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wrote a user review for Corpse Party: Blood Drive (vita)


Corpse Party: Blood Drive is the third game in the Corpse Party series, taking place after the 90%...

It's Wednesday, which means Media Create's released their data for last week's video game sales in... posted Feb 03, 16 8:54am

We all knew it was coming, but the Force has awakened over at TT Games. Plans for TT's upcoming... posted Feb 02, 16 12:49pm

When Mighty No. 9 was delayed last August due to various bugs and issues with the game's online... posted Jan 25, 16 10:02am

Jan 24, 16 1:07pm
added 6 new screenshots to The Quiet Collection (vita)
Jan 22, 16 7:00am
added 4 new screenshots to Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth (vita)

It's a sad day for Capcom and Monster Hunter fans in Japan. After spending what seems like an... posted Jan 21, 16 10:05am

Jan 21, 16 9:51am
That awesome moment when you trigger enemy spawns and they get cut down by the turrets you already hacked. BioShock
Jan 16, 16 1:13pm
Having a security bot assist is nice, but that noise... BioShock

Monster Strike had another solid week at number two, continuing its trend from the last couple of... posted Jan 13, 16 12:09pm

2016's quite a year for the gaming industry. Not only is Pikachu celebrating his 20th birthday,... posted Jan 13, 16 10:28am

Back in July, Atlus announced an Odin Sphere remake would be coming to North America on PS4, PS3,... posted Jan 12, 16 11:11am