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Virtua Tennis FAQ

by Chemoho158   Updated to v1.2 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Virtua Tennis on the DC, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the GBA version of the game.
Virtua Tennis
Version 1.2  
by Homan Mohseni aka Chemoho158
Date: 8/25/00                                                                                    

2-Version History
3-Distribution of this faq
4-The Game
   A. Characters
   B. Stages
   C. Modes
5-World Circuit
   A. Training Tips
   B. Shops
   C. General Tips
   D. Tips on beating King and Master 
   E. How to Get Tennis Wear 20-28
1.   Introduction
This is a faq for Virtua Tennis. This is my first faq ever so I hope 
this will give me more experience so i can write more later. Virtua 
Tennis is a tennis game for the Dreamcast, it has some of the best 
graphics I have seen on a tennis game and best of all its so easy to 
just pick up the controller and play. So with that said lets get on with 
the faq.

2. Version History
Ver 1.2- Added tips on how to beat Master and King, also added How to 
get tennis wear 20-28.
Ver 1.1- Added Shops for the world circuit mode, added the rest of the 
players, also added 5 more general tips, and made the whole faq a little 
easier to read, also got rid of the controls section.
Ver 1.0 - Just made the Faq has a few tips on training games and single 
and doubles games.

3. Distribution of this faq
This faq is copyrighted 2000 by Homan Mohseni
You are allowed to use some of my info on your faq but please give some 
credit for it. If your going to put this faq on your site or any other 
site you must inform me first. You are not allowed to sell this a copy 
of this faq to anybody. 
4. The Game
A. Characters

Name: Jim Courier
Country: USA
Type: Various Shots
Pro: Jim is an average player he has nothing that he is really good at 
and nothing that he is bad at.
Con: When you are an average player your missing out on an advantage 
like speed and strength.

Name: Cedric Pioline
Country: France
Type: All-Around Player
Pro: Strong back hand.
Con: Slow, and a weak server.

Name: Tim Henman
Country: England
Type: Volley Master
Pro: Good speed, also good at vollies
Con: Not a strong player.

Name: Tommy Haas
Country: Germany
Type: Strong Forehand
Pro: Great forehand, and good speed
Con: weak server

Name: Mark Philippoussis
Country: Australia
Type: Big Server
Pro: Great serve, and good strength
Con: not so great speed

Name: Carlos Moya
Country: Spain
Type: Powerful Stroke
Pro: great strength, good speed, and good serve.
Con: minor things

Name: Thomas Johansson
Country: Sweden
Type: Fast Runner
Pro: very fast runner
Con: weak in at hitting

Name: Yevgeny Kafelnikov
Country: Russia
Type: Strong Backhand
Pro: good speed and a great backhand 
Con: weak serve

Name: Pieter Tinbergen
Country: Netherlands
Type: Serve and Volley
Pro: Great Serve, volley and speed
Con: doesn't have a good reach

Name: Rolf Euler 
Country: Switzerland
Type: Volley Virtuoso
Pro: volley master, great reach
Con: weak serve

Name: Davor Tesla
Country: Croatia
Type: Wide-Angle Shots
Pro: Very good wide shoots, good speed
Con: Weak serve, and shots

Name: Gilles Altman
Country: Canada
Type: Big Server
Pro: Great serves
Con: not a great runner

Name: Shyam Singth
Country: India
Type: All-Around Player
Pro: He is pretty average at everything
Con:  has no real advantage

Name: Bruno Costa
Country: Brazil
Type: Strong Forehand
Pro: Strong forehand, good speed
Con: Weak serve

Name: Raf Ventura
Country: Italy
Type: Hard Hitter
Pro: Hard hitter
Con: doesn't have a great speed

Name: Masayuki Inoue
Country: Japan
Type: Quick mover
Pro: Fast player
Con: weak server
B. Stages

Country: Melbourne, Australia
Capacity: 21000
Surface: Hard

Country: Paris, France
Capacity: 15000
Surface: Clay

Country: New York, U.S.A.
Capacity: 22000
Surface: Hard

Country: London, England
Capacity: 13000
Surface: Grass

Country: LA, U.S.A
Capacity: 19500
Surface: Carpet

Country: Stockholm, Sweden
Capacity: 18000
Surface: Hard

Country: Berlin, Germany
Capacity: 15000
Surface: Hard

Country: Moscow, Russia
Capacity: 14500
Surface: Carpet

Country: Barcelona, Spain
Capacity: 16000
Surface: Clay

Country: Tokyo, Japan
Capacity: 18000
Surface: Grass
C. Modes

1. Arcade
Try and win all 5 stages of the world tournament!

2. Exhibition
Set your own rules in this mode.

3. World Circuit
Improve your skills, earn prize money and take on the world!

4. Options
Change the game settings.
5. World Circuit
A. Training Tips

1. Giant Ball
I think one of the best things to do in the Giant ball mini game is to 
go close to the net. That way your shots will be a lot more powerful. 
You should be able to get rid of the red balls quick but the blue and 
white can be a problem, so the best thing to do is go back a little 
after getting rid of the red balls. that way you have better access to 
the court and a good amount of strength too.

2. Return Ace
I find this to be pretty easy but if your having some troubles here are 
some tips that will help you. First stay in the back never come up close 
because if you do then you will have a hard time hitting the boxes that 
are close to the net. Now that doesn't mean that you cant come up a 
little just not to much. another thing that I think is a good idea is to 
take advantage of the weak serves when ever the person does a weak serve 
hit ball as hard as you can and you will most likely get a good result 
from that.

