[edit] First Kingdom Caldisla

Once you have finish seeing the FMV, leave the inn and watch the event.

  • You can save the game by speaking to the Adventurer. They wear a red set of clothing and highlighted with a S symbol on the map.
  • If you intend to register your copy of the game under Square Enix Members, you can unlock free items and costumes on achievements you have successfully accomplished.
  • If you ever get lost in Bravely Default, go to the yellow pointer highlighted in your map. It points to the next destination objective.
  • To learn magic spells, you will need to purchase them from the shop before you can use them.
Item Shop Cost
Potion 20 PQ
Phoenix Down 100 PQ
Antidote 10 PQ
Eye Drops 20 PQ
Echo Herbs 25 PQ
Teleport Stone 100 PQ
Magic Shop Cost
Cure 200 PQ
Poisona 200 PQ
Blindna 200 PQ
Fire 200 PQ
Blizzard 200 PQ
Thunder 200 PQ
Equipment Shop Cost Cost
Broad Sword 70 PQ Bronze Helmet 40 PQ
Rod 60 PQ Leather Hat 15 PQ
Dagger 50 PQ Pointed Hat 20 PQ
Buckler 50 PQ Leather Armor 120 PQ
Linen Clothing 20 PQ Kenpo Gi 100 PQ
Linen Cuirass 80 PQ Bronze Glove 40 PQ
Bronze Bangle 40 PQ

Head north to Caldisla Castle. Speak with the King and leave. Head outside to the world map and then go northwest to the caves.

[edit] Norende Ravine

Brave and Default Tutorial
Brave: Using the brave command will give you an additional command during your turn. However using the Brave command requires BP, and you will not have your turn back until your BP returns to 0 or higher.
Default: Using the Default command, will put your character into a defensive stance and replenish your BP. Use this command to defend and stock up your BP.
  • Learning how to take advantage of the Brave and Default system is the key on winning battles.
  • Holding the A button during battle will allow you to fast forward battle animation.
Treasure Item Checklist
Item Location
[ ] Potion Treasure Chest: Nolende Valley 5th Area
[ ] 200 PQ Treasure Chest: Nolende Valley 5th Area

Follow the path west until you have reach to the end of the valley. There is an adventurer you can speak to near the end. Talk to him and he'll will give an special item "Strange Hourglass. Head out and watch the event, Agnes will join your party.

Now escape from the valley, you will also be forced into two enemy encounters between grunts. Just deal with them like regular monsters. Once you exit out of the cave you will learn about the Friend Summon function.

[edit] First Kingdom Caldisla

Once you have return to Caldisla, go to the castle and speak with the King.

You will be given a new function called the Norende Reconstruction. You can access it by touching the village icon on the left side of your touch screen.

Before you head to the next destination, you should equip your characters with new gear and stock up on healing items. Now head to the world map and go to the lake at the south east area. Watch the Event and fight the boss.

  • Boss strategy varies between players as each have their own playstyle and job classes. The following boss strategy is based on my methods to win.
Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
Barras Lehr Norm: 300
Hard: 405
N/A Hi Potion
Holly White Norm: 250
Hard: 337
N/A Ether
This is the very first boss battle and it can be a pretty tough one to start. I recommend on taking out Holly first, as she is the support unit, she can cast protect and heal her party. Try to get Holly's HP down to like around 25% or more (70 to 80 HP) and then unleash your brave command and attack her consecutive times to kill her before she can heal herself. Then focus on Barras. Barras can hit very hard after he use his BP along with the Invigorate command to attack. This can deal around 70 to 100 damage depending on your status. Use the Default command to stock up BP and attack Bearing when hes in Negative BP.
  • You will obtain a Monk and White Mage Asterisk. With this you can now class change into different jobs. Each job have their own unique ability and status parameters. For more detail information on each job, read the Job Section on section 5.

Each character can use two sets of job abilities. The primary is based on your character class and the other is by equipping it on the ability section on the menu.

  • Ringabel will join your party. He carries the Notebook of D, which contains

informations, terminology of Bravely Default. You can also use it to see past event scenes and movies.

[edit] Ruins of Centro Keep

Item Location
[ ]Silver Glasses Treasure Chest: 2nd Floor East Side
[ ]Phoenix Down Treasure Chest: 3rd Floor
[ ]Echo Herbs Treasure Chest: 3rd Floor
[ ]Wakeup Bell Treasure Chest: 3rd Floor
[ ]Iron Knuckles Treasure Chest: 3rd Floor * Hidden area down south east corner
[ ]Eye Drops Treasure Chest: 3rd Floor
[ ]Mage Masher Treasure Chest: 2nd Floor West Side
[ ]Potion Treasure Chest: 2nd Floor West Side

Alot of the monsters in this dungeon will have poison properties. I recommend having a White Mage or bring some antidote for this area. The dungeon is pretty straightforward, use the switch lever to open the gate to the next area. Once You reach to the Yellow Exclaimination mark you will fight a boss.

Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
Ominas Crowe Norm: 1800
Hard: 2430
N/A Ether
Ominas is a pretty tough boss, the good news, Edea joins your party and her damage output is insanely high because of her Ise-no-Kami sword. So spam her brave command and attack Ominas. Use Agnes as a support character and Tiz as another fighter.

Return to Caldisla and enter the castle throne room to see an event. Now leave the kingdom.

Head back to Ruins of Centro Keep and leave through the north exit. Then head to the fort at the north end.

[edit] Lontaro Villa

Item Location
[ ]Ether Treasure Chest: 1st Floor
[ ]Antidote Treasure Chest: 1st Floor
[ ]Potion Treasure Chest: 2nd Floor
[ ]Spear Treasure Chest: 1st Floor
[ ]400 PQ Treasure Chest: 2nd Floor
[ ]White Cape Treasure Chest: 2nd Floor
[ ]Phoenix Down Treasure Chest: 3rd Floor
[ ]Lustrous Shield Treasure Chest: 3rd Floor *Blue Chest

Watch the event and shortly after your cover is blown, you will be force into a battle with some grunt units. Travel outside you get into the other side of the villa, near the end of the dungeon you will find a Blue Chest, these treasure chest cannot be open at this moment, so don't bother trying, you have to wait till chapter 6 before you will have access to it. Once you find the Adventurer, the exit should be near, saved your game and head outside to the airship. Prepare to fight another boss battle.

Boss Battle Health HP Stolen Item Item Drop
Argent Heinkel Norm: 2000
Hard: 3250
N/A Ether
Air Force Archer Norm: 120
Hard: 167
Air Force Archer Norm: 120
Hard: 167
Heinkel has high defense, its highly recommended to have a Black Mage for boss battle. All of the enemies here are weak to thunder, so immediately take out the grunts first. If you don't they will poison you with their poison arrow. The best way to take out the grunts, is to cast the thunder spell on all targets, this way you can prevent Heinkel from using his cover ability to bodyguard his grunts. Once you have taken out the grunt you can focus on taking out Heinkel. Heinkel's ability Iron Wall and Shield attack gives him a tremendous amount of defense, that makes it very difficult to deal enough damage with your melee fighters. However once Heinkel HP drop down to 1000, he'll use his charge ability, that will greatly increase his attack power but lower his defense. This is the best opportunity for your Melee fighters to attack him.

Once you have defeated Heinkel, return to Caldisla, then go to the throne room and watch the event scene. Leave the Kingdom. You will now have the airship, "Echalotte" at your possession. Take control of the airship and fly to the southeast continent of Anchiem.

  • The airship can only land in water, and requires a port to dismount.
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