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One of the best

The good:

Graphics, gameplay, reality, variety, adrenaline rush.

The bad:

Not much actually


I havent seen any user reviews for this game which is surprisingly bad I beliave. In my opinion this is one of the best games ever made for Xbox racing titles. The role playing mode is unique and gives depth to the game which is not just a "get-in-and-drive" game. You start off by being tested from 3 teams trying to qualify for a contract to drive a 2wheel drive car. If and only if you are capable of doing that then you can participate in the championship and this is the best part!!! Only the good drivers can play this game not everyone at last. So this mode is challenging and keeps you pla...


An awesome-looking rally-game, that also plays well

The good:

Looks very, very good
Excellent sense of speed
Satisfying tracks
Nice damage-mode

The bad:

Some graphical glitches to cope with
Difficulty is rather easy


Graphics: Looks almost as good as a PS1 game, very realistic and detailed, making up for a few glitches.

Sound: The music is completely okay, nothing special in any way. Car-noises and other sound-effects are decent.

Gameplay: The handling is really good, track-design is pleasing, speed is high and the level of excitement is good. The number of cars is okay, but there is not a huge selection.

Lifespan: Takes a fair old while finishing, and time-trail also adds some hours to the lifespan.

Overall: The best GBA driving-game available, this is warmly recommended for all fans of the genre.


Near Perfect

The good:

Car Detail


V-Rally 3 is the third installment of the V Rally Series.

The very noticable thing about V-Rally 3 is when driving 1.6 FWD Cars you can realy feel the cars struggle for grip when taking off.

The Scenery is Magnificent and the Gameplay Godlike.

I would think this is Rallying Game of the Year 2k2

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