Head to the area highlighted with the yellow exclaimination mark. Before you can get there, you will be blocked by an Ice Golem. Defeat it and go through.

Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
Ice Golem Norm: 60000
Hard: 81000
Permacrystal Hi-Ether/Arctic Wind
Treat the Ice Golem as a regular enemy, you will just have to remember the Ice Golem has very high attack power. If you have anything that contains Ice resist, it will help out in this battle.

Finish off the Ice Golem and then go to Eternia City.


[edit] Eternia City

Item Shop Cost
Potion 20 PQ
Hi-Potion 150 PQ
X-Potion 1500 PQ
Phoenix Down 100 PQ
Ether 1000 PQ
Hi-Ether 5000 PQ
Antidote 10 PQ
Eye Drops 20 PQ
Echo Herbs 25 PQ
Balsam 100 PQ
Remedy 500 PQ
Teleport Stone 100 PQ
Magic Shop Cost
Esunaga 3200 PQ
Cureda 3200 PQ
Aeroga 3200 PQ
Firaga 3200 PQ
Blizzaga 3200 PQ
Thundaga 3200 PQ
Quick 3200 PQ
Stop 3200 PQ
Quaga 3200 PQ
Equipment Shop Cost Cost
Flametongue 15000PQ Admantium Hat 4200 PQ
War Axe 18000PQ Admantium Armor 15000PQ
Cross Spear 14000PQ Gaia Gear 11000PQ
Wizard Rod 9000 PQ Adamantium Vest 10000PQ
Staff of Life 1500 PQ Adamantium Robe 3000 PQ
Assassin Dagger 10000PQ Adamantium Bangle 2500 PQ
Killer Bow 14800PQ Barrier Shroud 10000PQ
Kotetsu 14500PQ Rebuff Locket 8000 PQ
Toxic Claw 9800 PQ
Adamantinum Shield 7500 PQ
Adamantinum Helm 4500 PQ
Circlet 4000 PQ

There will be some bosses blocking your path to the next area, defeat them and pass through.

Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
Guardian 60000 HP Premacrystal X-Potion
This boss hits very hard and most likely have can one hit KO a single ally. You will need to keep your HP high, because after three turns, your entire party will automatically receive 1500 damage.

You can head to the story destination on the east, or defeat the Dragon Zombie on the west to get access to the Vampire Castle.

Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
Dragon Zombie 25000 HPx2 Permacrystal
Dragon Fang
Dark Matter
The Dragon Zombie is an undead and can take damage from healing skills. You will need to watch out for each of his attacks, his physical attack can easily take out a single party member, and the poison breath ability can cause severe damage to the entire party. Once you defeat the Dragon Zombie, it will automatically revive itself and you will need to kill it again. Note that it is vulnerable to raise.

Head to the east destination area.

[edit] Tomb Village

Watch the story sequence between Victor and Victoria. Than head to the next area.

[edit] Eternia Council Headquarters

Save your game by speaking to the Adventurer. If you have the accessory Star Pendant, I highly recommend equipping it on your next boss fight. Head to the area on the east exit when you are ready.

Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
Victoria 50000 HP Poison Rod Amulet
Victor 50000 HP Yggdrasill Staff Force Bracelet
If you equipped the Star Pendant accessory, than you do not need to worry too much in this battle. Victoria will poison your entire party, and when its her turn again, her skill will deal massive damage to whoever is currently poisoned. Victor act as more of a support unit, he does devastating single target attacks, and buffs his attack power. I recommend taking out Victoria first and then focus on Victor.

Once you have defeated the Duo, you will get the Arcanist and Spiritmaster job class. Return back to the entrance and go to the center area. Watch the story event.

When you have control over Edea, try to leave the room. Watch the scene between Brave.

[edit] Eternia Prison

You will only have control over Edea at this moment, go around this floor and rescue your party members.

Ringabel is located top center.
Agnes is located on the southeast corner.
Tiz is located on the bottom center.

When each of your party members rejoin you, they will lose all their job support abilities and you will need to equip them again.

