[edit] Sub Quest 1: Thief and Merchant's Asterisk

Availability: In Chapter 1, when you arrive in Anchiem and have seen the event between the king.

This is the first sub quest avaialble in the game, the map should now have a blue indicator label with the word "SUB". This is your destination for sub quest events.

First go to Anchiem and enter the mansion on the farthest east end and speak to Profiteur. Leave the mansion and speak to the man that is near the mansion. then inspect the well machine beside him. Leave Anchiem and head to the Oasis on the west to see an event. Now go to the cave in the northwest corner for another event.

Harena Ruins

[ ]1 PQ Treasure Chest: 1st Center *Near Trap
[ ]Star Pendant Treasure Chest: Enter B1 with east side stairs
[ ]Echo Herbs Treasure Chest: B1 Left End
[ ]1500 PQ Treasure Chest: B1 center right *Near Trap
[ ]Clothespin Treasure Chest: B1 Bottom right
[ ]Thief Knife Treasure Chest: B2 Hidden Passage on the upper
middle left corner.
[ ]Ether Treasure Chest: B2 Northwest Corner
[ ]Thief's Glove Treasure Chest: B2 Bottom Left Corner
[ ]Steel Bow Treasure Chest: B2 Bottom Area
[ ]Air Knife Treasure Chest: B2 Blue Chest

This dungeon is loaded with statue traps that can blind your party when you touch the gas they breathe out. Clear this dungeon and reach to the end to fight a boss.

Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
Jackal 3000 HP
Hard: 6150
N/A Hi-Potion
Ciggma Khint 5000 HP N/A None
This should be a pretty easy boss battle with the proper setup, the two boss does not really hit very hard, but Khint have a skill that can silence your ally, so equip the magic users with silence resist. Jackal will usually try steal a potion from you, so you don't need to worry about Jackal too much. Take out Khint first, then focus all on Jackal. When Jackal's HP reach down to 10% he can heal himself with a potion for 600 HP.

Alternatively, one can focus on The Jackal, more or less ignoring Khint. After The Jackal's HP is below 50%, Khint will express that Jackal's luck is poor, and he does not take on poor clients. Khint then leaves the battle entirely.

Once you have defeated Jackal and company, return back to Anchiem. Before you confront Profiteur, you should stock up on revive items as the next boss fight can be a little luck based if your HP is below 600. Once you are ready, head to the mansion on the east end of city and confront Profiteur.

Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
Profiteur Normal: 6000
Hard: 8100
Mithril Staff Hi-Potion
Gold Hourglass
Ciggma Khint Normal: 5000
Hard: 6750
Hi-Potion /
Mithril Plate
Not exactly a easy battle here, you probably expect Profiteur to be a push over based on his appearance, but he's not. Khint remains the same as the previous battle, you can take him out pretty quick. Profiteur is a whole different story, his attack "Takeover" does a gurantee 300 damage regardless of defense, so each if use his brave command to hit the same target twice, your ally member is gurantee to be K.O. at this stage of the game. If you have a Lv5 Black Mage, you can use the ability Damage Split, which will divide the damage taken between your party members. This is helpful if you want to spend a lot of reviving items.

Keep in mind that like the battle with The Jackal, Khint will leave Profiteur if his health drops below 50%, making for a much easier battle.

[edit] Sub Quest 2: Time Mage and Spell Fencer's Asterisk

Availability: In Chapter 1, after restoring wind the back, go to Anchiem and see the speech with the King.

First you need to leave town and enter the Anchiem during night time. You will notice that during night time, one of the windmills can be enter, head there and enter the secret passage. Clear the dungeon by finding two switches, which will open the door to the elevator. Watch the event scene and fight boss.

