Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition

Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition Cheats

Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition cheats, Tips, and Codes for Mac.


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6 X Rocket Launcher
To fire 6 rockets from one rocket launcher, hold down fire, the longer you hold it down the more bullets you will fire.

The maximum amount of bullets you can fire is six.
Alternate Fire
Each weapon is equipped with a second method of firing, to activate this, press alt in stead of fire.

Or right click your mouse.
Never use a high powered weapon (flak-canon, rocket launcher, razor blade) near a wall or it will explode and kill you.

If you use a reflecting object (razor) it will bounce off the wall and kill you.
Begginer tips
Beginners tips:
Don't try to do too much too soon. In the heat of combat you'll get your keystrokes confused and end up killing nothing but respawning an awful lot. Learn to move forward and jump and you can go anywhere. Remember that weapons have an alternative fire mode, make sure that key is close to the other ones you use frequently. Try and learn the layout of the arena as quickly as possible. Then you can find weapons and fresh ammo easily and you are not wandering around aimlessly wasting time whilst the bots are chalking up winning scores
Big leap
Hold down the space bar for longer when you jump and you will jump higher.

if low gravity is on, you will jump even higher than that!
If you're new to deathmatch, you should definitely choose novice as your skill level. If you are an experienced deathmatch player, choose average or experienced. If you consider yourself a great deathmatch player, we suggest you start out with skilled or possibly even adept. Anything higher and you will most likely get frustrated, as the bots become incredibly quick and accurate at higher levels. Set the bots to Inhuman or godlike, and you'll swear that they can read your mind. You should only play on these skill levels if you like to respawn A LOT.
Easy win in Deathmatch
Remember, get stuck in! In the Deathmatch the winner has the highest frags, the number of times you die is irrelevant (other than boosting the scores of your competitors). I kept coming second to bots and I noticed they had been killed say ten more times than I had. So I spent less time exploring and ran to the sound of gunfire. Once there I ploughed in and went on a killing spree or rampage as often as not. Sure I died more often but winning became the norm. Don't be afraid to die, just frag more often!
Head Shots
The fastest way to kill someone is to shoot them in the head.

Old cheats
The cheat codes for Unreal Tournament are the same as the cheats for the original Unreal
Sniping Tips
Get a sniper rifle, go to a high, dark place where you can see your enimies clearly. Zoom in as much as you can, aim for their head and shoot. Repeat this, they can't see you, but you can pick them off one by one and they won't know where the fire is coming from. This is good in deathmatches because you can get a high number of frags without losing points by being killed.
Zooming in
Get a sniper rifle, hold down alt (or right click) and you will zoom in on your opponent, you can get a maximum or X8.3 magnification.


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ALLAMMO Gives you all the ammo for your current weapons
Type in "FLY" and you can Fly around the level
Type in "GHOST" to enable you to Walk through walls.
Type in "GOD", this Makes you invincible.
god mode
press ~button then type god and you will be invinceable type god again to deactivate the cheat
Out of bullets? Got no guns? Low on health?
Out of bullets? Got no guns? Low on health? Your opponent is right infront of you?

Here is the answer, press 1 to selct the impact hammer, now hold down fire for a few seconds, run straight at your opponent, then when you are right next to them, put it right on them, and let go, WHAM! Instant death.

Or, if you are playing and you have a translocater, fire it at the feet of your opponent, then press alternate fire and appear right on top of them, instantly killing them.
Save your ammo!
A lot of newbie's run around wasting all of there ammo, in some maps, ammo is a limited recource, especially if you are one of about 17 other players on that map.

Also, don't shoot around corner's before you get there, because with certain guns they bullets can bounce back off the walls and kill you.

Also, aim for the head, they go down faster.
Undo God mode and Fly mode
Undo God mode and Fly mode by typing in "WALK."