[edit] Introduction

One of the key launch titles for the PlayStation 4, the titicular hero represents the beginnings of what could be a bold new franchise for PlayStation platforms in general. Good action platformer mascots are hard to find after all, but Knack looks to stand out with its unique abilities. Our unofficial walkthrough aims to uncover the secrets of all this and more, and we're looking for a few good contributors to help out and expand this resource!

[edit] Knack

Years ago, Goblins found their way into the world of Humans. The two have since attempted to live in separate societies until one day the Goblins, lead by Gundahar, renew their invasion of human settlements. This time however, the once primitive Goblins utilize advanced war machines that they somehow managed to gain access to. Hope for humanity arrives in the form of Knack, a new lifeform that can change size and shape by absorbing the power of ancient relics, allowing him to fight back against the Goblins in his quest to uncover their base of operations. These relics also allow Knack to change into various properties like Ice, Metal and Wood, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

[edit] Characters

The Doctor
The human scientist who brings Knack to life had previously been studying the mysterious, ancient relics which Knack is made of.

The Doctor's young research assistant will also lend Knack his support.

A famous explorer who happens to be Lucas' uncle.

A billionaire industrialist who is also aware of the relics which the Doctor has been studying. In fact, Viktor made his fortune mining the relics as resources which have become the source of power for everyday life, and now he has sights set on bigger plans involving the relics. His schemes will put him at odds with Knack.

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