Grand Mill Works

[ ]Remedy Treasure Chest: 2nd Floor
[ ]Phoenix Down Treasure Chest: 3rd Floor
[ ]Earthing Rod Treasure Chest: 2nd Floor
[ ]Thumbing Claw Treasure Chest: 2nd Floor
[ ]Gale Staff Treasure Chest: 2nd Floor *Blue Chest
[ ]X-Potion Treasure Chest: 2nd Floor
[ ]Hi-Potion Treasure Chest: 3rd Floor
[ ]Ether Treasure Chest: 2nd Floor
Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
Khamer VIII Norm: 3000
Hard: 8100
Ether / Jade Staff Ether
Ciggma Khint Norm: 5000
Hard: 8100
Hi-Potion / Scimitar Hi-Potion
This is actually a very easy boss battle compare to the previous sub quest. Your party should have superior gear and also higher levels at this point of the game. Khint is much more aggressive in this battle compare to his previous encounters. Take out Khamer first, because his HP is very low and act as the support member in his team. So once you have take out Khamer focus on defeating Khint.

[edit] Sub Quest 3: Summoner's Asterisk

Availability: Speaking to the Matriarch in Florem after returning from the Water Temple.

Go to the Florem Weapon shop to see an event. Leave Florem and head northwest to the blue exclaimination mark. Watch an event and enter the Florem Garden.

Florem Garden

In this area, there will a some blue flowers that when stepped on, it will cause silence to your entire party. So try your best to avoid them. You can have the Freelancer Level 4 ability "Hopscotch" to avoid taking terrain damage. When you reach to the Adventurer, the boss will be just right ahead.

[ ]Hi-Potion Treasure Chest: South Section
[ ]500 PQ Treasure Chest: South Section
[ ]X-Potion Treasure Chest: South Section
[ ]Tomahawk Treasure Chest: Center Section
[ ]Ether Treasure Chest: Center Section
[ ]1000 PQ Treasure Chest: Center Section
[ ]Royal Crown Treasure Chest: Center Section *Blue Chest
[ ]Remedy Treasure Chest: Rear Area
[ ]Tengu Yawn Treasure Chest: Rear Area
[ ]Turbo Ether Treasure Chest: Rear Area
Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
Mephilla Venus Norm: 9999
Hard: 13498
Turbo Ether Fairy Wings
Ice Rod
Legion Impalers Norm: 1000
Hard: 1350
Hi-Potion Fairy Wings / Remedy
Legion Archers Norm: 2200
Hard: 2970
None Fairy Wings / Remedy
Mephilla can summon grunt units in this fight and perhaps they're the most annoying part of this fight. Take them out first, because they can cause confuse and silences to your party. Mephilla can also call out for more grunt units, if you're lucky you might never see her call out another grunt. After 3 turns, Mephilla can use her summon attack which deals around 400 to 500 damage to your party. Best method of winning this battle is to find a fast way of taking out Mephilla since her defense is poor.

Now that you have obtain the Summoner Job class, you can learn new summoning spells by speaking to the elemental sages. Remember that Owl in the Wind Temple? You can learn a summon skill from him. But you have to survive the blast in order to obtain the spell. It does roughly around 900 to 1200 damage to your party based on your magic defense.

[edit] Sub Quest 4: Ranger's Asterisk

Availability: Speaking to the Matriarch in Florem after returning from the Water Temple.

You will need to speak to three different NPCs in Florem. They are highlighted with a blue exclaimination mark. Once you have spoken to all of them, leave Florem and head to the northeast area. You will forced into a battle with two grunts units. Defeat them. Head east until you see a large tree. Before you enter, I recommend you to save your game, because the next boss boss battle can be rough.

Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
Artemia Venus Norm: 15000
Hard: 20250
Artisan Gloves X-Potion
Legion Impaler Norm: 1500
Hard: 2025
Hi-Potion Fairy Wings / Remedy
Legion Mage Norm: 1200
Hard: 1620
None Fairy Wings / Remedy
Start the battle by killing the grunt units first. If you keep them alive they will most likely end up causing abnormal status on your party. Artemia hits extremely hard, she has two attacks, one is single deadly blow and the other one is her multiburst attack. The damage from her multiburst is quite random but it does around 2000 damage divided among your party. But the key of winning is to use your default command to stock up BP and defend against Artemia's attack as she usually like to save up 2 BP before unleashing all her attacks.

