Virtual Hydlide FAQ/Walkthrough v3.0
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Virtual Hydlide FAQ/Walkthrough

by falsehead   Updated to v3.0 on
********************** VIRTUAL HYDLIDE: FAQ/WALKTHRU ********************

                Sega Saturn Action RPG; released 1995 UK (PAL)

                  FAQ/WALKTHRU (version 3.0) 20/10/2002

Author - falsehead (Sophie Cheshire). Contact me at

Copyright stuff; this is (c) Sophie Cheshire. If you wish to use this FAQ on
your website, feel free to do so under the following conditions. a) You email
me first and let me know where it will be appearing and b) you do not alter the
content in anyway (if you need to change the formatting slightly for display
purposes that's OK).

If I find out that any part of this FAQ has been lifted and used without credit
to me, especially if you use it to earn money, then I will be annoyed. I didn't
type all this up for the good of my health you know.

********************************* CONTENTS *****************************


a) The Plot
b) Controls
c) Menu Screens
d) Status Ailments
e) Levelling Up/Fighting
f) Understanding the Maps

a) Weapons
b) Armour/Shields
c) Tools/Rings/Scrolls/Potions
d) Quest Items
e) The "Points mean Prizes" Shop List
f) Enemies

a) Graveyard
b) Vampire Mansion
c) Trial Dungeon
d) Ruins
e) Volcanic Cave
f) Sealed Dungeon
g) Lost Castle
h) Fortress of Varalys



********************** 1) INTRODUCTION/REVISIONS ************************

INTRODUCTION - Virtual Hydlide, what can one say about this game?  It is widely
renowned as one of the lamest games ever to grace the Saturn.  Well yes it is,
but it is also in some very bizarre way quite enjoyable to play.  Although the
framerate sucks and the graphics are erm.. interesting it remains a brief but
pretty enjoyable hack n' slash/RPG hybrid.  So here is my FAQ for the game.  I
now know more about Virtual Hydlide than is healthy and if there are other fans
of this poor benighted game please email me, maybe we can form a support group


The latest version of this guide is always posted first at, if
you found this guide on another site please check gamefaqs to make sure you
have the latest updates before emailing me with any questions.  I may have
already answered it!

REVISIONS - Version 1.0 (12/06/2002). First Version.

Wrote up items lists, enemies and walkthrough. Intend to play the game through
a few more times to see if any unusual items show up.

Version 2.0 (7/7/2002). Second Version. Well, well, well.  I thought I would
get no emails about this guide, but I was wrong!  Virtual Hydlide fans are
appearing everywhere!  Anyway, this is an update to the first version.  I have
corrected some spelling errors, and added a couple more questions to the FAQ. 
Also a big thankyou to Dark Chojin, who submitted two items to the list that I
have not come across yet.  Scroll of Curse and Scroll of Fool. Cheers mate!

Version 3.0 (20/10/2002). Third Version.  Did a bit of correcting and added
some more questions to Ask Varalys.  Also added a small History of Hydlide
Games just to put the series in context.  And still the emails from you secret
Hydlide freaks continue, Huuzah!  Keep at it, and maybe we can start a lobby
for a 128bit Hydlide game as well!

************************* 2) PLAYING THE GAME ***************************


Virtual Hydlide has a pretty basic plot; here is the intro from the manual:

"Princess, Princess.  In the castle she walks, thinking of her kingdom and her
Hero.  She is to be Queen of the realm, and she has already chosen her consort.
 You are the bravest and most loyal subject in the realm. It is not only
fitting that you rule by her side, it is her wish and yours.

A cloud builds above the castle, lightning and thunder surround the parapets. 
The castle walls, thick blocks of stone sealed by plaster and protective
spells, are torn apart like paper.  A creature with dark eyes and breath hard
and hot as a blast furnace contorts its face into a mockery of a smile.

You arrive at the castle a short time later.  The ruins tell you little of the
events that have taken place.  All you know is that she is gone.  Taken by a
powerful evil force.  You can feel her - she is still alive.  And that is all
you need to know.  You will follow the trail, fight anything that tries to stop
you, and destroy the evil that has taken your queen from her kingdom - and from
your side."

Basically then, your mission in the game is to complete a series of dungeons
and fight a series of bosses, collecting and upgrading your equipment as you
go.  You must also locate three precious jewels and find the three fairies that
are scattered about the land.

The game will generate random maps every time you play, but the quests remain
the same.  Several key items will always turn up in the same places and the
boss battles are always the same as well.  Virtual Hydlide is a short game, it
took me only three hours to complete on my first go, but it can be frustrating
in places so I hope this guide helps out anyone who had similar difficulties
and wants to get the most from the game overall.



(The game manual actually manages to give incorrect function assignation to
some of the buttons!  Here is the *correct* list of commands)

D-Pad - Moves you around

Button A - Draws Weapon, puts you in defensive posture, selects things in Menu

Button B - Draws weapon and performs a power attack, closes selection screens
and map screens.

Button C - Draws weapon and performs a light attack, when pressed with button B
lets you perform a special attack.

Button X - With d-pad lets you run, sheaths weapon, read signs, pick up items,
use switches, check walls, open chests, sort items in Equipment menu.

Button Y - Opens the game map, press twice for close up.

Button Z - Displays option menus, press again to close it.

Left back button - Sidesteps left

Right back button - Sidesteps right

Start - Pauses/Unpauses game



The main game screen displays the following info:

Time elapsed, your current score and any status ailment at the top.
Underneath is your life bar.
Under that is the name and life bar of any enemy you are fighting.
At the bottom is the direction line to follow and compass pointer.

When you press the Z button you will bring up the Game Menus list and the
current status of the character.


It is laid out like this:

Level    7                     Class   Easy
Attack   95/125/110            Armour  220/130
Located  Lost Castle/Edifice

Level is the level you are currently at.
Class can be Easy/Medium/Difficult depending on the map difficulty
Attack depicts the strength of your light/hard/special attack
Armour depicts your defence for Shield+Armour/Armour
Located tells you where you are
Code is the code used to generate this adventure.


This displays all the items you have.  It also shows your weight carried and
your max. weight capacity.

When you select an item you will get different choices of action depending on
what it is. For example, selecting the Magic Sword gives you the choice to
Equip, Use (it can cure poison), Drop (discard on the ground) or Help (find out
about the item).

