V-Rally 2: Need for Speed User Reviews


Awesome Rally Action

The good:

Some good wholesome rally action to be found in this game. Tons of gameplay modes to choose from and up to four people can play. The graphics are pretty solid and the cars are nice to. (Actual brand names). The loading times aren't a problem and the difficulty is fair.

The bad:

Takes up three blocks of memory to save your game. Freezes some times going into loading screens. Car physics are a little bit weird. Your car flips to easily and it cost major time.


If you want some good, clean rally fun for the playstation then this is an awesome game to get. With tons of modes to choose from and tons of cars and courses to unlock and a four player mode. This game delivers big time. From the Need For Speed series, which has made it's mark for auto racing and not really for Rally racing, this game brings to the table what the awesome need for speed games have in the past. This is solid action for a well known title. THE VERDICT: Buy this game. Except for if your not a huge Rally racing fan like me.

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