[edit] Sub Quest 5: Red Mage's Asterisk

Availability: Returning to Florem after speaking with Yulyana.

  • If you have the Rebuff Locket Accessory, equipped it on Edea for this event. It could be an huge advantage for the boss fight ahead.

When you come back to Florem for the third time. You can start the Red Mage side quest. First speak to the man dress in red, he's highlighted with a blue exclaimination mark in town. Watch the event. Finish the Saint Flower Festival or else the next event won't trigger. Go to the inn and rest for the night. An event should trigger where Ringabel is lost in thought. Come back to Florem During night time, then head to the north area and speak to the girl highlighted with the blue exclaimination mark and then go near DeRosa to trigger the next event.Ringabel and Tiz will decide to follow Fiore, and should end in a failure. Repeat the same thing for tomorrow, the event will end up in another failure and Edea will suggest that she should be bait. So wait another day and try that same thing again You will end up in the Underground Room, watch the event and then fight the boss.

Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
Fiore de Rosa Norm: 20000
Hard: 27000
Hermes Sandal
Mirage Vest
You will start this battle with Edea in a charmed state, so if you equipped Edea with the Rebuff locket, you can avoid the charm status at the beginning of battle, this could be a huge advantage at the start of battle against Fiore. Fiore is far from a push over, his attacks can cause abnormal status mostly inflicting fear and charm to your party. If you are fear, you cannot use your brave or default command so use your remedy on your main attackers.

[edit] Sub Quest 6: Valkyrie's Asterisk

Availability: After Saint Flower Festival.

Once you finish seeing Agne's speech in the Saint Flower Festival, leave Flowell and return at night to see an event. Leave outside and go north to Kareda Forest.

Kareda Forest

Kareda Forest is split into three sections, when you reach to the rear section of Kareda Forest, you can reach to the Adventurer on the southeast path. Save your game, because a boss fight will be just right ahead.

[ ]Remedy Treasure Chest: South Section
[ ]Phoenix Down Treasure Chest: South Section
[ ]500 PQ Treasure Chest: South Section
[ ]Sleep Sword Treasure Chest: Center Section
[ ]Storm Bow Treasure Chest: Center Section
[ ]Teleport Stone Treasure Chest: Center Section
[ ]1000 PQ Treasure Chest: Center Section
[ ]Hi-Potion Treasure Chest: Rear Area
[ ]X-Potion Treasure Chest: Rear Area
[ ]Holy Spear "Longinus" Treasure Chest: Rear Area *Blue Chest
Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
Einheria Venus Norm: 20000
Hard: 27000
Hi-Potion / Power Wrist Valkyrie Halberd
Einheria is a hard hitter just like her younger sister Artemia, however all of her special abilities require BP to use, she usually go with a pattern of Cresent Moon, or Jump. Her Cresent Moon does high damage too all of your allies and her Jump ability does a very high damage to a single target on the next turn. If he use her Jump, Its best time to use the default command, to defend and saved up BP. Once Einfernia's HP is running low, she will cast Spirit Barrier on herself which use her MP as a shield to protect herself. The Spirit Barrier disappears after 10 turns or when you have drain all her MP.

Author's note: The Valkyrie is one of the best class you can get at this point of the game, great status and have amazing attack skills. However this class is too reliant on BP.

[edit] Sub Quest 7: Pirate Asterisk

Availability: Before going to Grappe Keep.

After speaking with Goodman at Eisenburg, you're suppose to go to Grappe Keep, at this point, a blue exclaimination mark will appear on the port you first landed in Eisenburg. Return there and speak to Datz and hear the story behind the Black Blades. The next part of the sub event is not shown on the map unlike the previous sub quest. You need use your ship and go around an area with a lot of fog. ( * Locations I have seen it spawn, southwest to Grand Ship, north of Grand Ship) Its in a different location each time. But once you are near the fog, An event scene will occur, in which your party encounters a ghost ship. Choose the second option to board on the Ghost Ship.

