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Apr 26, 2014

Oct 08, 2013

  • Main Page; (+494) leochan
  • Briefing - Dragon's Hideout; (+2158) tekmosis (Created page with "During the briefing, converse in any way you like. The mission itself is quite long. In the icy village, use Aiden to spot a house on the far left side of the area, where th...")
  • Template:Table of Contents; (-1) tekmosis
  • Template:Table of Contents; (+31) tekmosis
  • Controls and Basics; (0) tekmosis (Moved content to main page)
  • Main Page; (+999) tekmosis
  • Hunted; (+33) tekmosis
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  • Welcome To The CIA; (+26) tekmosis
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  • The Experiment; (+29) tekmosis
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  • Template:Table of Contents; (+26) tekmosis
  • File:Controls.jpg; (0) tekmosis
  • Black Sun; (+1940) tekmosis (Created page with "Walk up to Ryan and converse however you wish, then follow Cole to Nathan's new office. He's one of the higher ups now. Converse however you wish and help him with his reque...")
  • Template:Table of Contents; (0) tekmosis
  • Template:Table of Contents; (+2) tekmosis
  • Hauntings; (+153) tekmosis (Created page with "In this short chapter, get out of bed and follow the ghost through the halls until you reach an office. Here, do some channeling work to trigger a scene.")
  • Old Friends - Norah; (+1104) tekmosis (Created page with "During the 'Old Friends' scene, converse however you wish. The Norah part is clearly much longer. To get inside the hospital, first ask the employee behind the desk, then ...")
  • Template:Table of Contents; (+2) tekmosis
  • The Mission; (+5041) tekmosis (Created page with "After several scenes you'll be dropped off by a helicopter. You've learned more than enough by now to know how to take out enemies. Getting to your objective (first a hotel,...")
  • Night Session; (+219) tekmosis (Created page with "Walk around the room and look at the drawing board, then speak to Nathan and fetch the book in the other room. Switch to Aiden to collect the [BLUE ORB] in the corner of thi...")
  • The Dinner; (+915) tekmosis (Created page with "There are essentially two ways to play this chapter. The first option is easiest as you would just be lazy and don't pay much attention to whatever Ryan may think of you. Th...")
  • Separation; (+641) tekmosis (Created page with "Select any of the three objects you want to know more about and channel it; the others will have to wait for another playthrough. After this walk around the room, drink some...")
  • Navajo; (+3061) tekmosis (Created page with "Keep walking down the road and make some attempts at hitchhiking until Jodie sits down on a large rock. When she reaches the farm, enter the house on the left. Sit down at t...")
  • Alone; (+208) tekmosis (Created page with "In this short scene you basically only have the option to either leave Philip alone or to strangle him, which respectively awards the 'Sorry' and 'Not My Father' trophies, s...")
  • Like Other Girls; (+1527) tekmosis (Created page with "Walk around your apartment and sit on your bed, sob in your pillow, grab your guitar in the living room (near the mirrored glass) and jam on it. Move to the corner of the li...")
  • First Night; (+953) tekmosis (Created page with "First of all, switch to Aiden and enter the hall in which Cole is monitoring Jodie. Near the cabinet at the end of this hall, close to Cole, you can find a [BLUE ORB]. Gr...")
  • Homeless; (+3545) tekmosis (Created page with "Walk down the street and make a phone call, then continue a little further until Jodie collapses. Keep the entities off Jodie, then move closer to the bum and interact with ...")
  • The Condenser; (+3045) tekmosis (Created page with "Get out of the car and enter the building. First explore the area as Aiden; you can find a [BLUE ORB] in the room to the initial upper right; look for the (white) dot. As...")
  • My Imaginary Friend; (+1219) tekmosis (Created page with "Move Jodie through the house and interact with objects if you wish. Ask for some cookies in the kitchen and have Aiden reach for the jar. Alternatively Aiden can mess with t...")
  • Hunted; (+2772) tekmosis (Created page with "This chapter has two different courses, one for when you (repeatedly) goof up, and one for when you play along and do everything right. It's advisable to choose one of the t...")
  • Welcome To The CIA; (+3441) tekmosis (Created page with "At the training course, simply hold the left stick to move and input the right button commands (tap X, RightStick-up, RightStick-down, tap Triangle, lower the controller). ...")
  • First Interview; (+748) tekmosis (Created page with "As Aiden, interacti with the chair first, then move through the wall on your intial right to reach the hall. You can find a [BLUE ORB] here on the left side, although you ca...")
  • The Party; (+1502) tekmosis (Created page with "Enter the house and get introduced to the others. When you have to pick some music, walk to the stereo in the corner and make a choice that's cancelled out anyway. When the ...")
  • The Embassy; (+1966) tekmosis (Created page with "Answer whatever you like; if you don't answer at all you'll get the shy option automatically (which also cancels the other options). When you gain control there is very litt...")
  • The Experiment; (+1902) tekmosis (Created page with "After the two cutscenes you'll be able to control little Jodie. Get up by pushing the right analog stick up; you can now optionally explore the rooms and do the following wh...")
  • Template:Table of Contents; (0) tekmosis
  • Template:Table of Contents; (+401) tekmosis (Created page with "* [[The Experiment]] * [[The Embassy]] * [[The Party]] * [[First Interview]] * [[Welcomg To The CIA]] * [[Hunted]] * [[My Imaginary Friend]] * [[The Condenser]] * Ho...")

Oct 07, 2013