Welcome to GTA4, a game many of us have been waiting for since forever. The game is huge, so you're likely to need a guide. I hereby present to you the GTA 4 Guide for all your desires.

I write my Guides with the intention of making them the most user friendly thing out there, presenting all information in a tight and professional layout. This guide is written in the style of the game.

Currently, this Guide is a spoiler free walkthrough. I have not yet decided if I will cover all other aspects as well. After all, there are in-depth guides that do a good job at that.

- Absolute Steve

[edit] MAPS

It's almost unbelievable that these maps don't come with the game. It's almost impossible to collect or complete all these things without having these maps.

I am sure people will make maps (probably based off these) soon enough and submit them to GameFAQs. But the whole world needs maps *right now*. If someone posts maps on GameFAQs, I'll link to those right away.

Legend Pickups:       Legend Rats/Stunts:
================      ===================
White = Weapons       Blue   = Rats
Green = Health        Yellow = Stunts
Black = Armor


Pickups: http://www.shillatime.org/gta4/aldemey-pickups.jpg
Rats/Stunts: http://www.shillatime.org/gta4/aldemey-rats-stunts.jpg


Pickups: http://www.shillatime.org/gta4/algonquin-pickups.jpg
Rats/Stunts: http://www.shillatime.org/gta4/algonquin-rats-stunts.jpg


Pickups: http://www.shillatime.org/gta4/bohan-dukes-broker-pickups.jpg
Rats/Stunts: http://www.shillatime.org/gta4/bohan-dukes-broker-rats-stunts.jpg

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