Ghost Ship SS "Franky Francisca"

Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
Barbarossa Norm: 30000
Hard: 60750
War Axe Bacchus's Wine
Barbarossa is a pirate class that relies heavily on BP skills to dish out high damage on your party. Often Barbarossa likes to use 2 BP before using his big attacks. If you got decent gear and a deathblow ready, you should be able to take out Barbarossa if you use up all your brave command in one turn. If not deal Barbarossa like you would as the previous boss battle, default and attack.
  • There are some changes in dialouge if you have defeated Kamiizumi first, or if you have obtained Susano-o.

[edit] Sub Quest 8: Performer Asterisk

Availability: After obtaining the Poison Sample from Grappe Keep.

Return back to the battle fortress in the center of Eisenburg and speak to Captain Goodman. Talk to him and select the third choice. Watch the event between Praline and her soldiers. Now leave Eisenburg and use your ship and go to Grand Ship. Enter the bar and speak to the Old Lady highlighted with Blue Exclaimination mark and then talk to another old man within the same area that is also highlighted with a Blue Exclaimination mark. Leave Grand Ship and go to the following city in order and speak to each of the NPC highlighted with a blue exclaimination mark.

  1. Anchiem (Desert City in the southeast continent)
  2. Caldisla (First City)
  3. Florem (Flower City in the northeast continent)
  4. Hartschild City (City by the Volcano In the West Continent )

After you have finished this task, return back to Grandship and speak to the old lady at the bar. Return back to the Fortress in Eisenburg and speak to Captain Goodman and choose to the 3rd option to fight Praline.

Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
Praline Norm: 30000
Hard: 54000
Star Pendant
Staff of Life
Star Corslet
Black Blade Norm: 2800
Hard: 3780
Remedy, Nodachi N/A
Black Axefighter Norm: 3000
Hard: 4050
Tomahawk N/A
Black Blade
*2nd Time
Norm: 2000
Hard: 2700
Star Pendant N/A
Black Axefighter
*2nd Time
Norm: 2000
Hard: 2700
Star Pendant N/A
Praline is a very strong supportive unit, as a Performer class she can buff her party, making them hit extremely hard. These grunts are very powerful and can kill your party members in a few blows and also have attacks that cause confuse. My method of wiping out Praline, is to using Valkyrie's Cresent Moon and Judgement to dish out as much damage as possible and also dealing damage to the grunt units. The summoner job class also works out very well at for killing the grunt units. A lazy and cheap way of winning this battle is to use the summon your friend feature and summon the friends that can do 9999 damage to get rid of Praline as soon as possible. If you let Praline call out a new set of grunts, they have lower HP and also a different set of items to steal. (star Pendant.)

[edit] Sub Quest 9: Salve-Maker Asterisk

Availability: When you go to Starkfort to find Egil.

You can not really miss this side quest. All you need to do is take the left stairway in Starkfort to find Dr. Qada. Once you have found Dr. Qada, defeat him to get the Salve-Maker Job class.

Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
Dr. Qada Norm: 40000
Hard: 54000
Phlogiston Dragon Fang
Qada has a total of three skills, one is a healing ability, the other two are attack skills that have a potential to poison your whole party. When Qada charges up his BP, he will unleash his ultimate attack on you, which is Dark Breath which does that exact damage of the HP he has lost, this will do 9999 damage to one your characters if you have already knock down more then 30% of his HP. But you also need to deal enough damage to him per round because of his HP regen. Have your White mages or someone with White Magic dispel him.
  • There are some changes in event scenes if you have defeated Kamiizumi first.

[edit] Sub Quest 10: Swordmaster Asterisk

Availability: Clear Fire Temple

Return to Stark Fort, and remember the passage to the center that was previously locked? Well its unlocked now. So head there and reach to the top, to fight Kamiizumi.

