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wrote a user review for Dragon's Crown (vita)


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Before considering buying this, please look up screens and art of the...

In case you forgot Mighty No. 9 was still a thing, it is. It's become a launch title for an... posted 2 days ago

Yo-Kai Sangokushi may have been the game to beat last week, but this week's Media Create data for... posted Apr 27, 16 8:12am

It's been a busy few days for GearBox. Not only did they confirm the obvious plans for a new... posted Apr 26, 16 7:32am

Apr 25, 16 2:40pm
That True End final boss was insane. Recovered HP almost as fast as I dished it out and had OHKO moves it could spam. HyperdimensionNeptunia≠ReBirth35Generation

It's kind of sad that this sort of thing even has to be confirmed, but Vault Hunters will be... posted Apr 25, 16 12:09pm

The Grim Reaper has gotten around this year. Whether it's taking music legends like Glenn Frey or... posted Apr 25, 16 10:55am

We've skipped a couple of weeks' worth of Media Create numbers, but Yo-Kai Sangokushi was on top... posted Apr 20, 16 12:39pm

Square Enix has revealed a few bonuses for fans who have already placed or plan on placing... posted Apr 17, 16 12:35pm

Shovel Knight is an overnight success story for Yacht Club Games. Ever since the game's launch on... posted Apr 15, 16 12:36pm

Apr 12, 16 11:28am
added 6 new screenshots to Salt and Sanctuary (vita)
Apr 12, 16 11:23am
added 93 new screenshots to Ray Gigant (vita)
Apr 08, 16 10:57am
added 14 new screenshots to Zero Time Dilemma (vita)

Another Wednesday means new Media Create data. Last week saw the release of Dark Souls III and a... posted Apr 06, 16 10:30am

After multiple delays following a successful crowdfunding campaign, Mighty No. 9's release window... posted Apr 05, 16 1:19pm