Viewtiful Joe 2 (PS2) Cheats

Viewtiful Joe 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Extra Difficulties
Unlock Ultra V-Rated mode - Finish the game in V-Rated mode
Unlock V-Rated mode - Fnish the game in Adult mode
Infinite V-Points
In the first few levels, there are some puzzles that involve hitting three blocks using Sylvia's Replay power. However, don't be too anxious to get past the puzzle yet. If you shoot the blocks with Sylvia's guns, the blocks will toss out V-Point Coins. Keep shooting until you've gotten all the V-Points you want!
Unlock Chambers
Chamber 1 - Defeat first boss
Chamber 4 - defeat first boss
Unlock Reel Select
Finish the game on the respective difficulty (Beat Adult to unlock Kids and Adult)
Unlockable More Chambers
Chamber 2 - Beat third section of Reel 5 with Awesome rating
Chamber 21 - Complete Chamber 12
Chamber 19 - Defeat Big Jon in Act 3
Chamber 23 - Get at least an All V reward on Reel 1
Chamber 30 - Get at least VVV on Reel 1, Act 2, sequence 1
Chamber 20 - Get at least VVV on Reel 1, Act 3, sequence 3
Chamber 3 - Get killed in Reel 5, Act 1, last sequence(cable car)
Chamber 12 - Get RV rating at any part of Reel 1 Act 1 on V-Rated mode.
Chamber 11 - Pass the 2nd Chamber
Chamber 21 - Pass the 3rd Chamber


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Very Strong Blow
use Sylvia then Zoom In, Slow Mo and use Replay! It is so strong that it is 1.5(zoom In) times 2 (slow mo) and times 3 (replay) making it 9 times stronger than normal hits!!!it is cool!