There are essentially two ways to play this chapter. The first option is easiest as you would just be lazy and don't pay much attention to whatever Ryan may think of you. The second option is harder because you'll want to impress Ryan and thus have to do quite a bit of work first. Both options (at least, the right configurations of them) grant you a trophy. You'll get an additional trophy if you 'sleep with' (shag) Ryan.

The easy option is to order a pizza, wearing something casual and just go watch some television. The harder option requires you to clean the apartment (that means video games, books, laundry, trash), cook a meal (Asian Beef works fine), take a shower, get dressed (wear the elegant dress) and put on some music (next to the TV; how about romantic?). When Jodie thinks Ryan is early, open the door but do NOT go outside; it's Aiden playing games and otherwise you'd lose some valuable time.

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