After the two cutscenes you'll be able to control little Jodie. Get up by pushing the right analog stick up; you can now optionally explore the rooms and do the following whenever you see a white orb. All you need to do is push the right analog stick in the direction of these orbs to interact with the environment.

You can grab the doll, sit on the bed, inspect the door on the left leading to the bathroom, inspect the drawings in the other room (hold X), watch a unique cartoon on TV (hold X), or jam on the guitar (move controller down). You can also inspect the monitors in the first hall before opening the door.

Exit the rooms and proceed through the hall, making your way to the experiment room. Answer any way you like, then press Triangle to take control of Aiden, a ghost connected to Jodie. You can move freely through walls, so why don't you take a look in the control room? You can 'tap' your friendly experimenters on the back and even take control of the guy in the back (who has an orange aura around him instead of a blue one). Be sure to check underneath the desk in the corner of this monitoring hall for a [BLUE ORB] which unlocks a bonus in the main menu. There are more of these scattered throughout the game.

The Experiment.jpg

To continue with the experiment, float inside the other room and look at the card the woman is holding up. Press triangle again to switch back to Jodie and use the left analog stick to move between cards and select the one you saw. Do this for three cards in total, then start moving objects in the other room, and in Jodie's room when she starts to scream. Everything that has an orb can be interacted with; when you're done, move to the lady and attempt to kill her to end this chapter.

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