For more detail on Equipment and their uses, see the Lists in section 3.


Here you can save, load, copy and erase your adventure data.


This lets you tweak the game controls, difficulty, sound and brightness.



OVERLOADED - a small "weight" icon will flash in the top right corner.  This
means you are carrying more than your current max. weight allowance.  Remedy
this by dumping some items and collecting them later when you rise a level or
by equipping a Ring of Power to increase your capacity a few kg.  You can still
move when Overloaded, but you are slowed down and cannot walk, run or attack as

CURSED - a skull appears in the top right corner.  A Curse is put on you by
equipping an unknown item that carries it.  Once cursed you cannot unequip
anything.  You can remedy a curse by using a Scroll of Purge or by using the
Master Sword, which has Holy Properties (if you have it).

POISONED - A bottle appears in the top right corner and your life bars turns
pink and begins to rapidly decrease.  You can be poisoned by traps, by drinking
or eating poisonous items or by Ropers.  Cure it with a Herb of Antidote or by
using the curative properties of the Magic Sword.

PARALYZED - Some jagged lines will appear in the top right corner.  You'll be
floored and unable to move, but any subsequent attack will quickly cure you.
Your life bar will turn blue.  Bats can cause paralysis.

HORRIFIED - A star will appear in the top right corner.  You will freak out and
not respond to commands.  Your life bar turns yellow.  This can be cured with
Tranquillisers.  Mimics can cause you to become horrified.



Unlike other rpgs you only level up when you complete a quest.  You start at
level one with attack and defence at 10.  You will end at level 9 with attack
and defence at 90. Fighting and killing enemies increases your score which you
can keep high for the High Scores table, or more usefully trade in for items at
the points trade crystal.

When arming yourself you need to check how much the weapons and armour will add
to your stats.

For example:

Level 5
Attack 50/50/50 Armour 50/50

Add a Great Sword (attack +30/65/60)
and Plate Armour (+30) and Shield (+30 def)

Now your stats are Attack 80/115/110 and Armour 110/80

So your Light attack (B button) is strength 80
Your Hard attack (C button) is strength 115
Your Special attack (B+C buttons) is strength 110

You defence when hit is strength 80
Your defence when hit with shield raised is strength 110

Of course you cannot overload yourself due to the weight restrictions.  Your
best bet is to sacrifice a shield for armour if you need to, unless you require
the Flame Shield for two boss fights. In general ditch the dagger as soon as
you get a sword or club.  A Dark Sword is a must have in your inventory until
after the Volcanic Caves, after that you should alternate between the Flame
Sword, Master Sword and Warhammer or Battle Axe depending on how well protected
you need to be.

I preferred to keep my guy lightly armoured so he could carry the powerful but
heavy Battle Axe, since the fighting is in general just slashing away, the
faster this could be accomplished the better.  You should aim to have the Fairy
Armour and Shield before you enter the Lost Castle.  Once in there you can pick
up the Sword of Light, the most powerful weapon in the game.

When you locate the Points Trade Crystal that is a good place to dump items
between quests into dungeons.  That way you can collect any useful stuff in a
dungeon area, without worrying about going over your carrying limit.  Then you
can return to your dumping site and choose what you want to take into the next

The Weapons and Armour lists in the next section have full stats for all the
equipment in the game.



With each game Virtual Hydlide will generate a new Field map and new Dungeon
maps.  On Easy Difficulty the map is shown in full and the destination points
marked.  In Medium Difficulty the map is only uncovered as you explore, but the
destination point is shown.  In Hard Difficulty the map is only uncovered where
you explore it and the destination point is not marked.

I HIGHLY recommend you use the default easy difficulty setting.  It is VERY
hard trying to work out where the various places are without the destination
markers simply due to the low-res graphics and copious fog and pop-up.  The
difficulty level does not affect any other aspect of the game, and you will
find yourself getting very frustrated and wasting points purchasing Oracle
Scrolls (these reveal maps to you).

When you first start the game, bring up the Field Map and you will see yellow
dots, and yellow and pink dots marked on it.  These yellow dots are places you
can visit.  The three pink/yellow dots are teleporters, visit these pink
crystals and you can warp from one crystal to another across the map. You can
also leave the map via the bottom end and reappear at the top, or from one side
to another to save time.

There are two destinations on the map you will not be directed to, but you
should visit anyway.  One is the Fairy Forest; the other is the Points Trade
Crystal where you can get more items.

When exploring the dungeons I advise you keep switching back to the map and
making sure you are pointing in the right direction.  The rather repetitive
scenery can make navigating your way around the later dungeons a real pain.

