.--------MMMMMM----MM-----MMM-----MMM------.;tX, ,---MMM---MMM MMMMMMMM
 \       MMMMMM   MMMM    MMM     MMM     YMMM,  A   MMM   MMM MMMMMMMM
  \      MMM      MMMM    MMM     MMM    SMMM,  AM1  MMM   MMM\  MMMM
   \     MMM     $MMMMb   MMM     MMM    MMM,   AMM  MMM   MMM \ MMMM
    \    MMMMM   MM  MM   MMM     MMM    MM,   AMMM  MMM   MMM  \MMMM
     \   MMMMM  SMM  MMt  MMM     MMM    M,     `;M  MMM   MMM   MMMM
      \  MMM    MMM  MMM  MMM     MMM    MMMMM; ,MM  MMM   MMM   MMMM
       \ MMM   iMMMMMMMM. MMM     MMM    MMMM, ,MMM  MMM   MMM   MMMM
         MMM   MMM    MMM MMMMMM  MMMMMM   , ,MMB:    MMMMMMM    MMMM \
          \                               .,                           \
           \             _  _______      __   _   ______________   ____ \
            \           / |/ / __/ | /| / /  | | / / __/ ___/ _ | / __/  \
             \         /    / _/ | |/ |/ /   | |/ / _// (_ / __ |_\ \     \
              \       /_/|_/___/ |__/|__/    |___/___/\___/_/ |_/___/      \

Welcome to my latest project, Fallout New Vegas.  It has  Oo¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯oO
been a while since I've tackled a new project, one of     || © Absolute Steve ||
the reasons being that I've had some business in the      ||   Version: 1.00  ||
professional guide writing business and worked with       ||  PS3 / PC / X360 ||
Piggyback Interactive on the official strategy guide for  ||faq@shillatime.org||
Final Fantasy XIII.  It was an honor to work on such a    ||www.shillatime.org||
big project, and it was especially nice to be the first   Oo__________________oO
person in the world to ever beat FF XIII outside of the
development team.  I'm glad to present you THE follow-up guide of a longlasting
and popular series: Fallout.

The series of guides I've made for Fallout 3 was created with the intention of not leaving a single irradiated stone unturned, but there's always room for improvement. This guide is the result of many days and nights of long labour, so here's hoping you'll enjoy the redesign of the layout, and may the in-depth strategies and vast descriptions greatly enrich your gaming experience. In any case, be sure to like this guide on facebook (see link above) and tell your friends about this guide!

Fallout New Vegas does feel like a very stretched DLC and hardly has graphical improvements over Fallout 3, but that doesn't take away any of the fun. The game mechanics have been tweaked with, making the game harder and more balanced. There are minigames now, there's still plenty to explore, but the 'Fallout 3' feeling is gone (duh, it's Vegas!), the point being that the game doesn't really breathe the same atmosphere as Fallout 3 both in terms of exciting storytelling and areas. There are once again numerous annoying bugs that shouldn't exist, long loading times included , especially on the Xbox 360. Resetting your Xbox can sometimes do wonders combined with clearing the cache, though. All in all, the game has its improvements, but is hardly as epic or revolutionary as it's big brother. As such, be glad it's not called Fallout 4. :) On a closing note I do want to mention that some events in FNV are painfully unfunny, sometimes even disgusting and on the border of acceptable as to what you can put into a video game. This has nothing to do with gore, more so with ethics. Some of those people at Obsidian should give me a call - as a psychologist student I'd gladly study them as field cases.

Lastly, be sure to check out Supercheats.com soon for an enhanced version of the guide, which features video content at tight spots that might require additional assistance. Having said that, please glance at the next few sections before diving into the table of contents and take the opportunity to read more about donation options and the future of guide writing. Thank you for your kind consideration and enjoy the guide and the game!

~ Absolute Steve

P.S. Also on behalf of noz3ro, absolute daniel, and other future contributors that may very well follow; welcome!

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