Virtua Fighter 4 Cheats

Virtua Fighter 4 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Change Main Menu Background
In the main menu selection screen, press L1 and R1 at the same time to alternate backgrounds.
how to unlock dural
the only way to unlock dural is to get a rank subjagator or grandmaster then you need to wait until she appears in the hangar stage if you lose, win 6 matches and you will face her again and again until she is defeated. it took me a while now its a peace of cake.


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Alternate Costumes
To use a character's second costume, hit START at the Character Select screen and press X to select.
Change background on main menu.
To change the background on the main menu, simply choose Options -> Settings -> Game, and press L and R to change the background.
Change Title Screen Wallpaper
Go into the options menu and press L1 or R1 to change the background.

VF1 Character Models
Create a new character in Data File and then build it up to 1 Dan. Then when you go and select your character in versus or arcade mode, press and hold Punch and Kick when the game loads. You should have a VF1 character model.
Original "Virtua Fighter" Character Models
Achieve the rank of beginner in Kumite mode - and you will be able to use the original "Virtua Fighter" character models for that character (you can check whether it is active by going to 'Edit Player/AI File' and then to 'Status').

To use them, press select at the Character Select screen, in any mode, highlight your custom Player/AI and press and hold down Kick+Punch.
Clear all the 26 subjects in Trial Mode under the Training Mode, and a little trophy will appear at the top of your created character's lifebar.
Victory Poses 1 and 2
*Note you must unlock these before you can use them.

Victory Pose 1- Press and hold R1 after you win a match. Hold it while its on the replay then after that you will get your reward.

Victory Pose 2- Press and hold Punch, Kick, and Guard after you win the match. Do this as well during the replay.