Vietcong Cheats

Vietcong cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Pass the P.O.W misson(last part)
So on the last part you go with your team and reach the hill then Nhut will tell you that you have to kill the 2 guards with the pistol,so after you do that you can see the vietcong village from the hill then use the cheat:chtweap 14 to get the SVD Dragunov then kill the guard the the VC you see sleeping and even if you miss they wont hear it but make sure dont kill the VC near the camp fire or else the will kill the P.O.W also watch out bacause they some times stand up to go around so be care full.By doing this it will be easier to get the P.O.W out, make sure you kill them in one shot and dont use the chtweap 4(the M1 Garand) or else they will hear you I dont know why but thats just how it is <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />


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Vietcong Codes
press the ~ key to bring up the console and delete whatevers in there. then type in the codes for the desired effect, don't forget to use the activation code first though.

Giftfrompterodon Activate cheat mode

Chtkostej God mode
Chtheal Full Health
Chthealteam Full health for team(dugh!)
Chtammo Full ammo
Chtgrenades Get grenades
Showfps 1 or 0 ...shows fps
Chtcannibals enemies wear totem masks
Vietcong weapon cheat
first press the ~ key to get into console. Activate the cheats by typing Giftfrompterodon. Then type the following to get the weapon you want:

chtweap #
Where # presents a weapon number from 1-30:

1 M16 (Automatic Rifle)
2 AK-47 (Automatic Rifle)
3 --
4 M1 Garand (Rifle)
5 --
6 PPS-41 (MG)
7 Colt M1911 (Pistol)
8 Tokarev (Pistol)
9 Makarov (Pistol)
10 Revolver 38 (Pistol)
11 Remington 870 (Shotgun)
12 Winchester 70 (Sniper Rifle)
13 --
14 SVD Dragunov (Sniper Rifle)
15 SKS Simonov (automatic Rifle)
16 --
17 M60 (Heavy Machinegun)
18 Dagtarev (HMG)
19 US-M3 (MG)
20 --
21 Thompson (MG)
22 SW Modell 39 (Pistol with silencer)
23 PPS-43 (MG)
24 --
25 M1 (Automatic Rifle)
26 Mosin Nagant (Rifle)
27 M79 (Granade Launcher)
28 Baikal IZH-43
29 Survival Knife
30 Knife
Example: chtweap 1