Virtua Tennis World Tour review
Top Tennis?

The good:

A clutch of licensed players
Numerous fun training games

The bad:

Sluggish loading at times
Lack of gameplay in World Tour


I'm a keen sports fan, and Virtua Tennis came widely recommended, so I picked this up along with Ridge Racer and WC Snooker when I purchased my PSP. The game looks great, and plays like any other tennis game. Anyone could pick this up straight away, it's one of those games that takes no time in getting used to.

It includes several challenging and entertaining challenge options, such as Disk Shooter, which are basically fun games for you to enjoy. The main game mode though is World Tour mode, where you take a male and female characters up the rankings by winning tournaments and improving their skills in the training events.

However, World Tour often frustrates me. It's difficult to find a tournament at first, and you constantly find yourself slightly bored of the training events when there are no real matches coming along. Add to the fact that most tournaments last 5 minutes, and the game gets a little boring.

I'd like to see a wider tournament availability, longer matches and more competitiors in the game. In my first tournament, I beat Roger Federer and David Nalbandian and I won the tournament and shot up to 268 in the world, whereas I'd much rather have had a tournament with say 4/5 rounds, and lost in the quarters and gone up to say 290 in the rankings. To improve, the game must focus more on the in game stuff, and make it similar to the wonderful World Tour mode in Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2 on PS2.

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