Valkyrie Profile Cheats

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Valkyrie Profile Cheats

Dimension Slip accessory:
When obtaining the Bark Of Dryaid in Nolsoft Swamp, keep it. Then, when obtaining the Transformation /Creation Gem, change it to get the "Dimension Slip" accessory.

Hard mode:
In Dark Tower of Zelva keep the Secrets of Resurrection artifact and then change it to an Orihalcon. Then, change the Orihalcon to get the Creation Jewel. Use this to obtain the Glare Sword, Icicle Sword, and Crimson Edge spear from Broken Armor, Book on Everlasting Life and Broken Spear respectively.


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Angrim's Dragon Slayer
Once you obtain Angrim in your party and you are able to travel anywhere in the world, go to Artolia, to Angrim's house and into his room, a scene will trigger and you will obtain a free "Dragon Slayer" sword.
After you recruit Nanami in Hai Lan, re-visit that city and go to the Pleiades Shrine and talk to Minayo, she will give you the Dragonbane.