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The future is now and you are in the pilot's seat in Electronic Art's VIEWPOINT . In the 31st sector of the galaxy, the Director of the Dark (a Death-Star-like spaceship) has created evil robots that are being sent to attack Earth. It's up to you, piloting your Byupo probe spaceship, to save the world. Your small, sleek fighter is primed for action, it can pick up and utilize special items and varied and deadly weapons. Your Byupo can even attach sidecars and other helpful items to assist in combat. You'll fight for survival across six, robot-infested worlds, which rise in difficulty as you progress. Send out homing bombs, firebombs, and wave bombs (that blast enemies with a blistering lightning attack) as you grab power bubbles for temporary shields and avoid a variety of devious traps like draw gates, which can inflict major damage to your ship. VIEWPOINT is played from a ¾-perspective, so you'll need to pay close attention as you zoom through space, battling devious mechanical bosses and striving to save mankind. Just be careful, you only have three precious continues to make it to victory.

[edit] Features

  • Six dangerous worlds
  • A variety of hazards and traps
  • Varied power-ups and weapons
  • Menacing bosses
  • Unique three-quarter camera-perspective

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Release Dates
  • North America:
    • Aug 1, 1996 (GENESIS)
    • Jun 6, 1996 (SATURN)
    • Jan 6, 1996 (PSX)
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