*********************** 3) EQUIPMENT AND ENEMIES ************************

Type: Equipment
Weight: 0.5 kg
Description: "Small knife that is easy to use.
              Can also be thrown."
Attack rating: +10/+10/+18
Notes: You start the game with this weapon, it is weak and very short range and
impossible to hit enemies with when thrown.  Discard it as soon as possible.
Type: Equipment, Tool
Weight: 3.0 kg
Description: "Dark Magic powers are within this sword.
              It uses your energy to fire deadly charges"
Attack rating: +18/+30/+20
Notes: A very handy sword to have in the first half of the game, you can take
out annoying enemies from long range and it is required for beating the Mad
Dragon Boss.  When you fire a Dark projectile it reduces your score by 10
points per projectile, that's what it means by using your energy.
Type: Equipment, Tool
Weight: 1.0 kg
Description: "Very light sword made of magic metal.
              It also removes poison."
Attack rating: +15/+30/+30
Notes: A very useful weapon, although you probably won't use it to fight with
much its poison curing properties are invaluable.
Type: Equipment
Weight: 2.5 kg
Description: "This is a standard, fairly common sword"
Attack rating: +20/+35/+40
Notes: A decent sword with a good reach, but if you are not bothered early on
about being lightly armoured, I recommend you ditch this for an axe.
Type: Equipment
Weight: 4.0 kg
Description: "Large powerful sword that inflicts great damage."
Attack rating: +30/+65/+60
Notes:  Decent sword, but I prefer the Axe over this.
Type: Equipment, Tool
Weight: 3.5 kg
Description: "Holy Sword, which is said to have been used by heroes.
              It also removes all effects of a curse"
Attack rating: +20/+45/+50
Notes: An excellent sword, which is always located in one of the chests in the
Ruins.  Although the Flame Sword and Sword of Light supersede it in strength it
is one to hang onto for its curse removing properties.
Type: Equipment
Weight: 3.5 kg
Description: "Magic Fire Powers are contained in this sword.
              You can throw fireballs with this sword."
Attack rating: +25/+55/+40->+100
Notes: This sword can always be found in a chest in the Volcanic Caves.  It is
a good powerful sword, and the variable special attack is because the longer
you hold B + C the stronger the attack you can charge up. So a quick press will
give you small fireball, the full charge will give you a huge flaming boulder!
Type: Equipment, Tool
Weight: 3.5 kg
Description: "Solar Energy is contained in this sword.
              It fires a bright ray from its point."
Attack rating: +50/+90/+70
Notes: The best weapon in the game and the only one powerful enough to take
down the Eel Boss and Valarys.  Found in the Lost Castle Power Unit, you should
power it up further with any Stones of Fighter you have.
Type: Equipment
Weight: 0.5 kg
Description: "Wooden club spiked with iron nails"
Attack rating: +10/+20/+20
Notes: Another fairly crappy weapon. It has more range than the dagger though.
Type: Equipment
Weight: 5.5 kg
Description: "Heavy iron hammer, capable of causing great damage."
Attack rating: +25/+60/+60
Notes:  This and the Battle Axe are fairly interchangeable, this is slightly
lighter and slightly less powerful.  Both are great for ending annoying fights
as quickly as possible.
Type: Equipment
Weight: 6.0 kg
Description: "Large axe capable of causing great damage."
Attack rating: +30/+70/+70
Notes: The strongest weapon in the game bar the Sword of Light.  The trade off
is its great weight.  But if you are confident enough to risk lighter armour
for the increased power then this is the best weapon to have!



Type: Equipment
Weight: 3.0 kg
Description: "Very light armour made of leather"
Armour rating: +10
Notes: Your basic protection, you start equipped with this.  Good to hang onto
until you get the fairy armour.
Type: Equipment
Weight: 4.5 kg
Description: "Very strong metallic armour."
Armour rating: +30
Notes: Tough armour, but frankly early in the game you have to choose between
attack or protection due to your weight limits.  Then when you can wear it,
you'll have the Fairy Armour.  Not worth it really.
Type: Equipment
Weight: 3.0 kg
Description: "Armour protected by the souls of fairies.
              Very light and highly protective."
Armour rating: +60
Notes: You'll find this in a chest in the ruins.  OK, when you put in on it
makes the hero look like a pantomime dame, but its tough and light.
Type: Equipment
Weight: 1.0 kg
Description: "Standard Shield, light but does not offer much protection."
Armour rating: +30
Notes: It will weigh you down a lot at the start of the game and later on
you'll have better stuff to choose from.
Type: Equipment
Weight: 4.0 kg
Description: "Shield of protection from fire.
              It is made from Dragon's scales."
Armour rating: +60
Notes:  This is a good tough shield, which is invaluable against the Mad Dragon
and Evil Mage Bosses as it is totally resistant to their fireball attacks.  You
will always find it in the other chest at the end of the trial dungeon.
Type: Equipment
Weight: 3.0 kg
Description: "This Shield contains dark magic powers.
              The bearer cannot remove it."
Armour rating: +10
Notes: This shield will curse you when you first get it and you can't get rid
of it unless you remove the curse with a scroll of purge or using the Master
Sword.  It looks cool, but doesn't seem to be any use against any Bosses.
Type: Equipment, Tool
Weight: 1.0 kg
Description: "This Shield contains fairy spirits.
              It is light and offers a high degree of protection."
Armour rating: +90
Notes: Combined with the fairy armour this gives you some powerful defensive
stats.  You will always find this located in the Sealed Dungeon 3 level, on the
other side of the mine cart ride.



Type: Equipment, Limited (one use)
Weight: 0.1 kg
Description: "A Warriors Spirit is sealed in this magic stone.
              It increases the power of a weapon."
Notes: These are very useful.  If you use them on a weapon you can add +5 to
that weapons Attack stat for each stone you use on it.  Before you use the
Stone ensure you have the weapon you want to boost equipped.
Type: Limited
Weight: 0.1 kg
Description: "Crystal of Tears that contain fairy magic.
              Can help you escape from dungeons."
Notes: When you want to get back to the entrance of a dungeon quickly use these
to warp back.  Save them for the bigger dungeons.
Type: Tool
Weight: 0.8 kg
Description: "Dark magic lamp that absorbs light.
              It surrounds you in darkness."
Notes:  OK this is just bizarre.  Switch it on and your own personal patch of
darkness surrounds you.  It's usually cursed so you have to purge yourself
before you can turn it off.  It seems to have no other purpose except to be
Type: 0.1 kg
Weight: Equipment
Description: "Magic Ring which transmits strength to the wearer.
              It means you can carry heavy items."
Notes: You start with this in your inventory.  Equip it to raise your carrying
Type: Equipment, Limited (three uses)
Weight: 0.1 kg
Description: "This ring activates healing, you recover quickly with it."
Notes: With this equipped you will heal faster when you rest.  You can also use
it to give you some life back three times.  It heals you about as much as a
Type: Equipment
Weight: 0.1 kg
Description: "It converts spiritual energy into stamina.
              You recover while you walk."
Notes: A very useful item to have equipped, as you don't have to wait around
for your life to recover.  It will also keep regenerating your life in the
prolonged Boss fights.
Type: Equipment, Limited (one use)
Weight: 0.1 kg
Description: "Magic ring that increase powers of protection."
Notes: You can equip this for a +10 armour stat boost, or you can use it on an
armour or shield to add +3 to their stats.
Type: Equipment
Weight: 0.1 kg
Description: "Dark Magic Ring full of evil.
              You can't even carry light items."
Notes: Another useless item which is usually cursed.  It reduces your carrying
Type: Limited (one use)
Weight: 0.1 kg
Description: "Magic Scroll that changes any item into medicinal herbs"
Notes: A good way of clearing stuff out of your inventory, turn unwanted
weapons etc into herbs!
Type: Limited (one use)
Weight: 0.1 kg
Notes: Useful for judging what an item is without having to equip it.
Type: Limited (one use)
Weight: 0.1 kg
Description: "Magic Scroll that removes all effects of a curse."
Notes: If you find yourself cursed before you acquire the Master Sword use one
of these to sort yourself out.
Type: Limited (one use)
Weight: 0.1 kg
Description: "Magic Scroll that gives you the ability to see great distances."
Notes: If you are playing the game on Medium or Hard map setting use these
scrolls to reveal areas of the map.
Type: Limited (one use)
Weight: 0.1 kg
Description: "Magic Scroll that detects treasure boxes."
Notes: Very useful item, read one when you enter a dungeon and all the treasure
chests will be marked in blue of the map.
Type: Limited (one use)
Weight: 0.1 kg
Description: "Scroll that brings misery to anyone who chants the spell."
Notes: You get
Type: Limited (one use)
Weight: 0.1 kg
Description: "Magic scroll on which a dark spell is written. It decreases the
power of all equipped weapons by 1."
Notes: All equipped items get -1.
Type: Limited (one use)
Weight: 0.1 kg
Description: "Plant with medicinal properties. It replenishes your stamina."
Notes: Basic healing item, gives you back a bit of life.
Type: Limited (one use)
Weight: 0.1 kg
Description: "Medicine made of herb essence.  It replenishes your stamina"
Notes:  Give you as nice lot of energy back.  Have a few in stock for those
tricky and long boss fights.
Type: Limited (one use)
Weight: 0.1 kg
Description: "This contains a magical antidote.
              It neutralises poison immediately."
Notes: Cures poison, but not so useful when you have the magic sword in your
Type: Limited (one use)
Weight: 0.1 kg
Description: "Magical medicine that makes people feel calmer."
Notes: Drink this when you are horrified.  It's always a good idea to have a
few in stock.
Type: Limited (one use)
Weight: 0.1 kg
Description: "Poisonous plant, it decreases your stamina."
Notes:  Eat it and feel ill.. cor what a good idea!
Type: Limited (one use)
Weight: 0.1 kg
Description: "Harmful liquid that drains your stamina."
Notes: Drink this and become poisoned. Die. Throw it at enemies and miss by
miles.  Drink it to escape it all!  Or perhaps just ignore it.



