[edit] Background

Utopia-City is inhabited by human beings, for whom this virtual world has become a drug, they cannot give up. They even do not understand that there is no way back for them. Humans live in a virtual paradise and do not surmise the danger represented by this unreal world to all of them. By the way, there are also security guards and destructors in Utopia-City. Their task is to defend Utopia-City from external intrusion and support life in it. Utopia seems to be an animate organism. At first it is quite loyal to a player however, if he shows aggression Utopia does its best to try to defend its world.

A player gets into the City in order to rescue mankind captured by a Mastermind and lost in a digital world. The problem is that the Utopia-City inhabitants do not want to leave Utopia and try to hinder their own rescue.

[edit] Gameplay

In the game, players have a choice: they may conform to the ways of Utopia and abide by its laws; or, if they figure out how to free themselves, they can attempt to destroy the Mastermind and rescue the other hostages trapped in the great virtual dream. During gameplay the player will be involved in massive combat scenes, meet a lot of powerful opponents, and fight for the future of the real world. The player will be the last hope and the last chance for the mankind.

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Release Dates
  • North America: Q4 2007
  • Europe: May 26, 2006
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