that were created by others. Like any of my other guides, I make sure my work is perfected out - so that nothing missable is missed, and that you get the most complete experience one can get from the game.

More importantly, I'll guide you through the levels in such a way that you will get the items as soon as possible - and as quickly as possible. Add to that mix a good injection of humor and you get this Guide as result.

Furthermore, this Guide also features the newest Metal Gear Solid downloadable content. It will guide you through the levels and tell you where all prize bubbles are, just as with the main walkthrough. This Guide will stay up-to-date whenever a large Level Pack comes out.

The best part? You can submit your OWN detailed walkthrough to this Guide by sending it through email. Specify for which level it is, and I will confirm the walkthrough after which I will add it to this guide. This has benefits for you and the world you created; It makes for publicity and people will play your world faster than they normally would, and it makes your level more playable (if it was hard to play it shouldn't be after reading a Guide by the own creator).

Thank you for reading, and I wish you loads of fun in Little Big Planet. May we meet each other some day there!

- Absolute Steve

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