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[edit] Introduction

Welcome to Neoseeker's unofficial walkthrough for Batman: Arkham Origins! This is the prequel to the Arkham Asylum and Arkham City titles from Rocksteady which redefined licensed Batman video games. Arkham Origins is a new take on the origins of Batman, as the game takes place on Christmas Eve in Gotham City before the Dark Knight becomes (in)famous.

Not that Batman won't have his hands full as Arkham Origins will continue to draw from the comic's famous rogue gallery of supervillains, many not seen in video games before! A younger Batman will need all his skills to survive, and we're here to help share the knowledge in how to become the World's Greatest (asskicking) Detective.

[edit] Gotham City

Players take the role of Batman himself as he explores and battles his way through the Gotham City streets. Get those bat senses tingling using Batman's "Detective Vision" to uncover crime scenes both large and small, then investigate them with the help of the Batcomputer back at the Batcave. The Batcomputer attempts to recreate the crime, allowing Batman to view the events through a controllable timeline in search of possible clues. Some events may even link to other crimes.

Batman's various gadgets and vehicles will aid you when you need to take down thugs and their strongholds throughout the city. Some strongholds need to be overcome in order for Batman to progress and access new areas. In addition to advancing the main story, players can also undertake side missions including:

  • Crime in Progress

Lend a helpling hand to the Gotham City Police Department (GCPD), backing up beleaguered police officers, rescuing informants, and of course kicking some criminal ass. Completing these will improve Batman's reputation with the GCPD.

  • Most Wanted

In addition to surviving the assassins out for a piece of Black Mask's bounty on Batman's head, Batman must also investigate and stop the schemes of various other criminals including the Penguin and the mysterious Anarky.

[edit] Batman

Billionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne lies behind Batman's cape and cowl as he ever did, and in Arkham Origins he's out to bring a new brand of vigilante justice to a city plagued by crime at the hands of some very dangerous criminals. As Batman, players will utilize his mastery of both martial arts and technological wizardry to overcome waves of opponents through skill, stealth and good old improvisation. Batman will also have access to his customized tools of the trade including the mysterious Batwing.

It isn't long before Batman gets a piece of the action; in addition to being wanted by the Gotham City Police Department, Gotham's crime lord Black Mask has issued a $10 million bounty to any assassin who can kill him!

[edit] Black Mask

Taking his name from the dark skull-like mask he wears, Black Mask is currently the most powerful criminal in Gotham City. Behind the mask is none other than Roman Sionis, head of Janus Cosmetics, and his incredible wealth and resources allow him to deal with anyone who attempts to bring him to justice. The Black Mask's sizable bounty on Batman attracts the attention of several skilled assassins.

[edit] The Assassins

Killer Croc

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