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Summer Games Done Quick 2015 was an incredible spectacle for video game fans and more importantly... posted 16 hours ago

Mighty No. 9 has been delayed again. The spiritual successor to Capcom's Blue Bomber Mega Man was... posted 2 days ago

Jul 30, 15 3:45pm
added 3 cheats to Skullgirls: 2nd Encore (vita)
Jul 30, 15 3:35pm
added 18 new screenshots to Skullgirls: 2nd Encore (vita)

Atlus and Vanillaware's big surprise last week as a pleasant one, as Odin Sphere will be making a... posted Jul 24, 15 3:01pm

If you're a fan of female shinobis fighting on a beach in bikinis, look no further than Senran... posted Jul 28, 15 10:33am

Ciel Phantomhive
Jul 27, 15 10:47pm
added 3 new concept art to Dragon Quest Builders (vita)
Jul 24, 15 4:53am
added 3 new screenshots to Dragon Quest Builders (vita)
Jul 23, 15 2:56pm
added 29 new screenshots to Steins;Gate (vita)
Jul 22, 15 12:00pm
to Moon Hunters (vita)
Jul 20, 15 11:40am
added 16 new concept art to Ray Gigant (vita)

A Batmobile joyride through the mean streets of Gotham proved too hot a ticket to miss, as the NPD... posted Jul 16, 15 4:04pm

Jul 15, 15 9:54pm
added 14 new screenshots to Ray Gigant (vita)
Jul 14, 15 9:07pm
added 5 new screenshots to Jak and Daxter Collection (vita)
Jul 14, 15 4:56pm
added a cheat to Jak and Daxter Collection (vita)
Jul 10, 15 9:43am
added 10 new screenshots to Amnesia: Memories (vita)