Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga review
A "could-have-been-superb" game.

The good:

I really enjoyed the selection of "Jobs"(in other words, classes) and the differences between them each individually: Magic-users, Stealthy, brutal Warriors, and later, even the classics such as Ninja's, Samurai (I was glad that those were only in the later episodes), and Knights, allowing for a lot more game-play to be experienced.

Also, the Mercenary selection was much needed in this game, and it would have taken a lot of fun out of it if they did not have this little twist in the game.

I really got a kick out of the armor fashioned after classic movie characters such as the White Rabbit and Alice, from Alice in Wonderland.

The story is a prominent feature in Valhalla Knights:Eldar Saga, but not too continuous that it becomes annoying.

The bad:

Sadly, this game had far too many flaws for me to give it a better rating, such as: the armor-crystals for HP+50 only going up a certain amount (certain armors have crystal-stat-multipliers) before reversing the effect,while keeping the same numbers - therefore you end up with something like negative 130HP.

There were to many flaws with the same likeness to explain properly, but they really took a hunk out of the fun. I wish that they had worked a little more on the story as well.I thought it ended rather poorly for the amount of time I spent on my Wii.

Another thing that was very disappointing in Valhalla Knights:Eldar Saga, was the terrible, I guess you could say, fashion of the armor: the good stuff looked horrific, while the bad stuff looked awesome.


I have completely finished this game.The game had excellent potential, but for the many flaws. One of the things that I immensely enjoyed in this game, was the ability to "build" the kind of character you want, "class" and all, and still be able to go back to the other types of "classes" and continue with your pick of ability.

Additionally, the different fighting styles were amazingly interesting. The ability to explore was restricted minimally, although background change was also minimal.

Another thing that I have to say about this game is that I have always been one for the "Levelling your character up" sort of thing, ever since I played my first Pokemon game, although I do think they went a little over-the-edge on that part of the game: you hit a certain point where you can kill anything WITH anything, as long as you take the time to make your character that way.

If you are wanting a game that you can progress through quickly, don't get this game. Now, the reader of this has to know, I am comparing this game to the game that I played prior to playing this one: Monster Hunter Tri (MH3).

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BIRO Jan 19, 13
I apologize to those that think this review insufficient, but, after all, it is my first... Thank you
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Keymoshy Sep 4, 13
Good job! I like it! This is outstanding for a first review
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BIRO Sep 4, 13
Thank you! I appreciate all the support I've received on it!!
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Keymoshy Sep 4, 13
Even though I agree with your opinion on the game, something is telling me to play
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