Type: Special
Weight: 0.1 kg
Description: "Evidence of courageous fairy warriors.
              You can confirm the existence of fairies."
Notes: You begin the game with this; its use is currently unknown.
Type: Special
Weight: 0.1 kg
Description: "Cross blessed with spiritual power.
              All weapons gain Holy Power."
Notes: Found in the graveyard.  You must equip this to defeat the Vampire boss.
Type: Tool
Weight: 0.5 kg
Description: "Lamp that uses enchanted palm oil.
              It stays lit indefinitely"
Notes: You get this after defeating the Vampire.  Light it to make traversing
the dungeons easier.
Type: Tool
Weight: 0.8 kg
Description: "Lamp that uses oil made by magic.
              It is fairly light."
Notes: Sometimes you get this instead of the Magic Lamp after defeating the
Vampire.  It does the same thing; it just weighs a bit more.
Type: Special, Equipment
Weight: 0.1 kg
Description: "With these magic glasses you can see the truth which is hidden
              By illusion."
Notes: Put these on and you can see the hidden doors in the Ruins.  Also you
can find chests in the Fortress of Valarys.
Type: Special, Equipment
Weight: 0.1 kg
Description: "Amulet that offers protection from fire and heat."
Notes: You need to wear this in the volcanic cave or you will get burned into
an itty-bitty crisp. You find it in the Ruins.
Type: Special, Tool
Weight: 0.8 kg
Description: "Flute made of special wood.
              It can open sealed entrances."
Notes: You get this after beating the mad dragon.  Play it outside the Sealed
Dungeon to open the door.
Type: Special, Tool
Weight: 0.8 kg
Description: "Crystal made from unknown materials.
              Only to be used in a particular place..."
Notes: You get these after defeating the Evil Mage.  You use them to raise the
Lost Castle.
Type: Special
Weight: 0.1 kg
Description: "One of the three treasures. It seals Dark Power."
Notes: Found in a gravestone in the Graveyard.
Type: Special
Weight: 0.1 kg
Description: "One of the three treasures. It seals Dark Power."
Notes: Found in a chest in the Volcanic Caves
Type: Special
Weight: 0.1 kg
Description: "One of the three treasures. It seals Dark Power."
Notes: Found in a chest in the Lost Castle Power Unit.


e) THE "Points mean Prizes" SHOP LIST

So when you have accumulated enough points you should search out the pink
crystal in a stone folly and enter it to trade in your points for items.


Dagger               50000
Dark Sword          350000
Magic Sword         500000
Long Sword          650000
Great Sword        1000000
Master Sword       1200000


Shield               20000
Dragon Shield       100000
Leather Armour       50000
Plate Armour        650000


Ring of Power        25000
Ring of Life         30000
Ring of Spirit       60000
Ring of Protection  100000


Magic Lamp           20000
Stone of Fighter    100000
Fairy Tears         100000


Scroll of Judgement   1000
Scroll of Herb        8000
Scroll of Purge      10000
Scroll of Oracle     10000
Scroll of Detect     25000


Herb of Antidote      1000
Tranquilliser         1000
Medicinal Herb        8000
Stamina Drink        15000



JELLY - worth 10 points
Found in the Field only. They are green and very weak, until you finish the
quest in the ruins. Then they turn grey.  Still weak though.  They attack by
rushing up and splatting at you.  Hit them with anything.

TREANT - worth 100 points
These lurk in the forests in the field only.  Hit or walk near a Treant Tree
and it will shrink and start shuffling around after you.  It can bite you
pretty hard at first.  Best to tackle them with something more powerful than a

ZOMBIE - worth 50 points
These brainless undead dummies lurk in the Graveyard, Vampire Mansion, Ruins
and Sealed Dungeon.  They burst out of the ground when you walk near by.  They
are no real threat, they tend to strike once then wander off.  Easy to kill
with any weapon.

WASP - points value unknown
These only appear in the Fairy Forest before you have found the fairy.  If you
bang into a wasp tree before you find the fairy a whole load of red wasps will
swarm down and sting you to death.  They are very hard to kill, it's usually
Game Over if you meet these meanies too early on.

