Casefile Reports are crime scene investigations that are included in the main story and are available as optional missions. During these missions, Batman will have to set up a crime scene with the evidence scanner from the start then find and scan evidence. Evidence will always appear with a red arrow over it as it points down toward the evidence. After gaining a certain amount of evidence, Batman will use the batcomputer to reconstruct the crime scene. While the crime scene is reconstructed, a player will sometimes be able to fast forward and rewind the crime scene with the two shoulder buttons on the controller in order to find more evidence. Cycling through a crime scene will often reveal other objects that can help out for solving the current casefile.

[edit] Coventry Tower Deathtrap

Location: Coventry (north portion of Coventry Tower)
Case Type: Manslaughter
Victim: David Shannon, technician
Summary: This tower malfunction is not from storm damage.

This case takes place in the GCR Tower Control Room when Batman stops at the Coventry Comms Tower shortly after the beginning of the game after he leaves Blackgate Prison and the Batcave afterwards. This casefile is a part of the main story. If you want more information then look at the walkthrough for story mode.

[edit] Lacey Tower Murders

Location: Coventry - Lacey Towers
Case Type: Double homicide
Victim: Unknown
Summary: The police believe the Penguin murdered Black Mask.

Like the Coventry Tower Deathtrap casefile, this casefile is a part of the main story. Batman will have to head to Lacey Towers after hearing about the murder there from Penguin in the Final Offer vessel. See the walkthrough for more information about this casefile.

[edit] Helicopter Crash

Location: The Bowery (west side)
Case Type: Murder
Victim: Unknown
Summary: I witnessed a helicopter crash; looking for survivors.

This casefile first comes available later in the game when Batman makes his way to the Gotham Pioneers Bridge in order to pick up Electrocutioner's electromagnetic signature. Alfred will call him and inform him of a nearby disturbance. The disturbance is a Crime Scene case file that will be labeled as "S.O.S. Broadcast" and it will be located in western portion of The Bowery district. This casefile is actually the beginning of Deadshot's Most Wanted mission. I'll go ahead and list out the information for the casefile portion of this mission, but be sure to check out Deadshot's Most Wanted mission for all information concerning this mission.

Once Batman gets in the building in the western portion of The Bowery district where the SOS broadcast marker leads him, a cutscene will play as he gets close to the flare on the west side of the top walkway. A helicopter will crash. Glide down to the northeast portion of the building and walk over to the burning helicopter to search for survivors. Batman will have to set up a crime scene near the burning wreckage. Tap L1 to use the evidence scanner like usual then scan the body of the swat team member near the wreckage. Batman will reconstruct some of the crime scene. He concludes that the pilot died from impact and not the initial blast. Grapple back up to the walkway where the flare was found. Walk over to the piece of the building sign along the north railing of the building and scan it. Batman will reconstruct the crime scene further.

Now Batman must find the tail rotor. Walk over to the southern portion of the building rooftop to find the tail of the helicopter and scan it. After reconstruction, Batman will conclude that the tail rotor was hit with some sort of object. Walk back over to the portion of the roof where the piece of the sign is and rewind the crime scene up until the point when the gunshot hits the tail rotor on the helicopter. Look down toward the laser on the building below to see that the shot came from the bottom building to the northeast. Stop the evidence scanner and glide down to that building. Batman will find a body of a swat member along with a gun. Turn on the evidence scanner and scan the body. It turns out the swat team member and the helicopter rotor were all taken down with the same shot. Batman will make it to where the gunshot's point of origins can be seen. Follow that laser to its destination!

The shot's point of origin is a small tower in the southeast that is above the southwest portion of the Hat Shop in The Bowery district. Get up on the tower and use the evidence scanner to scan the bullet shell on the tower. Batman will find some numbers on the bullet casing - 4-5-6, 3-2-6. He will pull out his cryptographic sequencer. Match up the numbers so that 456 is horizontal and 326 is vertical - or just highlight the glowing section - then decode the broadcast. Deadshot will speak to Batman over the radio and this crime scene will be fully solved.

[edit] Jezebel Plaza Fall

Location: The Bowery - Jezebel Center (northeast portion)
Case Type: Murder
Victim: Unknown
Summary: A 187 in The Bowery, reports the victim appears to have fallen from a nearby building.

Go to the northeast portion of the Bowery district and find the glass ceiling of the alley below. There is a hole in the glass ceiling - fall through it to reach the crime scene area. Batman will find a dead body in a body bag. It appears that the victim fell from the rooftop and landed in the alley below. Turn on the evidence scanner and scan the body. Batman will identify the victim as Bryan Murphy, an account manager at the nearby bank. Scan the middle portion of the body to learn more.