[ ]Dragon Fang Treasure Chest: 2F
[ ]Bacchus's Wine Treasure Chest: 2F
[ ]Muramasa Treasure Chest: 2F *Blue Chest
[ ]Water Amulet Treasure Chest: 2F
[ ]Safety Ring Treasure Chest: 3F *Hidden Passage: Go to the room
on the southwest area and head down
[ ]X-Potion Treasure Chest: 3F
[ ]Courage Ring Treasure Chest: 3F
[ ]Kunai Treasure Chest: 4F
[ ]Turbo Ether Treasure Chest: 4F
[ ]Power Wrist Treasure Chest: 5F
Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
Kamiizumi Norm: 60000
Hard: 81000
Rebuff Locket / Kotetsu X-Potion
Kamiizumi's attacks are all counter based. He will usually do nothing until you attack him first. He also has pretty decent katana you can steal off him. Just charge up your BP and unleash it when you have it ready. But don't have all your party members attack at once, because his counters can deal very high damage (Around 1500 to 2000 Damage). (NOTE: The skill "Nothing Ventured" counters physical attacks and will be used most often. Spells and damaging usables are highly recommended. The skill "Before Swine" counters magical attacks, but is much less often used.)

[edit] Sub Quest 11: Ninja Asterisk

Availability: After bringing Egil to Caldisla

Go to Hartsurt City and enter Goodman's Mansion to see an event. After watching the murder event. Speak to everyone in the mansion. After the event, try to leave the mansion. Use Goodman's key and go to the basement.

Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
Kikyo Norm: 60000
Hard: 81000
Remedy / Kunai Kunai
Kikyo hits very hard, each of her attacks can probably almost instantly KO a single character. Then she also has an ability that allows her to evade a single physical attack (Special doesn't count). Use a weak skill to get rid of her Evade skill and then attack her with a hard hitting skill.

[edit] Sub Quest 12: Vampire Asterisk

Availability: After defeating Brave

Once you have defeated Brave, head to the Vampire Castle on the northwest region of Eternia. If you haven't defeated the Dragon Zombie, you must defeat it before you can access the area. Enter the Vampire Castle and watch the event scene. You will need to find 6 keystones to gain access to the Vampire Castle. Each keystone is located on the world map, and when you examine them you will fight a dragon.

The keystone location

Fire  : East of Starkfort (Southwest Continent) Water : Small Island located north of Yulyana Forest (Northeast Continent) Wind  : Near Anchiem Oasis (Southeast Continent) Earth : Southwest region of Eternia (Northwest Continent) Light : Northeast of Yulyana Forest Dark  : Near Imperial Villa (Center Continent)

Once you have obtained all keystones, go to the Vampire castle

Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
Dragon Norm: 99999
Hard: 134998
(Elemental Attack item)
Dragon Fang
Monster Items
This section intends on covering all 6 dragons. Each dragon have 75000 HP and will use the same exact three attacks but under a different element. Each of the dragons attack will hit very hard, but you will need to watch for their Eye ability, this cause your party to be weak towards the Dragon's main element. Then there breath attacks will also cause abnormal status on your party members. Each of the dragon's breath effects as listed

Salamander: Fire Breath (None)
Mizuchi : Ice Breath (Cause STOP)
Wyvern  : Storm Breath (None)
Ladon  : Megaton Breath (Cause PARALYSE)
Shinryu  : Holy Breath (Cause BLIND)
Jabberwock: Fear Breath (Cause FEAR)

The breath's attack are extremely deadly, especially the one from Ladon which can paralyse your party.

Vampire Castle

The Vampire Castle is a pretty long dungeon, the monsters here can hit pretty hard, and often cast confusion or charm on your party members. You can also examine the paintings located per floor for some back story. Once you have reach to the 7th floor, save your game by the adventurer and talk to Lester and defeat him for the Vampire Asterisk.