BAT - worth 10 points
These flap around the Vampires Mansion and are weak, but hard to hit.  The
wonky perspectives make judging where you are in relation to them hard.  It's a
good idea to fire dark sword projectiles at them before they get to close. 
They can also paralyse you.

KOBOLD - worth 20 points
These are small green goblin-like creatures that can be found in the Trial
Dungeon, Ruins and in the Field. They are quite pesky as they throw rocks at
you from a distance and are quite sprightly.  But they are weak and can be
felled in one blow fairly early on.

WILL O WISP - worth 80 points
These glowing balls of light are only located in the Trial Dungeon.  Up close
they can inflict quite severe damage with an energy blast.  The best tactic is
to stay out of their range and fire Dark Sword projectiles at them.

ROPER - worth 100 points
These annoying plant beasts roam the Ruins and the Lost Castle/Edifice area.
They tend to attack in groups, will hunt you down and they can poison you. 
Luckily a few strong blows from a strong club should take them down.  Later in
the Lost Castle, use fireballs from the Flame Sword to take them out from a

RED ARMOUR - worth 20 points
Dumb living armour, only found in the volcanic cave. Weak and stupid.  Can be
dropped with one strong axe blow.

GOLD ARMOUR - worth 150 points
Living armour found in the volcanic cave and the sealed dungeon level 2, 3 and
4.  Will defend and try and attack your rear.  Beware group attacks.

BLACK ARMOUR - worth 200 points
Living armour found in the sealed dungeon level 3 and 4. Hits the hardest of
all the armours, again watch your health if being attacked by a group.

MIMIC - worth 1000 points
Nasty thing that looks like a treasure box, try and open it and it will attack.
 Found in the Sealed Dungeon level 1 and the Lost Castle Power Unit. It has
tonnes of energy and jumps around all over the place.  If it gets hold of you
it can chomp your life bar down very quickly, it can also inflict the Horrified
status on you.  Take it down with a strong axe, flame sword or the sword of

SKELETON - worth 250 points
Not to hard to fight, BUT you must use the Master Sword, which has Holy power,
or the Sword of Light to kill them or they will not stay dead.  Found in the
Lost Castle Edifice and Power Unit.

**************************** 4) WALKTHROUGH *****************************

You find yourself standing in the middle of Hydlide, you are armed with a
dagger and you have some leather armour for protection.  You have a fairy crest
and Ring of Power in your inventory.  Take some time to familiarise yourself
with the controls, and check out the map.  If you have the difficulty set to
Easy, you'll see your destination flashing on the map and a white line marked
on the compass to follow.  As you only have a crappy knife, it's best you don't
go exploring yet.  So square your manly shoulders and waddle off to the


(If you are in Hard mode, the Graveyard is usually located in a forest and is
surrounded by a wooden fence).

The Graveyard is a straightforward area with plenty of goodies to stock up
with.  When you arrive you'll see four gravestones are much bigger than the
rest, if you stand in front of these stones and press the X button, the stone
face will crumble and reveal an item.  One gravestone has the Quest Item -
Crucifix.  When you get this you will level up and your next quest becomes

The other stones contain the Amethyst, some gold and one is booby-trapped. 
Zombies will rise up when you touch it.  The only enemies in the Graveyard are
zombies; they can easily be dealt with using your dagger.  Take time to comb
the floor of the Graveyard, you will find potions and scrolls.  You'll also
most likely find a better weapon, either a spiked club or a dark sword if you
are lucky.  You might find a Shield to.  When you are done, leave the Graveyard
and you'll see the white line reappear on your compass.  Check you map and
you'll see a new destination flashing.  That is the vampire mansion.  Time to
kick some bat butt!


(If you are in Hard mode, the mansion is found in a wooded area and is a large
stone building).

You arrive in the vampire mansion and its here you will have to cope with the
worst of Virtual Hydlides glitching graphics.  The cramped rooms full of
furniture seem to twitch alarmingly and stationary items seem to be moving
about.  Actually the only enemies you have to worry about are bats and zombies.
 However you will often see a bat flickering alarmingly through the walls,
bless those game's designers eh?

Anyway. The Mansion has two floors full of rooms; your task is to find the five
stone gargoyles holdings green spheres.  When you find one, walk up to it and
press X to turn it on.  Once all five are activated you can go up to the top
room and enter the last room.  The Gargoyles are randomised every time you
play, so you'll need to explore every room.  It's a good idea to do that anyway
as there are plenty of chests to open.  You should find some plate armour and a
magic sword here as well as potions, herbs and scrolls.

Now when you are done exploring go up to the final room.  Inside is your first
Boss, the Vampire.  Before you enter, make sure you equip the Crucifix you
collected in the Graveyard.  If you don't you can't inflict any damage on the

Now stride inside and take him on!  Actually this is so easy it's untrue.  The
Vampire has a big health bar but can be quickly beaten down.  A good tactic is
to back off and fire dark sword projectiles at him.  If you do this fast enough
you will catch him in his dematerialisation phase and he will remain sort of
frozen to the spot as you hit him over and over.  Otherwise just run up to him
and clout him with fast swipes of a sword or club, he shouldn't have time to
hit even once.

Once he is defeated he will turn into a bat and flap off.  A chest will appear.
 Inside is the quest item Magic Lamp or Super Magic Lamp.  Once you collect
this you will level up and its time to exit and travel to your next


(If you are in Hard Mode, the Trial Dungeon is usually located in a patch of
scrubland. Some standing stones mark it.)

Before you trot off to the Trial Dungeon, take some time to locate the Points
Trade in Crystal and the Fairy Forest.  Just visit all the yellow dots on the
map until you find them.

The Fairy Forest is easy to spot, the trees are neatly arranged in lines and as
you draw closer you'll hear a melodic alarm sounding that grows louder as you
get closer to the fairy spot.  Walk CAREFULLY around the trees until a fairy
appears.  Now when you access your menu, you'll see a fairy!  If you bang into
a tree before you find the fairy lots of red wasps will swarm down and sting
you to death, oopsy.

When you find the Points Trade Crystal don't spend points on weapons or armour,
as you should find all you need in the dungeons.  However, do get a few Scrolls
of Detect, these are damn useful items in the more complicated areas.

