Move Jodie through the house and interact with objects if you wish. Ask for some cookies in the kitchen and have Aiden reach for the jar. Alternatively Aiden can mess with the chairs. Head upstairs and go to your father's office. Before entering you can pick up the phone and play with it. You can annoy your father by entering and interacting with an object in the room as Aiden. Leave and go inside the bedroom. You can knock down the box on top of the closet and channel it to learn more about Jodie's parents. Around this time her mom will ask a favor of her.

Head down and enter the garage to fetch the bottle of oil. After this you're allowed to play outside in the backyard. Put on your jacket and shoes and head outside. As Aiden, interact with some of the things in the yard until you hear children playing behind the fence. Be naughty and go out on the streets to play with them by knocking out one of the planks as Aiden. If you want to collect a trophy you'll need to hit the kids with a snowball for a total of three times; this awards the 'My Imaginary Friend' trophy.

Strangle the annoying kid and you'll have to go back inside. You'll get to overhead their conversation as Aiden and then go to sleep.

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