[ ]Dragon Fang Treasure Chest: 1F
[ ]Blood Blade Treasure Chest: 1F *Hidden Passage : Bottom Left area, and head down than right
[ ]Hadean Claws Treasure Chest: 1F *Blue Chest
[ ]Safety Ring Treasure Chest: 1F
[ ]Black Belt Treasure Chest: 2F
[ ]Hermes Sandal Treasure Chest: 2F
[ ]Soul of Thamasa Treasure Chest: 3F
[ ]Dwarf Gloves Treasure Chest: 4F
[ ]Hyper Wrist Treasure Chest: 4F
[ ]Demon's Bracelet Treasure Chest: 5F
[ ]Lamia's Tiara Treasure Chest: 5F
[ ]Megalixir Treasure Chest: 6F
[ ]Lilith's Rod Treasure Chest: 7F
Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
Lester Norm: 150000
Hard: 202500
Megalixir Megalixir
Lester have an ability that can drain your BP and replenish his BP. IF you have a Templar in your party, it will make this battle much easier. Because the Templar have the ability "Rampart" which nulls Lester's Energy Burst. You need to also watch out for Lester's Bone Crush skill, this skill does more damage as your HP gets lower, if you keep your party members at nearly full hp it does very little damage. If you have poor luck, Lester can use his Energy Burst and Bone Crusher right after, this can instantly wipe out your party.

[edit] Sub Quest 13: Conjurer Asterisk

Availability: During Chapter 6, after releasing releasing three crystals and have spoke to Yulyana at Caves.

Return to Yulyana's house for to find a letter. Afterwards you will need to defeat some bosses before you can trigger the next event. First find Yuruyana in the Eternia General Headquarters. In the last floor the room where Brave is usually at, you will find Yulyana there. See the event and then defeat the following bosses from the order listed below.

Boss Location
Alternis Eternia General Headquarters (Edea's Room)
Brave Eternia City (Northwest Continent)
Venus Sisters Dusk Ruins (Eastern Continent)
Grunt units Norende Village

Afterwards, go to Yulyana's house, defeat Yulyana to obtain the Asterisk.

  • This is from Yulyana's Chapter 6 Status, Yulyana is stronger in his Chapter 7 and 8 counterpart.
Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
Yulyana 150000 HP N/A Elixir
Gold Hourglass
This battle isn't particular hard but rather requires careful planning of using your turns. Because Yulyana attacks are guarantee to kill one of your allies in a single hit. Thats why you will need to be careful and not overused your brave command too much or else you will have no one to revive.

If you have finish all the previous sub quests, you should now have all the Job class.

[edit] Nemeses

Nemeses is a new feature added to the international version of Bravely Default. You can fight special bonus boss type characters from when you examine the reconstructing the village icon. Sometimes a Nemeses will be sent to you from other players or even from Square Enix. When a Nemeses appears, a glowing red black monster icon will pop in the screen. Touch it to start a fight.

If the Nemeses was sent by another player, defeating it will let you obtain another villager for your village.

