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At the training course, simply hold the left stick to move and input the right button commands (tap X, RightStick-up, RightStick-down, tap Triangle, lower the controller).

During the close combat training, all you need to know is that the movements all relate to the Right Analog Stick, which you need to move in the direction of which Jodie (not your enemy) is moving. If she moves to the left, move the Right Analog Stick to the left. If she moves down, move the Right Stick down, etc. Be sure to win the fight and take as few hits as possible (less than 5) so you can get a trophy at the end of this chapter.

During stealth tactics, hold X to take cover. Whenever targets can be shot, the R1 icon will appear over them; press this button to fire. Move to the next two cover locations and shoot the two targets up ahead. Take cover behind the sand bags in the middle of the room and shoot the target, then peek over (with the Left Analog Stick Up) and jump over with X, then shoot the final target.

Solving math has never been so easy! Hold R1 and press RightStick-down, RightStick-left, RightStick-right, RightStick-up. In the next scene, remove the barrels with Aiden's powers. Taking away the lower barrels speeds things up a little.

The next fight requires you - again - to move Jodie in the direction she's already prepared to move in, and you do this with the Right Analog Stick:

Left, Right, Right, Right, Right, Down, Right, Left, Left

The physical training course shouldn't be too hard for you at this point, but be sure to correctly input the button commands; if you (nearly) perfectly complete the course (along with the previous phyical course) you'll get a trophy at the end of this chapter (Perfect Soldier).

The yoga and physical training sessions are self-explanatory, but the healing system is new. You'll have to balance the two orbs with Aiden to .. aid Jodie. Let's keep it at that and make no jokes about it whatsoever.

Another physical combat session awaits. By now you should've gotten the hang of it; effectively block and attack by moving Jodie further in the direction she's already slowly moving towards. If you win this session (along with the previous ones) with less than 5 hits, you get the Fight Apprentice trophy.

The final stealth tactics part is fairly important to do right, since you can score a trophy if you're not seen at all. To pull this off, hold X to move behind the sandbags up ahead and switch to Aiden. Make some noise by hitting the nearby barrels, and switch back to Jodie, who can take out the soldier with Square when he gets close enough. Move further by leaning in and holding cross. When leaning against the yellow container, stealthily take out the guard coming around the corner, then take cover behind the container and the sandbags respectively to take out the next guard

The last two guards can be dealt with as follows. Switch to Aiden and dispatch the one standing on top of the container. Make some noise by hitting the nearby barrels to distract the guard and move towards the red flag. Alternatively you can take him out.

Depending on how well you performed, you will get the following trophies:

  • Bronze Trophy [Perfect Soldier]: Nearly perfectly complete the physical training courses.
  • Bronze Trophy [Fight Apprentice]: Win the physical combat fights and take less than five hits.
  • Bronze Trophy [Stealth Apprentice]: Don't be seen during the stealth session.
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