Keep walking down the road and make some attempts at hitchhiking until Jodie sits down on a large rock. When she reaches the farm, enter the house on the left. Sit down at the table and have some dinner; converse any way you like, then follow Jay to your room. Undress and put on your pajamas. When Jodie wakes up in the middle of the night, try to leave the room, then walk to the corner and inspect the bowl of water and the ash on the ground. Go back to sleep by holding R1 and L1 for quite a few seconds.

In the morning head to the living room and drink some coffee, then go outside and help with all sorts of tasks. Get some water from the pump and bring this to the sheep, then get a stack of hay from the barn (use Aiden to speed this up - you don't even need to climb the ladder). At lunch, converse however you wish. Afterwards head over to Jay and approach the horse slowly; whenever it rears, stop your movement and wait for it to calm down, then slowly proceed. Switch to Aiden and move Ashkii to the enclosure. After this take a shower behind the barn. Full nakie time? Nope!

When everyone's done dining, go outside and prepare for another interactive cutscene in which you'll have to dodge objects and the storm entity's attacks. If you take only 2 hits (or less) you'll later receive the 'Not Just Stand' trophy at the end of the chapter, so do your best!

The next day follow Jay. Riding Ashkii is simply; R2 speeds up travel. When you reach the sheep, tell Jay the truth (it seems natural if you want to start at least one romance, which is part of a trophy). After this, ride Ashkii to the windmill and have Aiden fix it. Walk towards the small building covered with earth nearby and go inside. Inspect the necklace and head outside; be sure to avoid the horse in the interactive moment (move left).

Travel to the rocky hills in the distant after this and go through/underneath them. Follow the road to soon reach some ruins. Switch to Aiden and look for objects to channel (such as a sword or gun); after finding two of them, continue down the road until you reach the tree from your dreams (Jodie will mention something about it so you'll know you've found it). Switch to Aiden and interact with the ground to make Jodie dig up artefacts from the Navajo.

Ride back to the ranch (the storm is already appearing near it). Head back inside. Even though the game feels like you need to hurry, if you are going for the Saved All trophy, go back to Paul's room and heal him with Aiden BEFORE speaking to Shimasani and channel the medallion while paying close attention to the pattern drawn in the sand; you'll soon need to redraw this.

Back outside, collect the wood, gasoline and a stick, then draw the correct pattern in the sand (it's the 'man' figure with five lines/ends). Use Aiden as fifth soul, then kick the entity back to the other realm.

After this, follow Jay and stand next to him and Cory to bury their loved ones. Be sure to collect a nearby [BLUE ORB] after this near the rocks on the left side of the area. You'll also need to climb the rocky mountain to enter a cave before which you saw a Navajo ghost standing. Be sure to kiss Jay at the end of the chapter to ensure the 'Never Alone' trophy.

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