[edit] Ancheim, The Land of Sand and Time

Head to Ancheim City at the center at the southeast continent. Watch the event, then speak to the villager highlighted with the yellow exclaimination mark and then talk to King Khamer VIII at his throne room for another event. Now leave the city. At this point of the game, you will be introduce to sub quest. You can do sub quests or continue with the main story. All Side quest destinations are highlighted with a blue exclaimination mark.

Item Shop Cost
Potion 20 PQ
Hi-Potion 150 PQ
Phoenix Down 100 PQ
Antidote 10 PQ
Eye Drops 20 PQ
Echo Herbs 25 PQ
Teleport Stone 100 PQ
Magic Shop Cost
Protect 400 PQ
Shell 400 PQ
Aero 400 PQ
Silence 400 PQ
Poison 400 PQ
Sleep 400 PQ
Slow 200 PQ
Regen 200 PQ
Quake 200 PQ
Equipment Shop Cost Cost
Long Sword 500 PQ Iron Armor 500 PQ
Mace 300 PQ Silk Robe 350 PQ
Oak Stick 250 PQ Copper Breastplate 400 PQ
Kukri 350 PQ Gauntlet 120 PQ
Iron Knuckle 280 PQ Iron Bangle 75 PQ
Round Shield 300 PQ Star Pendant 500 PQ
Iron Helm 200 PQ Red Glasses 500 PQ
Bronze Bangle 40 PQ

Sub Quest 1 is now available. Finishing this Sub Quest will reward you with the thief and merchant class. For more info read section 4 or use the search code [SQ01].

Head to the Wind Temple, which is just directly south of Ancheim.

[edit] Wind Temple

Alot of debris will be blocking your path on the first floor, so you will need to wander around and use the second floor to get to the other side.

  • You will also notice a Owl Wizard standing there, you can get a new summon ability from him once you have unlocked the Summoner Job class.

Once you reach to the north end of the first floor, there should be a switch you can press to open a shortcut to the entrance area. Go the crystal room and see the event.

[ ]Wind Amulet Treasure Chest: 1st Floor
[ ]Wind Charm Treasure Chest: 1st Floor
[ ]Remedy Treasure Chest: 1st Floor
[ ]Hi-Ether Treasure Chest: 2nd Floor
[ ]Hi-Potion Treasure Chest: 1st Floor
[ ]Peace Ring Treasure Chest: 2nd Floor
*Hidden Area passage - Near the bottom right corner.
[ ]Ether Treasure Chest: 2nd Floor
[ ]Mithril Rod Treasure Chest: 2nd Floor
[ ]Mithril Dagger Treasure Chest: 2nd Floor

Leave the Wind Temple and use the airship to fly to the forest area north of Anchiem. Land in the lake and enter the small house.

[edit] Yulyana Woods Needleworks

Speak to Yulyana for an event scene. Rest for the night and before you leave, you can purchase new equipment from the fox or even buy items from the Adventurer based on your current progress on rebuilding Norende Village.

Item Shop Cost
Potion 20 PQ
Hi-Potion 150 PQ
Phoenix Down 100 PQ
Antidote 10 PQ
Eye Drops 20 PQ
Echo Herbs 25 PQ
Teleport Stone 100 PQ
Magic Shop Cost
Cure 200 PQ
Poisona 200 PQ
Blindna 200 PQ
Fire 200 PQ
Blizzard 200 PQ
Thunder 200 PQ
Equipment Shop Cost Cost
Mythril Sword 1000 PQ Mythril Helm 600 PQ
Mythril Axe 1200 PQ Mythril Armor 400 PQ
Mythril Spear 900 PQ Mythril Plate 1000 PQ
Mythril Rod 750 PQ Tabby Suit 700 PQ
Mythril Staff 600 PQ Tiger Mask 850 PQ
Mythril Dagger 700 PQ Cat-Ear Hood 222 PQ
Mythril Bow 850 PQ Mythril Gloves 200 PQ
Mythril Knuckle 500 PQ Mythril Bangle 150 PQ
Mythril Shield 600 PQ Mage Shell 300 PQ
White Cape 500 PQ Clothespin 100 PQ

Go to the cave in the southwest location, not the one that is directly west.

[edit] Vestment Cave

In this dungeon you will encounter enemies that can use ability to confuse your allies. Its best to finish off each monster quickly to avoid difficulties.

[ ]Hi-Potion Treasure Chest: 1st Floor
[ ]Phoenix Down Treasure Chest: 1st Floor
[ ]500 PQ Treasure Chest: B1 Floor
[ ]Luminous Robe Treasure Chest: B1 Floor *Blue Chest
[ ]Remedy Treasure Chest: B1 Floor
[ ]Mage Shell Treasure Chest: B2 Floor
[ ]Echo Herbs Treasure Chest: B2 Floor
[ ]Ether Treasure Chest: B2 Floor
[ ]1000 PQ Treasure Chest: B2 Floor
[ ]Teleport Stone Treasure Chest: B2 Floor

When you reach to the 3rd floor, you should find a Adventurer. Save your game before you go to the next area, because there will be a boss right just ahead.

Boss Battle Health HP Stolen Item Item Drop
Dragon Norm: 6000
Hard: 10125
Dragon Fang /
Spike Knuckle
Thunder Amulet
The Dragon is one of the easiest boss battles in Bravely Default. The Dragon is immune to fire magic and relies on only physical attacks. Just stick to the basic on keeping your HP UP and exchange attacks and the Dragon will be defeated in no time.

Now that you got the Rainbow Thread, leave the dungeon and go back to Yulyana. Watch the event, and rest for the night. Head back to the Wind temple.

Before you go to the Crystal Room, save your game as there is boss ahead.

Boss Battle Health HP Stolen Item Item Drop
Ultros (Ice) Norm: 4000
Hard: 6750
Antarctic wind
Antarctic wind
Antarctic wind
Ultros (Fire) Norm: 4000
Hard: 6750
Bomb Fragment
Bomb Crank
Bomb Fragment
Ultros has two heads, one is ice and the other one is fire. The ice head does very high damage to a single target, while the fire head will do damage that hit all allies. Focus on taking out one of the first, because this boss hits very hard. If your gear is poor at this point of the game, I suggest having two White Mage to heal support your party.

Once you have defeated Ultros, you are prompt to shine the crystal again. Just rapidly press the X button until Airy tells you to stop. You will also gain an additional support point. Now return back to Lakrika and watch the event. Leave the city for another event.

You can now unlock the Time Mage and Magic Swordsman class. For more info read section 4 or use the search code [SQ02].

Leave Anchiem and enter your airship to see an event. Your airship will be broken, so you will have to travel everywhere on foot. So go to the forest on the east.

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