[edit] Introduction

Welcome to the unofficial Beyond: Two Souls walkthrough! Quantic Dream's interactive-drama-meets-action-adventure will follow 15 years of the life of Jodie Holmes (voiced by Ellen Page), a woman born with mysterious psychic powers and the ability to communicate with a supernatural entity she calls "Aiden" (Eye-den).

Her journey will not be a quiet one, as Jodie in her adult years lives on the run from CIA agents who had been leveraging her unique abilities on overseas missions as a soldier. Jodie will now need to put all her training to use in order to evade capture as a fugitive.

The player will control both Jodie and Aiden throughout the game during the interactive portions; refer to the controls below for further details and mechanics. Some actions can even reward you with Trophies for your PSN profile; we'll make special note of these where appropriate.

Note that while we have endeavored to avoid directly spoiling the cutscenes and dialogue for you, be mindful that the summary of events for each chapter will still shed some insight into the course of events.

[edit] Controls and Basics


Movement in Beyond is done with the left analog stick. Whenever white dots appear on screen, move the right analog stick in their direction to interact with the environment.

Jodie can switch to her entity Aiden almost at any time if you press triangle. As Aiden you can move around freely and do, well, nothing most of the time. You can sometimes interact with objects by holding L1 plus the analog sticks down. At other times you can take down enemies or control them by respectively pulling the analog sticks towards the middle, or pulling them away from each other.

In interactive cutscenes, such as physical combat, you will usually have to use the right analog stick whenever the game slows down. It is important to always watch how JODIE is moving, and in which direction she is moving in. The controls you execute enforce her movement, in other words, if she is moving left, you will have to push the right analog stick to the left, and so on.

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