Now make your way to the Trial Dungeon.  When you find the spot, stand on the
square stone and you'll descend into the dungeon.  Now you'll notice its dark,
so go into your menu and light the Magic Lamp.  Voila, now you can see!  Leave
the Lamp lit for the duration of the adventure, as it is needed in the next
dungeons as well.

Now read one of your Scrolls of Detect, and then access the map.  You'll now
see blue squares marked on the map.  These are Treasure Chests, this can save
you time, as you don't have to explore every blind alley.  There is also stuff
on the floor as well to collect.

The maze is fairly simple and only the annoying little Kobolds and Will O Wisps
stand in your way.  Use the Dark Sword to fire projectiles at Will O Wisps, to
keep you at a safe distance from their energy blasts.  Now just follow the maze
to the end and you will find to Treasure Chests.  Once contains the Quest Item,
the Spectacles of Truth.  The other contains the tough flameproof Dragon
Shield.  Now you will level up and its time to leave for the Ruins.  Either
back track through the dungeon or use Fairy Tears if you have them to warp to
the beginning of the dungeon.  Then leave via the Lift.


(If you are in Hard mode, the ruins are usually found in open ground, they are
a large walled stone square structure).

Now you'll reach the Ruins.  There appears to be no entrance, but if you don
the Spectacles of Truth you'll see one appear.  Once you get inside, open up
the map.  You'll see a maze, with three "room" areas.  You will need the
Spectacles to find your way into each area.  The furthest one has the item you
seek, but one has a chest containing the Fairy Armour and the other a chest
containing the Holy Master Sword.

Due to the structure of the maze you may have to travel quite a way around to
find the openings in each wall.  There are also useful items to collect
scattered on the ground.  The green squares on the map are places where the
plant-like Ropers appear.  Zombies and kobolds will also attack you.  Further
up into the maze, watch out for spikes popping out of the ground.  Make sure
you have a Magic Sword in your inventory as the Ropers can poison you.

Make your way around to the flashing cross and use the Spectacles of Truth to
locate the way in. You'll find a box with the Quest Item - the Fire Amulet in
it.  Once you have this you will level up and its time to leave.


(If you are in Hard Mode the Volcanic Cave is usually located in an area of
stony ground.  It is a small hillock with a sign by it).

Before you enter the Volcanic Cave, equip the Fire Amulet.  The cave has lava
patches all over the floor.  Even with the amulet on, they will drain your
energy when you step on them.  Without it, you frazzle up and die instantly! 
Also make sure you have a Scroll of Detect handy and a Dark Sword, you can't
beat the boss at the end of this dungeon with out the Dark Sword and Dragon

Once inside read the Scroll of Detect, now check the map and you'll see the
location of all the treasure boxes.  Although some may be down blind alleys you
should explore all the caves as you will need to collect the Red Diamond from
one of them and the super powerful Flame Sword from another.

Make your way through the caves; you only have the weak and stupid Red and Gold
Armours to contend with.  Collect all the items from the treasure chests then
head for the end of the dungeon where you will face the next Boss - The Mad
Dragon. (Save before you do to stop you having to go all the way back through
the caves again).

The Mad Dragon is easy to defeat, it just takes a long time.  You'll be
standing on the edge of a lava pit and a three-headed dragon will rise up.  Now
arm yourself with the Dragon Shield and press A to go into the defensive
posture.  The Dragon will shoot fireballs out of its mouths, but they will
bounce of the Shield with no harm to you.  You should wait until it finishes a
volley of fireballs then retaliate with Dark Sword Projectiles.  Each Head has
a looong life bar. So it's best to concentrate on killing one head at a time.

The Dragon will move from side to side so use the back buttons to sidestep
along with it.  As you kill the heads off the volleys of fireballs will get
fewer.  It tends to roar before unleashing an attack so use that as a cue to go
on the defensive.  Just be patient and you should defeat him easily.

If you are minus the Dark Sword do not despair, equip the Dragon Shield and go
into defensive posture. The Dragon will slowly come towards you. Stay in
defensive posture until the Dragon is near enough. Now you can hit him with
your regular weapons. After some time he will withdraw, if that's the case,
just repeat the above thing (thanks to Dark Chojin for this tip).

Once he is dead, the next Quest Item - The Flute of Zaldus will float down from
the ceiling.  Pick it up and you'll level up and it's time to leave for the
Sealed Dungeon.  (If you want to leave quickly and have no Fairy Tears, just
unequip the Flame Amulet and step on a hot spot, fzzpst! You die, but select
continue and you will be back at the start of the dungeon, so simply turn and


(If you are in Hard Mode the Sealed Dungeon entrance is found on the side of a
Hill usually with a forest and water nearby)

Hopefully you are now clad in the Fairy Armour (snicker), so skip up to the
entrance of the Sealed Dungeon and whip out the Flute of Zaldus.  Play it and
if you are in the correct spot, the door will open up for you.  Make sure your
magic Lamp is on and in you go. (Before you do, make sure you have a Scroll of
Detect and you may also want to go and trade some points for the immensely
useful Ring of Spirit)

This is a big Dungeon with 4 levels.  Read a Scroll of Detect, and check the
map for the location of the Chests.  One scroll will cover the whole dungeon. 
You will see lots of Chests scattered about, but these are all Mimics who will
leap up and bite you on the ass if you try and open them.  Only open those
marked on the map.

Now the guideline has disappeared, so check the map and you will see one of the
tunnels ends in a black circle.  This is where you need to head, so off you go,
avoiding Mimics and zombies.  When you get there, travel down to level 2. There
are no Mimics here, just zombies and Gold Armours.  Now check the map and you
will see at the other end what looks like a thin tunnel. Make your way to that
and you'll find a Mine Cart.

If you read the sign next to it you'll be told it can't carry more than 5kg. 
Well that's odd, as our hero is a right porker as it is and at this point will
be carry a lot of stuff.  I think maybe the idea was to get the player to dump
some items so they would only be carrying 5kg of stuff.  But obviously they
forgot to implement it, anyhoo, simply ensure you are not in battle mode and
climb aboard.  Once you manoeuvre el fatso into the right spot the cart will
move off and wheeeee! Sit back and watch him go!

