Virtua Tennis (DC) Cheats

Virtua Tennis cheats, and Codes for DC.

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Virtua Tennis Cheats

Play against Master & King
Beat the game using no continues and without losing a round under the normal difficulty setting to play against Master in singles and Master and King in doubles in Arcade Mode. This will be easier if the match is set to one round.

Bonus Characters
Master - Defeat Master in Singles in Arcade Mode to unlock him in Arcade and Training modes. King - Defeat Master in singles in Arcade Mode. Then, defeat Master and King in doubles in arcade mode to unlock King in arcade and training modes. Alternatively, complete all 22 trial and 24 training levels in world circuit mode.

Special Costumes
Complete the level 3 training missions in world circuit mode before the timer turns red. In the last ten seconds of the challenge, the timer will turn red from yellow. Complete it while it is still yellow and you will unlock special costumes.

Underarm Serve
Bottom of Court: A + X + Down
Top of Court: A + X + Up