The crime scene will be reconstructed up to the man falling. Batman will want to scan the rooftop afterwards, so grapple up to the building balcony on the east side of the area. The railing is broken and there is a streak near the railing - scan the streak. Batman needs to find the briefcase that the man had. Rewind the crime scene until the briefcase is shown flying out of the man's hands then glide down to the air duct that stretches along the side of the building below the broken railing. The briefcase is on the air duct - activate the evidence scanner then scan the briefcase. Batman will find two sets of fingerprints on the briefcase. One belongs to the victim and the other belongs to Robert Haynes. Batman will contact Alfred and ask him to dig up information on Robert's current location.

Objective: Apprehend Suspect

Check on your map to find the marker for the suspect. Robert is in the west portion of the Diamond District. Batman will pick up a radio conversation of the suspect as he makes it to the building where he is located. The suspect is with five other thugs, so fall down to the building they are on and knock them all out. The suspect will be highlighted with a white glow. Interrogate the suspect after the battle. Batman will get the truth from him and this casefile report will be considered closed.

[edit] Dixon Docks Shooting

Location: Amusement Mile - Dixon Docks
Case Type: Murder
Victim: Unknown
Summary: According to the police report, the victim died from a single gunshot wound to the chest.

The Dixon Docks are in the southeast portion of the Amusement Mile district. The body bag for this mission has a spotlight next to it and its on a rooftop. Activate the evidence scanner and scan the body. Batman will identify the man as Owen Grant, an investigative journalist - Batman actually knows this person somewhat from an interview. The camera strap around his neck is broken and Batman needs to find the rest of it. Scan the streak in the snow beside the body. After reconstructing some of the crime scene, Batman will see that the victim crawled forward while on the ground after getting shot. Scan the blood on the railing near the streaks.

Further reconstruction will show that Grant was hunched over on the side of the building and was taking pictures of someone below as he got shot. The reconstruction will lead to the location of the camera. Rewind or fast forward up until the point where the body of the victim hits the ground to see the camera fly out of the victim's hands and land behind the slanted portion of the roof nearby. Walk over to the camera and scan it. Batman will send the data from the camera to Alfred and Alfred will identify the man in the picture as Chucky Berks and send Batman the suspect's last known location.

Objective: Apprehend Suspect

Chucky is currently in the western portion of the Diamond District, so fast travel there now. Chucky is with five other thugs on a rooftop - be sure to take care of any nearby snipers that could mess this battle up. Fall down and knock them all out then interrogate Chucky. Chucky definitely gives up easy and admits what happened very quickly. Case closed.

[edit] Coventry Fire

Location: Coventry (northwest portion)
Case Type: Murder
Victim: Unknown
Summary: Dispatch got a call. Fire's almost out. They have a body. Cause of death currently unknown.

Glide to the northwest portion of the Coventry district and watch for an alley with a body bag in it behind some barricades and buildings. Start out by scanning the body of the victim as usual. Batman will identify the victim as Alex Cane, a small-time arms dealer that works with The Penguin. The victim died from a gunshot wound to the heart, not the actual fire. Scan the blood splatter near the body. Batman concludes that the killer shot the victim from close range as he reconstructs the crime scene - a possible deal gone bad. Scan the black surface near the blood. Batman will mention that the fire must have been caused by the victim's incendiary grenade. Rewind the crime scene while looking to the east section of the alley. It seems the killer made his way over the wall after the shooting.

Grapple over the wall to the north and scan the streak on the wall beside the fallen ladder. The killer made his way up the ladder by jumping off the wall to the side. Rewind the crime scene while watching the killer. The ladder breaks as he climbs it. Scan the fallen portion of the ladder when the red icon appears over it. Batman will scan the fingerprints on the ladder and identify them as belonging to Qing Lu, one of Penguin's top hit men. Batman thinks he might be able to find the suspect at the docks.

Objective: Apprehend Suspect

Go to the Final Offer vessel in the east portion of the Amusement Mile district and glide out onto the boat. Qing Lu is a martial artist and he is talking with a group of five thugs as Batman arrives. Knock out all the thugs and then interrogate the suspect. Qing Lu admits to having killed off Alex Cane during the interrogation and this case will be closed soon after.

[edit] Burnley Hit and Run

Location: Burnley (street in front of Gotham Police Dept.)
Case Type: Murder
Victim: Unknown
Summary: Officer Meyer reported a hit and run just outside the GCPD precinct.

