Van Helsing (Xbox) Cheats

Van Helsing cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Hard Mode: Complete the game on normal difficulty.

Power Clothes: Beat the game on any difficulty and finish each level with your hat on.

Unlimited Speed: Beat the game on normal difficulty.

The Rifle Find all five easter eggs and beat all challenges without leaving the Netherworld.

Unlimited Ammo: Beat the game on hard difficulty


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Bonus Movie Cheats
Bonus Movie 1: Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right, L, L3, R3, R

Bonus Movie 2: Up, RIght, Down, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, R, Black, R3

Bonus Movie 3: L, White, Black, R, Black, White, L, Up, Up, Down, Down, Back

Bonus Movie 4: Back, L3, R3, Back, R3, L3, Back, Left, Left, Up, Right, Right

Bonus Movie 5: White, Black, L, R, Back, Back, L, L, Black, Black, L3, R3

Bonus Movie 6: Black, R, Black, R, L, White, L, White, Left, Right, Back, Back

Bonus Movie 7: L3, Left, R3, Right, White, Up, Black, Down, L, Left, R, Right