  • If you can't defeat the boss, you can run away. *Does not work against New Year Boss.
  • All the strategy listed here are based on the version sent by Square Enix. There are some variations to the same boss. For example the Europe version of Mammon has Ether instead of Elixir as a stolen item and there is Beelzebub Alpha which is obtain from players.
Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
(Suggested Lv10)
Norm: 3000
Hard: 5400
Nothing Mind Bun
Dexterity Bun
Beelzebub is one of the earliest Nemesis you will receive from Square Enix. I highly recommend getting the full party before you start this fight. Beelzbub doe have some hard hitting attacks. Once its start to build up it's BP, it will use a skill called Gluttony which will absorb all the damage it takes from you and heal himself. However if you manage to do enough damage, it will cause an overflow which will take all that damage it absorb during Glutony back to him. When it unleash acid breath on you, not only this skill hurts, but it also reduce your physical defense by 25%. Defeating Beelzebub will drop Mind Bun, these can increase your Mind status permanently.
Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
(Suggested Lv25)
Norm: ????
Hard: 27000
(Ether on some version)
HP Booster Bun
Mammon relies on casting Blizzaja each turn for her main course of damage. If you carry the accessory "Iceflame Shield" I highly suggest equipping it null her Blizzaja. But do keep in mind she does have the ability to dispel that. Another annoying thing about Mammon, is that she can use a skill call Avarice which absorb 1 BP from your entire team giving her 4 BP instantly. Mammon can also drain your status buff from your whole team, so having a white mage to dispel her buffs would come in pretty handy for this fight.
Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
(Suggested Lv70)
Norm: ????
Hard: 405000
Nothing MP Bun
Asmodeus is pretty tough, before you start this fight, I highly recommend equipping the accessory Thunder Charm, because of it's Thunderja attack. Thunderja can hit the entire party for 3000 to 5000 damage depending on your gear, this can mean instant wipe. You can also learn Thunderja if you have the Vampire job class or the Genome Drain skill. Asmodeus likes to charm your party members, which can get real annoying quick, if you have carry Ribbon, I suggest equipping them you save yourself from the headache. He can also use a skill "Call of the Infernals" which takes one of your party members away and when he release them they will be charmed no matter what. If it is last ally standing being hit by that skill that is a game over.
Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
(Suggested Lv80)
Norm: ????
Hard: 337500
Nothing Mind Bun
If you plan on defeating Belphegor, then you must use mages for this battle. Belphegor is immune to all physical attacks and only elemental magic does damage to him. I suggest you to bring a Freelancer on your first encounter with Belphegor and use Examine. This will let you see Belphegor's Weakness by pressing left on the Circle Pad. Then run away and have your most optimize setup against Belphegor. The weakness for Belphegor rotates after you have hit him with the correct weakness. The pattern goes Fire-Ice-Lighting. If you ever forget the pattern, look at the order of your spell listed in your Black Magic (if you are using Black Mage). I suggest you to bring a spiritmaster as a secondary job command, using Spiritmaster can help you nullify some of the magic damage cause by Belphegor. And also make sure your healer have Epic Group Cast, which lets your single target spell to hit all targets. Because Belphegor's Sloth will make you weak to all elements, epic group cast lets you dispel that instantly. After a few turns or so, Belphegor will summon Spheres, these Sphere hit hard physically and can cast one of the three Ja magics. The Sphere is exactly the same as Belphegor they require you to hit them with the right weakeness or else it will heal them.
Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
'Ba'al I: Turtle Dove
(Suggested Lv99)
Norm: 500000
Hard: 675000
Nothing Unearthly Bun
Turtle Dove is a very difficult boss to defeat legitimately. Turtle Dove's attacks are guaranteed to hit you for 9999 damage and it does that twice in a turn. The Turtle Dove can also put your character in Love, when a character is in love, it will mimic the action of the character it's in love with. There is nothing that can dispel these status effects, which can be a real pain for this battle. When Turtle Dove reach to a lower HP, it can use love triangle which act similar to confuse. If you want to cheese through this battle, the four Valkyrie combo can destroy Turtle Dove without fail. To set up the Valkyrie combo, you need to have four Valkyries equip them with the fastest gear and equip them with speed increasing abilities. One of the party member needs the ability Hasten World. If you have one free slot in your ability list, you should use the Two-Handed ability to maximize your attack power. Once you start the battle have everyone use High Jump. Then press Y to set the game to auto. This method should kill the Turtle Dove on the hardest difficulty level within 3 minutes, as long as you're have above 101 to 110 agility then it should work.

(This Valkyrie Method also works on the hidden boss too, but it takes about 30 mins.)

Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
(Suggested Lv50)
Norm: 150000
Hard: 202500
Nothing Agility Bun
Vitality Bun
Satan is a pretty strange boss, you can do anything except attack him. As you hit him there is a chance of him gaining BP, the more BP he gains the higher combo he can dish out, if he is BP is built to 3, if will combo his blade move three times in a row leading to an instant game over. To overcome this you need either do less amount of attacks per turn. Satan can also cast wrath this will cause your party members to go berserk, so they will attack him and raise Satan's BP gauge. You need to remedy your party members quick before they attack him too many times causing his BP to gain, You can also bring a Spiritmaster or someone with Spiritism so that they can use Fairy Ward to overcome this problem.
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