Travel to the Burnley district. This crime scene is a hit and run right outside of the GCPD building. Glide to the GCPD building then move to the east side of the front of the building. Start out by scanning the body to identify the victim as Nate Ramo, a member of the swat division at the GCPD. Scan the blood splatter out in the snow to reconstruct the crime scene a bit. The blood splatter is actually the spot that he hit while flying away from the vehicle. Scan the blood splatter closer to the entrance of the GCPD - this was the area where Ramo was first hit. Watch the crime scene while rewinding it and watch for the streak on the wall of the railing across from the barricade near the body.

Hop across the barricade then scan the streak where the car hit the side of the wall below the railing. The car has a specific paint that narrows down the type of car that it was and the possible owner. Batman concludes that the suspect's name is John DeMarco from the same swat unit. It's time to find DeMarco now.

Objective: Apprehend Suspect

DeMarco is up on the rooftop of a building to the east of where Batman finds the streak of paint along the wall. He appears to be very sure of himself in the way he talks and the fact that he is so very close to the GCPD building still. Three other swat team members are along with him. One of the swat team members carries a shield and DeMarco himself has armor on. Fight off the swat team then interrogate DeMarco. The case will be closed.

[edit] Amusement Mile Mauling

Location: Amusement Mile - Gotham City Casino
Case Type: Murder
Victim: Unknown
Summary: Body, mid 30's, no witnesses, injuries consistent with repeated blunt force trauma.

Well, naturally with the title name, you already know what district this is in, but I'll humor you anyway - go to the north side of the Amusement Mile district. This crime scene is on a platform to the north of the Gotham Casino entrance, so watch for the orange sign on the casino. Start out by scanning the body - the victim's name is Matthew Kadai and it seems he died from one massive blow instead of the multiple strikes that the police claimed. Scan the blood near the body to reconstruct some of the crime scene. It seems he was struck by some type of projectile. Watch the victim while rewinding the crime scene to see that the object hit the victim and then broke the railing behind him then fell to the street below. Man, this guy got a freaking air condition thrown at him!

Hop down to the street and scan the air condition unit in the corner. The prints on the air condition belong to Andrew Carter. Batman will contact Alfred about his current location after having gotten out of Blackgate Prison. Alfred will send him a location that will appear on Batman's map.

Objective: Apprehend Suspect

The suspect is located in the western portion of the Park Row district. Andrew is the venom user in the crowd of thugs as Batman comes across the suspect's location - he is standing on the street along with five other thugs. Drop down and kick some ass. A special takedown cannot be used on the suspect, so you'll just have to hit him with a cape stun and beatdown or counter his attacks. It's best to quickly finish off the other thugs then focus on the venom user for this battle. Interrogate the suspect afterwards to make him spill the beans and then this case will be closed.

[edit] Crime Alley Shootings

Location: Park Row (behind Monarch Theater)
Case Type: Double homicide
Victim: Unknown
Summary: Two victims in Park Row, both shot dead. I know them.

The final casefile hits close to home for our hero and is easily the best for those wanting story that relates to Batman. This crime scene involves two victims and the murder scene is behind the Monarch Theater in the Park Row district - the same place where Thomas and Martha Wayne were gunned down. Glide to the southeast corner of the Park Row district and fall into the alley with the body bags. Batman mentions right away that he knows them. Start out by scanning the first body. The first victim is Horice Riley, heir to the Riley mining empire. He still has his valuables. Scan the second body to identify the body as Clarissa Rodriguez, Riley's recent wife. She still has her valuables too which shows that this wasn't a robbery.

Scan the blood splatter near the male victim. The scene will show the killer shoot both of the victims. Batman needs to find the a possible bullet casing now. Rewind the reconstructed crime scene and watch the killer. One of the casings from his bullets fell into the nearby air duct. MAKE SURE to rewind or fast forward the crime scene until the vent cover turns orange then turn off the evidence scanner and tear off the vent cover and then scan the bullet casing. Batman will find prints on the casing. He will immediately identify the killer as Ian Chase and then contact Alfred for his current location.

Objective: Apprehend Suspect

The suspect's location is in the south portion of the Industrial District. This area is behind the Steel Mill so grapple up to the Steel Mill then fall to the back portion of the building. Ian can be heard over radio while Batman makes way to him and the cause for killing the couple is made obvious. Ian is with five other thugs, so drop down and knock them out. Interrogate Ian afterwards to close the case. The interrogation is quite nice and shows off the amount of willpower in Bruce's style of catching criminals (not killing them).

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