  • You will also notice a treasure chest is located next to the room that Agnes is located in. You cannot open the door this room, but you can get the treasure chest by going near area next the stairs on the southwest corner. There is a hidden passage located on the bottom.
[ ]Light Curtain Treasure Chest: B2
[ ]5000 PQ Treasure Chest: B2
[ ]Excalibur Treasure Chest: B2 *Read comment above
[ ]3000 PQ Treasure Chest: B2
[ ]X-Potion Treasure Chest: B2
[ ]Light Charm Treasure Chest: B1
[ ]X-Potion Treasure Chest: B1
[ ]Dragon Fang Treasure Chest: B1
[ ]Zeus's Wrath Treasure Chest: B1
[ ]Bacchus's Wine Treasure Chest: B1

Once you exit out of B1, you will see an event scene and will be back to the Council Headquarters. Head to the elevator on the northeast. You will end up on the 47th floor. Go to the next floor, you can find Edea's room on the northeast exit. In Edea's room You can rest to fully recover party. Once you have reach to the Adventurer, save your game and take the elevator for the next boss fight.

[ ]Heavenly Wrath Treasure Chest: 1F
[ ]Hourglass Treasure Chest: 47F
[ ]Lilith's Kiss Treasure Chest: 47F
[ ]Hi-Ether Treasure Chest: 47F
[ ]Radiant Fist Treasure Chest: 48F
[ ]Chaos Blade Treasure Chest: 48F *Blue Chest
[ ]Assassin Dagger Treasure Chest: 48F
[ ]Holy Lance Treasure Chest: 48F
[ ]Stardust Treasure Chest: 48F
[ ]Elixir Treasure Chest: 48
Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
Brave 35000 HPx3 Claymore Elixir x3
Brave likes to save up his BP and strike at with you with different attacks. They hit pretty hard and can deal from 2000 to 3000 damage to a single party member if they are not using default. Brave is pretty much a tank and spank battle, once you have dealt 35000 damage or more, Brave will automatically revive himself, you will need to defeat him three times to win this battle. This makes Brave's total HP to be 105000.

Watch the event scene, you will return to the 1st floor of the Council Headquarters. The door on the north exit will be now unlocked. You can also start the Vampire sub quest, for more information read section 4 [SQ12].

Now take the north exit and go to the Everlast Tower on the east.

[edit] Everlast Tower

In this tower, you can find the Thunder Sage and learn the summon skill Deus EX Machina on the southwest area at the second floor. The summon attack does about 3500 damage to your entire party, if you still have the katana "Raikiri" in your inventory, you can equip it to null thunder attacks.

In the 4th floor, one of the stairs will take you to the Earth Temple.

[ ]Hi-Ether Treasure Chest: 2F
[ ]Ancient Bow Treasure Chest: 1F (Lower-Right Area)
[ ]Kikuichimonji Treasure Chest: 3F
[ ]X-Potion Treasure Chest: 2F
[ ]Hi-Ether Treasure Chest: 1F
[ ]Rune Blade Treasure Chest: 1F *Hidden Passage : At northwest area of the map go through the stained glass and than go right
[ ]Earth Drum Treasure Chest: 1F
[ ]Wonder Rod Treasure Chest: 3F *Blue Chest
[ ]Elixir Treasure Chest: 3F
[ ]Dark Shield Treasure Chest: 4F
[ ]Dragon Fang Treasure Chest: 4F
[ ]Hourglass Treasure Chest: 4F

[edit] Earth Temple

The earth temple is designed similar to the previous temple rooms, pick up the treasures and save your game by the adventurer. Than head to the crystal room.

[ ]Earth Amulet Treasure Chest: Lower-Right area
[ ]Earth Hammer Treasure Chest: Upper-Right area
[ ]Light Curtain Treasure Chest: Middle area
Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
Gigas Lich 80000 HP Giant's Glove
Giant's Axe
Giant's Axe
Gigas Lich will often buff himself with his Negative Energy ability. This will increase his attack power. If you have a dispel ability on your support class, its highly recommended to dispel him each time when he buff himself. As the battle drags on longer, the Lich will start casting fear and death on your party members.

Once you have successfully defeated the Gigas Lich, release the crystal by rapidly pressing the X button. Watch the event scene and leave the dungeon.

Go to the areas highlighted with an exclamation mark and call out Grand Ship by pressing the ship icon on your touch screen.

Watch the event scene and fly to the area highlighted wtih an exclaimation mark. Once you are at the Holy Pillar, Airy will ask if you are ready, say yes and watch the series of events.

Boss Battle Health Stolen Item Item Drop
Alternis 100000 HP Masamune Dark Matter
When fighting Alternis, you might want to take him out as fast as you can, because once his HP drops down to half, he will start to use his Lifebreak skill which can hit for 9999 damage, and start using his Pure Darkness against your party ( works like the gravity spells from the Final Fantasy games which is Reduce HP by a certain percentage).
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