[edit] Background

Jack and Samuel, two loose cannon cops, are on the trail of a deadly gang who know how to handle guns as well as insidious Voodoo magic. The key to their success is being a perfectly coordinated and synchronized team. Gameplay is based on the fast, dynamic, teamwork of two characters. When one runs for shelter, the other gives covering fire. When Jack levitates an enemy out from cover with a Voodoo spell, his partner can shoot the enemy down. Voodoo Nights is fast, furious and visually impressive.

[edit] Gameplay

Voodoo Nights is a 'Buddy Game' concept. Two heroes offering the synergy well known from TV and movies brought to the video game for the first time!

At the core of gameplay is the fast coordination of two characters. Players directly control one character (they can switch between the two at any time) and can assign simple commands to the second character ("go here", "attack him", "cover me"). The controls are simple (just one point and click with context results).

Picture in picture greatly supports two-player gameplay, as a player can always see what both characters are looking at.

When a situation is really challenging, a player can use the DeadTime mode, which helps him to control his actions in slow motion mode.

Epic gunfights bring to mind Hollywood movies. The environment is destructible, with enemies utilizing the latest rag-doll physics. Big explosions are accentuated by camera and postproduction effects.

Billed as a shooter, the player has many options on how to solve gameplay situations.

[edit] Features

  • Fast and dynamic coordination of two characters
  • Breathtaking gunfighting experience
  • Different solutions to many gameplay situations
  • Spectacular VooDoo Magic
  • Picture in Picture view
  • Stunning DeadTime mode

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Release Dates
  • North America:
    • Q4 2004 (XBOX360)
    • Q4 2006 (PC)