Vigilante 8 (N64) Cheats

Vigilante 8 cheats, Tips, and Codes for N64. Also see GameShark Codes for more Vigilante 8 cheat codes.


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Canyonlands, Utah stuff
Here are some things you need to know about the Canyonlands level. The Anasazi ruins, found directly across the highway from town, can be destroyed, leaving lots of ammo and other loot. In the small town off Route 191, there is a motel called the Zuni-Vista motel. This motel is what you are required to protect in one person's mission (I don't remember who, maybe Loki?). This motel is not easy to protect, so for those of you who care about objectives, don't even bother. Thank you all for reading. Adios!
Casino City Parking Deck
On the Casino City level, you can do MAJOR damage on your enemies by luring them into the parking garage. When you get them in the garage, avoid them and fire off a bunch of sky hammer mortars if you have any, or just shoot the beams. When you hear and see small explosions, quickly drivee out. The garage will fall down as your enemy struggles to get out. If the garage falls on them, they will recieve lots of damage. Good Luck!
More Casino City Stuff
Here are some things you should know about Casino City. The blimp can carry you but you can also blow it up. The Glyph gas station roofs can be used as ramps. The Galaxy Hub hotel has two parts that can be blown up, the parking area and the main lobby and main building. That is about it. See you later. =)


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Cool Cheats
Here are my favorite cheats that are quite fun. Type them in the Options cheat section.

gimme_da_alien - Unlocks "Y The Alien"(drives a flying saucer with a laser as a Special)
gangs_unlocked - Unlocks all secret drivers, except Y The Alien.
JTBT7CFD1LRMGW - Unlocks all drivers(except Y the Alein) and all secret levels.
Fly the Blimp
In Casino City, you will see a blimp flying around. All you have to do is wait for it to land and then you can go inside the blimp. You now have total control over the blimp. Just make sure none of your opponents have any homing weapons or the blimp can be destroyed.
Password Codes
Same vehicle in multi-player mode:
Enter MIX_MATCH_CARS as a password.

Ultra-high resolution mode:
Enter MAX_RESOLUTION as a password. Note: This code requires the memory expansion pak.

Interceptor Missile power-up:
Enter MISSILE_ATTACK as a password.

Enter LIVING_FOREVER as a password.

Quick firing weapons:
Enter FIRE_NO_LIMITS as a password. Note: This does not effect the machine gun.

Low gravity:
Enter A_MOON_GETAWAY as a password.

No enemies:
Enter POPULATION_OUT as a password.

Slow motion mode:
Enter GO_REALLY_SLOW as a password.

Expert mode:
Enter I_AM_TOUGH_GUY as a password.

Level select:
Enter LEVEL_SHORTCUT as a password.

View ending sequences:
Enter LONG_SLIDESHOW as a password. View any character's ending to see all the game's endings in sequence.

Super Dreamland 64 level:
Enter DDDDDDDDDDDDDD as a password.
Sink people on Land
First go to a level with water in it. Next grab a lot of sky hammer mortars. Find an enemy and use the crater maker (down, down, up, machine gun) and hit them with several of them. They may sink underwater even though they are on land. You can also do this in shallow water to sink them.
Super Dreamland 64 Health Boost
When playing in Super Dreamland 64 a rainbow will go through the level from time to time. Drive into for a repair to your vehicle that is equal to collecting a wrench.