[edit] First Kingdom Caldisla

Speak to the innkeeper, than talk to the King.

You will also have Alternis' diary in your inventory. You can check by it pressing the Book of D icon on the touchscreen.

Leave the city and enter through Norende Hill, run to the end and watch the event scene. Agnes will join your party again.

Leave and return back to Caldisla. Speak to Ringabel on the east and then go to the kingdom's cemetery on the west and speak to Edea. Return to the inn and watch the event scene. You will have access to Grand Ship again.

New items and spells are available in the Grand Ship Shops.

You can also obtain the final summon "Susanoo", to get this summon you have to fly to island that is north of Florem. Land on the island and on the top area you will trigger a scene with a sage. Survive the Susanoo attack to obtain the summon. Susanoo does from 6500 to 8500 damage, you can survive this attack if you equip the ability Angel's Blessing from a level 8 white mage, but the skill needs to activate to survive the blast which is all based on your luck.

Now due to circumstances of the story, you will now be doing everything you have done from the beginning of the game again. You can examine all the blue exclaimination marks to fight bosses you have previously encounter before. But beware, they are much stronger than your previous encounter.

If you want to continue with the main story, than go to each of the Temple and release the crystal again. *If you have the Vampire Job you can learn ability from the bosses in the crystal room with Genome Drain.

You can automatically fast forward to the final chapter by destroying the Crystal during the crystal release segment. Just keep rapidly press X and ignore Airy's warning.

Doing this will bring you to the final chapter, but not the true final chapter. However I do not recommend doing this at this point of the game, because you will be underlevel and wouldn't know about this detail in the story yet.

You can fight the same sets of bosses in later chapters, however the bosses will have higher status than their Chapter 5 counterpart.

All the boss are in the exact location as you have previously encounter them. Sub bosses such as Barbarossa, requires you to release the Water Crystal before you can get the event to find him. Lord Lester requires you to defeat all the dragons found in keystone again.

[edit] List of Possible Boss Fights

Sky Knights
Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
Barras Lehr 60000 HP N/A X-Potion
Holly White 60000 HP Hi-Ether Hi-Ether
Ominas Crowe 60000 HP Wizard Rod Hi-Ether / Ise-no-Kami
Heinkel 60000 HP Iceflame Shield X-Potion
Khamer and Profiteur Merchantry
Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
Jackal 60000 HP Thief Knife *Chapter 6 Thief Gloves *Chapter 6
Profiteur 60000 HP N/A Hourglass
Khamer VIII 60000 HP Iceflame Shield X-Potion
Naerik 60000 HP Rune Blade *Chapter 5
Elemental Sandals *CH 6
Rune Blade *Chapter 6
Bloodrose Legion
Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
Artemia 60000 HP N/A Craftsman's Glove
Mephilla 60000 HP Fairy Wings Hi-Ether
Einheria 60000 HP Holy Lance Powerwrist
Fiore de Rosa 60000 HP Elemental Sandals *Bravo Bikini
*Costume for Edea
Black Blades
Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
Dr. Qada 60000 HP Dragon Fang Dragon Fang
Kikyo 80000 HP N/A Kunai
Barbarossa 80000 HP Heavy Axe Bacchus' Wine
Praline 60000 HP Star Pendant Star Breastplate
Kamiizumi 80000 HP Kikuichimonji
Rebuff Locket
Council of Six
Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
Brave 125000 HP Excalibur
Rebuff Locket *Chapter 6
Light Curtain
Ise-no-Kami *Chapter 6
Victor 60000 HP Yggdrasil Staff *Chapter 5
Soul of Thamasa *Chapter 6
Victoria 80000 HP Poison Rod
Demon's Bracelet
Force Bracelet
Lester 150000 HP Mega Elixir Mega Elixir
Alternis 100000 HP Dark Matter Dark Shield

After releasing two crystals, go to Yulyana's House. Watch the events, and head to the cave on the west. You will only have Tiz and Agne in your party, luckily all the monsters in the cave are pushovers.

Once you have reach to the end, speak to Yulyana. Then leave the dungeon and reunite with your party members.

Go to the remaining two temples and release the crystals.

Once you have finish this task, go to the Holy Pillar and fight Alternis again.

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