3. Big Wall
The best tip that I can give you for this one is to take care of the 
bottom pictures first then go to the top ones. This way you wont get 
mixed up with the A and B buttons so less confusion gives more time, not 
to mention the time it takes to make your ball go up then bringing it 
down in other words it just wastes to much time. Just in case you didn't 
know you have to lob to get the top ones.

4. Pin Crusher
The best thing that you can do here is just find the right spot to stand 
in and the right direction to serve the ball. So it comes down to trial 
and error  eventually you will find the right places and directions for 
all the pins so it will be a lot easier.

5. Cannon Ball
For the cannon ball training game the best thing you can do is stand on 
the line in the middle this way you are not to far away and not to close 
either. When you stand on the line in the middle it becomes a lot easier 
to hit the cannons, not only that but it also gives you a room to dodge 
the red balls too. I also think its easier if you get rid of the three 
front cannons first then the last two since the two in the back seem to 
be easier at dodging the red balls.

6. Drum Shooter
The only tip that I can give you for drum shooter is that try to find 
the distance you have to stand for each of the drums, because once you 
find the distance success isn't to far away.

7. Bull's Eye
Lob is the secret to this game. Instead of using the A button use the B 
trust me you will get a ot better results that way. Don't forget to 
stand in the middle of the court not close to the net or way back.

8. Smash Box
In this game you have to do what the name of the game says smash so try 
to line yourself up with the ball so you can do a smash, but don't 
forget sometimes getting the ones that are closer to the net can be a 
challenge so try to move back and then smash or just hit them regularly.
B. Shops

Name: Shop Asia
Player: Ventura
Stage: Sweden
Tennis Wear: No.13, No.14, No.15, No.16
Partner: Tesla, Euler
Etc: New Strings, Recovery Drink

Name: South Shop
Player: Tesla, Altman
Stage: Germany
Tennis Wear: No.5, No.6, No.7,No.8
Partner: Tinbergen, Costa
Etc: New Strings, Recovery Drink

Name: North Shop
Player: Tinbergen, Euler
Stage: Spain
Tennis Wear: No.1,No.2,No.3,No.4
Partner: Ventura
Etc: New Strings, Recovery Drink

Name: Cape Shop
Player: Signth, Costa
Stage: Russia
Tennis Wear: No.9,No.10,No.11,No.12
Partner: Inoue, Altman
Etc: New Strings, Recovery Drink

Name: Pacific Shop
Player: Inoue
Stage: Japan
Tennis Wear: No.17, No.18, No.19, No.20
Partner: Singth
Etc: New Strings, Recovery Drink
C. General Tips

1. singles game
When playing singles the best thing to do is trick the opponent because, 
sometimes the opponent anticipates you to hit it to the right or to the 
left so every time you see that hit it on the opposite side.

2. Doubles game
In doubles you need more patience and you have to try to stay on your 
own side because if you don't then the opponent has an easy opportunity 
to hit it to the side that no one is guarding. The only time you should 
go on you partners side is if it is absolutely necessary.

3. Partner
Always make sure that you have the best partner when ever you get a new 
shop check out the partner section. For me the best partner was Singth 
but the problem is that he is only available as a partner in the last 
shop. Also make sure that you have a compatable partner someone you can 
work with if your having trouble with your partner the best thing to do 
is get a new one.

4. The Map
This is not really tip but when your playing world circuit mode make 
sure you only play training games and trail matches that are light and 
not dark. What I mean is look at the area your about to go to when it is 
dark it means that you have to finish something else before you can do 

5. Lobs
When your opponent is to close to the net make sure you lob it over him.

6. Serves
Make sure that when you serve youe either hold left or right so that the 
serve goes in that direction and not right to your opponent.

7. shots
remember that the longer you hold the A button the stronger your shot 
will be.
D. Tips on beating King and Master

Beating King
King can be pretty hard to beat so these tips should help you get a win. 
First his serves are really strong so stay in the back and make sure 
that when his serve is on max use the lob button instead  of the shot 
button. this is because of the fact that if you lob it after his maxed 
serve then he cant smash it most of the time. Also when he is the one 
serving he usually stays in the back so when he is in the back come 
close to the net this way he cant lob it over you and your shots are 
going to be stronger. Don't lob during the game no matter how close to 
the net he is he will still get it. Also if he is close to the net you 
better go back because he is stronger, faster, and a better lob then 
you. These tips should give you a much better chance at winning.

Beating King and masters
I thought beating king and masters was a lot easier then just beating 
king. First make sure that your partner is Signth. All I can really tell 
you is use the same things you used for king and also make sure not to 
do the lob trick for masters serve. Also make sure that you are really 
sure what's happening just because they are hitting the ball to your 
partner most of the time doesn't mean that your not going to get it. 
Stay on your side trust me on this Signth does a good job you don't need 
to go to his side and hit his shots. And I have to tell you use the lob 
here once in a while master comes so close to the net he cant get it and 
king has to come all the way on the other side to get it. Also have the 
Signth on Normal not netplay or baseline. 
E. How to get tennis wear 20-28

I got some e-mails asking how to get Tennis wear 20-28 so I went to some 
forums and found some answers.

1. Return Ace- You have to hit the all the boxes with two shots.
2. Pin Crasher- Get all strikes.
3. Canon Ball- Have to win before the timer turns red.
4. Giant Ball- Same thing win before the timer turns red.
5. Smash Box- Same here beat it before the timer turns red.
6. Drum Shooter- Make all the shots that you take.
7. Bull's Eye- Get a score of 7000 or more.
8. Big Wall- Beat the game before the timer turns red.
10. Credits

Thanks to Sega for making such a great game and also thanks to their 
Manuel for some of the info that's on this faq.

Art Siriamonthep 
Thanks to my friend Art for letting me borrow this game.