Now you're in the other half of level 2, check the map and you'll see a black
"hole" at the far end. Make your way to that, collecting any treasure from
chests as you go.  Now you're in Level 3 and Black Armours have joined the Gold
ones to make your life annoying.  Now check your map.  You will see another
lift room fairly close by, this takes you down to Level 4 and to the Boss you
need to fight.  But also you will see another mine cart tunnel.  If you travel
over to that and climb aboard you will go zooming over to the second half of
Level 3 and it's here you can find a chest with the light and strong Fairy
Shield.  So go get that first.

Now back to the lift and down to level 4.  Check your map and you'll see the
cross flashing, follow this to a set of double doors.  Before you enter, make
sure you have the Dragon Shield equipped and something useful like a Ring of
Spirit and a big powerful Axe. (Save before you carry on to save you having to
go all the way back through the Dungeon again if you die).

Now you are facing down the Evil Mage.  He will float around you and if you
attack him while he floats, your weapon just passes through him.  So you must
follow him around and wait from him to stop and start to power up an attack. 
You will hear him do an evil chuckle "mwahahahaha" and see him reach into his
cloak.  At this point he is vulnerable, so that's when you whack him.  If you
get him, he will abandon the attack and float around a bit, until he tries
again.  Just repeat this until he is dead.

If you miss him (and it is hard trying to judge how close you are to him),
immediately switch to defence mode.  Your Dragon Shield will deflect his
fireball attacks.  It's another long battle, but if you have the Ring of Spirit
equipped you should never be in danger of losing too much health.

When he is defeated he will naff off and a big urn will pop up.  Go up to it
another fairy will appear and join the one you collected in the Forest earlier.
 You will also acquire the Quest Item - The Tears of the Earth.  You'll level
up and now its time to leave again for the final dungeon/s.  (If you have no
Fairy Tears and can't be bothered trogging back through the dungeon, let one of
the Armours kill you or drink some poison or something and just Continue so you
can restart back at the Dungeon entrance).


Before you find the Lost Castle, make sure you have two fairies and two Jewels.
 Make sure you have the fairy shield and armour.  Visit the Points Trade
Crystal and buy any useful items you think you'll need. I recommended you get
some Stamina Drinks and Tranquillisers.  Also get a couple of the Stone of
Fighters so you can make your final weapon (Sword of Light) very powerful. You
can buy Rings of Protection if you want to use them to upgrade your Armour, but
the points are better spent on upgrading your weapons.  Finally the Ring of
Spirit is a must if you do not already have it. Get a couple of Detect Scrolls
and then make your way to the flashing cross on the map.  (If you are in hard
mode, you are looking for a small stone pillar standing by the Lake).

OK, time to face the last few obstacles before the princess can be yours again
(blerk). So scamper down to the lake as fast as your stumpy legs will carry you
and use the Tears of the Earth on the Stone.  Now a great big castle will rise
up out of the water, cool!  You'll automatically go inside it.

Now this whole place is one big trip, walk forward onto the pink tile and it
will zap you upwards onto a big maze of crystal pathways.  Your goal is to make
your way to the upper middle cross-shaped area.  Use the pink tiles to go up
and orange tiles to go down.  There are skeletons and Ropers wandering about. 
Toast Ropers with the flame sword and smash skeletons with the Master Sword.

When you reach the middle cross shaped platform you'll see a tile in the centre
with green writing on.  Step on it and you'll descend into the Power Unit. Read
a Scroll of Detect, as there are tonnes of Mimics lurking about.  Now the power
unit has two levels, both are maze like and each side of the maze can only be
accessed by walking across the moving blocks to reach the relevant door.  When
you bring the map up you'll see an orange square sitting on one side of the
maze.  These are lifts.  The one in the first maze takes you down to the next
maze, the one in that takes you down to the next Boss.

Now it is vital that you search all the Chests, you will find the only weapon
that can kill the next Boss and the ones after in the Power Unit (The Sword of
Light).  Also you will find the final jewel as well (the Emerald).  Once you
locate the Sword of Light use any Stone of Fighters you have to upgrade its
power.  If you raise it to a Sword of Light + 3 or above it becomes A LOT
easier to win the next few big fights.

Once you have what you need, take the final lift down and you'll face off
against the Eel Boss.  If you are armed with the Sword of Light this is an easy
fight, if you have any other weapon it is not, you will die.  The Eel rises up
and fires Electric projectiles at you.  Simply face him and fire Light
Projectiles back at him.  Not only will your Light projectiles deflect the
electric ones, but if you catch the Eel as he is powering the attacks up, you
will inflict massive damage on him.  As your projectiles have some homing
abilities you can dodge about a bit firing at him.  If he rises up near you,
whack him with a power attack.  With the Sword of Light in your hand this Eel
is soon sea slime.

When he dies, the whole place shakes and distorts.  The last fairy appears and
you are transported to the scene of the final showdown - The Fortress of


Check the map, you'll see this place consists of two large round rooms
connected by a thin tunnel.  Read a Scroll of Detect and you will see Treasure
Chests marked.  They are set in the walls and you must wear the Spectacles of
Truth to be able to go in and open them.

Equip the Crucifix before entering the first room, as you have to face down the
Vampire again.  He is tougher than before and has some bat minions to help him.
 So concentrate on killing him, use light projectiles to pick of the bats at
long range and try and get in close to the vampire to use your power swipe
against him.  It should be a quick fight.  Once he is finally deaded for good a
hole in the wall opens up and you can continue to the next room.

Equip the Ring of Spirit, as it's another tedious "chase the Evil Mage" fight. 
He is back with some Skeletons in tow, kill them first then use the same
tactics against the Evil Mage as before.  The Sword of Light will wear him down
fast.  When he croaks another door opens up. Follow this and you arrive at some
huge doors.  Behind this lurks the ultimate Boss - Varalys.

Make sure you have the Sword of Light and Ring of Spirit equipped.  Make sure
your life bar is at full and then gird your loins, comb your eyebrows and march
your ass in there.  Varalys is sitting on his throne, he is a big horny dude
and as you stand before him he strikes fear in you heart by saying "Grhgash,
hunghr, gah huh huh, waargh".

Valarys as you would expect is fast and hard.  He fights like the Vampire and
Mage crossed.  He can teleport across the room and has three attacks.  The
weakest is a glowing light ball; the nastiest is a huge black energy ball.  The
fastest is a sequence or small red energy blasts (which tend to hurt you the
most as he unleashes them in a series).

