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Insanity Prevails
20 hours ago
Come on Re;birth2, Red needs more wifeys in the party. ;_; HyperdimensionNeptuniaReBirth2SistersGeneration PC

If the hardest Super Mario Maker levels prove too easy for you, Sony's got you covered if you own... posted Sep 30, 15 9:48am

Sep 28, 15 1:08pm
added 12 new screenshots to One Piece: Burning Blood (vita)

Japan loves Pokémon and Mario. The rest of the world does too. This week's Media Create data... posted Sep 25, 15 3:45pm

For a while it seemed as though Mighty No. 9 was nothing more than a pipe dream. The game was posted Sep 25, 15 2:49pm

Tokyo Game Show isn't for another couple of days, but that isn't stopping Sony from sharing their... posted Sep 15, 15 10:11am

Madden NFL 16 was well received by critics when it hit the field last month, and it would appear... posted Sep 11, 15 10:59am

Mark your calendar, Canadians. The Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo is coming to Ontario November... posted Sep 11, 15 9:19am

Sep 11, 15 9:17am
added 6 new screenshots to Super Meat Boy (vita)
Sep 05, 15 6:58am
Half way through… I think! ;-; DanganronpaAnotherEpisodeUltraDespairGirls PS Vita