Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise Cheats

Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise cheats, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise cheat codes.


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Unlockable Watering Cans
Rusty Watering Can (Free, get at start)
Tin Watering Can (225 coins at Costolot's General Store)
Gold Watering Can (750 coins at Costolot's General Store)
Glass Watering Can (1575 coins at Ivor Bargain)
Everpour 5000 Watering Can (2700 coins at Ivor Bargain)
One Pour Wonder (4125 coins at Ivor Bargain)
UnlockableHow to unlock
TinBuy from Costolot for 225 coins
GoldBuy from Costolot for 750 coins
GlassBuy from Ivor B. for 1575 coins (Does Not Run Out)
Everpour 5000Buy from Ivor B. for 2700 coins (Gives exactly enough water to plant)
One Pour WonderBuy from Ivor B. for 4125 coins (One pour gives exactly enough water to grow plant, great for trees, not for Sprinkling helpers.


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99999 chocolate coins
(u must have fetch'n gretchin) copy ur game. then sell all of ur stuff on the copied game. go to gretchin and choose the mail box buy a crate and put it in your garden. tap the crate, then tap the crate with money symbol and deposit all of the money u can. then send it ti the original game. repeat this hint/tip as many times as u need. p.s. u can only send three crates at a time.
Alternate Title Screen
Obtain a 100% completion in your file to get an alternate title screen featuring the Pinata Central. (Certificates do NOT count towards completion percentage)
Birthday Cake
When your Birthday has come (From the DS' Internal Clock), you will get a Birthday Cake. The Birthday cake has Romance and Happy Sweets, and you get a Dog Egg or a Cat Egg.
Building Faster
Ever wondered how to get those 60-second buildings to get built faster? Build them at night! No wait, keep reading. If you build everything at night, Willy Builder will fall asleep about halfway through the building he's working on. If you use the poke/tap function on your shovel and poke the side of the building crate a couple of times, Willy Builder will wake up and work twice as fast!!
To get a Candary, feed a Sparrowmint a Buttercup Flower.
How to catch a Jeli
When you get to level 7, a Jeli will appear. To get it to reside, you have to capture it. Don't waste you money on fencing it in. Instead, g out your trusty shovel and give him a big smack for good luck. He will be yours within seconds.

Now, to breed Jeli, you will have to clone it, as there can be only one per save file. I have submitted a cheat on how to clone Pinata, so don't fret if you don't know how.
Ivor Beggar
To unlock some rare items in Costalot's store, you first need to pay off the beggar.

First, he will need money. Pay him 1000 Choc Coins.

Next, he needs food. He will want some Milk (Moozipan), a slice of Carrot Cake (Carrot) and a Sandwich (Corn -> Bread -> Sandwich).

Then, he will finally need some wool (Goobaa) and a Jack o'Lantern (Pumpkin).

After about a Pinata Week, he will open up a store inside Costalot's Store.
He has rare stuff like the Gem Seed and the One-Pour Wonder.
To get a Reddhott, direct a Taffly towards a lit Firebrand and water it when it catches on fire.

*Easy Money Tip*
Tafflies are worth 600cc. However, Reddhotts are worth 2100cc. Use this tip to get you an easy profit, especially after you have got the Taffly Master Romancer.
Feed a Newtgat a chilli to evolve it into a Salamango.
Syrupent Evolution
First, romance two Syrupents. Then, when the egg lands, keep tapping it with the shovel until a green gas comes out of the egg. This will Hatch into a Twingersnap.

Now, romance two Twingersnaps. Tap the egg until a green gas comes out again. This will hatch into a Fourheads.
Taming Sour Crowla
Difficulty - **

Just feed the Sour a Bottle of Medicine (Honey) and have a birdbath in the garden.
Taming Sour Shellybeans
Difficulty - *

Just feed the Sour a Apple Seed.
Taming Sour Sherbats
Difficulty - *

Just feed the Sour a Jack O'Lantern (Made from a Pumpkin)


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Cloning Pinata's and Items! Easy!
This cheat will work as soon as you unlock the hunter, Gretcham Fetcham.

Ever needed more Pinata, but couldn't be bothered paying for them? Well, to do this you will need a save file to save it to. Get the pinata you want (eg. Whirlm). I want to clone a Whirlm. First, I get it in my garden and have it become Resident. Then, exit and go to options. Copy the save file. Go to the (Copied) save file and get a crate. Pack the Pinata, in this case, the Whirlm. Send it to your original save file. Go to the original save. Open the package after getting it from the hunter. Unpack the Whirlm. Now you have two Whirlm, or whichever Pinata you choose. Repeating the process above will get you four. It seems hard to master, but easy to pull off once you do!

This process will also work for multiple pinata at once, you will just have to buy more crates to pack them all in. It will also work for items, like apples and honey.