If you see him standing with both hands glowing red, its time to dodge. The red
projectiles are too fast for you to retaliate against.  But if you see just one
hand glowing with light or surrounded by dark purple energy that's your time to
unleash a heavy sword strike against him if he is close.  But it is better to
try and stay as far away from him as possible.  If he gets up close to you,
dodging his attacks is almost impossible and you will die, quickly.

If you manage to stay a room's length away you can hit him with Light
Projectiles while he powers up his attacks and if you miss or fail, you'll have
time to see them coming and dodge.  Like the mage he is invulnerable while just
floating about.

It's a tricky battle, but keep your cool and you'll wear him down like the
others.  When you strike the final blow, he'll scream a bit and then the final
FMV movie will kick in.

He writhes about and then combusts, out walks the Princess (blimey she's a bit
of a minger ain't she? Still ugly heroes have to take what they can get).  The
hero kneels before her (hope he can stand up again).  She looks around with
wonder in her eyes as the Fortress crumbles and the desolate, monster-strewn
landscape is restored to the green and pleasant land it once was.  Our obese
hero gets to change out of his nasty brown strides (but likes to parade around
in the Fairy Armour when he thinks no one is looking) and fatty and bimbo live
happily ever after.  Unlike the game's developers, who spontaneously combust in
shame and mortification when they see how the game finally turned out.

                                  THE END

**************************** 5) GENERAL FAQ *****************************

Well I'm sure you are all itching to know more about Hydlide, so here is a
forum for all your many questions and we have a special guest, villain of the
piece and all-round evil horny dude - Varalys in to answer your questions! 
Take it away Varalys!

Q1.  Why do I have to collect three fairies and three jewels?

Varalys says: Did you watch the "amazing" FMV intro?  No you didn't did you,
you skipped it, that why you didn't see the Princess split into three fairies. 
Tsk, anyway you can't get to my Fortress of Evil unless you have all three
fairies.  What would happen if only two fairies united to make the princess
whole?  She'd be missing a leg, or even her head.  And you need the jewels to
seal my dark powers, or I'll kick your backside.  Then you can give them to the
Princess, women like that sort of thing.

Q2. Why is there gold all over the place?  There are no shops in Hydlide to
spend it on.

Varalys says: Apparently after the end credits roll you get a score table,
which gives you bonus points depending on how much gold you collected and
enemies you killed etc.  But seeing as I am dead by then I couldn't swear to

Q3. Are there anymore Hydlide games I know should know about? I really need to
know so I can avoi.. erm, play them.

Varalys says: Well the Hydlide series has a long and crappy history of coming
over like tenth rate versions of what ever Zelda games were knocking about at
that time.  So the first game "Hydlide" appeared on the NES back in the
mid-eighties and was considered a poor copy of Zelda. In fact many people
consider it one of the worst games ever, ranking it along side other stinkers
as "Heroes of the Lance" and "Bokosuka Wars".  A couple of sequels appeared in
Japan on the NES, but never made the USA. Then "Super Hydlide" appeared on the
Sega Megadrive/Genesis, this was also poorly received.  Finally in 1995 Virtual
Hydlide was released on the Saturn.  Since then the Hydlide series seems to
have been quietly forgotten while the Zelda series goes from strength to
strength. Which is terrible obviously as I, Varalys could take that weedy clot
Ganondorf any day!

Q4.  Well obviously I plan to seek those games out straightaway, but perhaps
you could tell me if there are any similarities between them and Virtual

Varalys says:  Well many of the enemies, Kobolds, Ropers, Armours etc appear in
all the games.  The Princess also had that weird tendency to break into three
fairies in them as well.  The massively annoying weight carrying system is
apparent in the games as its USP (unique selling point). I also appear as the
main badass in the original Hydlide, in Super Hydlide though I am busted down
to penultimate Boss, which is not what you want, is it?

Q5. What's with the Dark Items?  Is there Dark Armour?  Can you combine it all
to an effect?

Varalys says: Well you can collect a Dark Sword, and a Dark Shield.  There is
even a dark ring (the ring of weakness), so there may be dark armour available.
 As it stands the dark items only do you harm, except the dark sword.  As there
seems to be no reason you would use the dark items normally there may be a way
to combine a whole outfit and use it to defeat me at the end.  But this remains

OK that's enough questions for now.  Hope you had fun reading this FAQ!  If you
want to play more games in the Hydlide series, details are below for your

******************** 6) A BREIF HISTORY OF HYDLIDE **********************

There have been several Hydlide games across several platforms, and none of
them have been that great.  But here we go!

Released: 1986
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System
Developer: T&E Soft
Comments:  A basic 8 bit rpg that sees you manoeuvre a nameless hero around a
grid map.  The mean dude Varalys has kidnapped the Princess and you have to
find the three fairies and defeat Varalys.  General opinion of this game is
that's its painful, but at least it is short.

Released: 1989
Platform: Sega Genesis/Megadrive
Developer: Asmik
Comments: A 16 bit sequel to the original that improved slightly on the first
game.  In Fairyland an evil explosion has produced many doors that people enter
but never return from.  The council believe an ancient evil is about to return
and decided to send a nameless hero to combat it. This time around for
character classes are available to play as.  Varalys returns but not as the
main villain.  Also the weights system comes into play more as well.

Released: 1989 (Japan only)
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System
Developer: Namco
Comments: A futuristic take on Hydlide,  that sees Varalys's evil re-emerge far
into the future.  Difficult to rate due to its Japanese only nature.

Released: 1995
Platform: Sega Saturn
Developer: T&E
Comments:  The game we all know and love!  Hydlide updated for the 1990's. 
retains all that was in the first two games for a short but sweet gaming
experience.  And the music is awesome as well.

Here's hoping for Hydlide in the 21st century...

Feel free to email me about any aspect of this guide, any contributions you
would like to make will be fully credited if used and are more than welcome. 
Please inform me of any errors, typos etc so I can rectify them immediately
My email is

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Special thanks go out to: BillyKane, Magus747, Andy787, totalstuff and Pat
Uhler for being such a laugh, and giving me the push to actually start
contributing my own work back in the good old days of the DC board.

Thanks also to my homies in the Review and FAQ boards for continuing support
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***************************** THE END *********************************